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1st - Adrian Hickford with:
Board meeting =
More debating.

2nd - Richard Grantham with:
Confessional =
So clean of sin.

eq.3rd - Joe Fathallah with:
The Meaning of Life =
Feel fate homing in.

eq.3rd - Paul Pan with:
Casting =
Sing, act!

Joe Fathallah with:
Official Statements =
One fat lie mists fact.

Joe Fathallah with:
Millionaire =
Limo, airline.

Richard Grantham with:
Flute sonata =
A tune's aloft.

Richard Grantham with:
An electric piano =
Practice on a line.

Mattias Inghe with:
Life is sweet =
Flee, it's wise.

Jaybur with:
The inferno =
On fire then.

Jaybur with:
Prying eyes =
I-spy energy!

Jaybur with:
Wayside flowers =
We saw rosy field.

Jaybur with:
The sure-footed =
Oh, deft toe-user!

Jaybur with:
Change for the better =
Thenceforth be great!

Meyran Kraus with:
Auditions ~
in a studio.

Meyran Kraus with:
Seeing it all through rose-tinted glasses =
Gee, so sight shall turn disaster into glee?

Meyran Kraus with:
The gaming tables =
Gambling at these.

Meyran Kraus with:
An ice storm =

Meyran Kraus with:
Cosmetic Surgery =
Yes, I correct mugs.

Meyran Kraus with:
Silent Scream =
Cries, laments.

Allan Morley with:
The hardened criminal =
Ended in 'thermal' chair.

Allan Morley with:
Sophisticated ~
chat is so tepid!

Matjaz Pihler with:
No emotions ~
is monotone.

Hans-Peter Reich with:
Love at first sight =
If starlight votes...

Santi Spadaro with:
An action movie =
Cinema ovation.

Spersitraut with:
Pancreatitis and ketogenic diet =
Takes a potent acidic ingredient.

Spersitraut with:
The naked sunbathers =
Bask under that sheen.


1st - Richard Grantham with:
Monsieur Camille Saint-Saens =
Learns to see animals in music.

2nd - Jaybur with:
Michelangelo Buonarroti's famous 'Pieta' =
O, cut marble into shape of a religious man.

eq.3rd - Wayne Baisley with:
Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter =
The television writher-conducer.

eq.3rd - David A. Green with:
Kirsten Flagstad, the Norwegian soprano ~
entertains with folksongs, a grand opera.

Richard Brodie with:
Ulysses navigates between Scylla and Charybdis =
Shun circling-wave style abyss, and see beast lady.

David A. Green with:
'The Naked Lunch' by William S. Burroughs =
Blurb: am sick while on unhealthy drugs.

Adrian Hickford with:
Ambrosian chant =
Brahmsian canto.

Adrian Hickford with:
Masaccio's "La Trinita" =
So I acclaim an artist.

Meyran Kraus with:
Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest' =
Oh, we meet entertaining prose of classic bard!

Allan Morley with:
Doing the Macarena =
O, a nightmare dance!

Mike Torr with:
I dream of Jeannie =
Man joined faerie.

Santi Spadaro with:
The hit records =
Trite chords, eh?


1st - Allan Morley with:
There is no God but Allah =
The tough old Arabs' line.

2nd - Mick Tully with:
A streaker at Wimbledon =
I demonstrate bare walk.

3rd - Adrian Hickford with:
George Best's liver transplant operation =
To preserve genial, notable sporting star.

Wayne Baisley with:
Wimbledon streaker =
Bold wankermeister.

Larry Brash with:
Commonwealth Games in Manchester, UK =
The Aussie month: crack men, glam women.

Joe Fathallah with:
The War on Terrorism =
Mirror a hot Western.

Adrian Hickford with:
Marlon Devonish =
Oh no! Silver? Damn!

Mattias Inghe with:
Michael Jackson attacks Sony Music =
Jacko claims Tony is Satan, Heck scum.

Jaybur with:
Lleyton Hewitt =
Newly hot title!

Jaybur with:
A streaker at Wimbledon =
At worst, I'm a naked rebel.

Meyran Kraus with:
Bush Signs New Corporate-Fraud Law =
"We'd flog... ah, *warn* a corrupt business."


1st - Meyran Kraus with:
Could we keep the relationship open? =
(OK, I can sleep nude with other people!)

2nd - Richard Grantham with:
Incestuous relationship =
Put it in cousin's arsehole.

eq.3rd - Larry Brash with:
Anal intercourse =
One lunatic's rear!

eq.3rd - Paul Pan with:
Turbo-stamina ~

Joe Fathallah with:
Jelena Dokic =
Lean dick, Joe!

Mattias Inghe with:
Fellatio and Cunnilingus =
I find no cunt. Anus illegal?

Mattias Inghe with:
A concubine =
Can I bounce?

Mattias Inghe with:
Get a larger penis =
Enter a "girls"-page.

Meyran Kraus with:
Alcohol May Increase Risk of Impotence =
For a Limp One-Inch Cock, It's Easy: More Ale!

Paul Pan with:
G-spot stimulation =
Smug! Tits optional.

Zoran Radisavlevic with:
Stephanie Seymour =
Oh, sure, eat my penis!

Mike Torr with:
Masturbation =
Mutt abrasion.

Santi Spadaro with:
Natural breasts =
A true bra's slant.

Spersitraut with:
What is erectile dysfunction? =
Deficiency at worthless unit.

Spersitraut with:
Nude beaches in France & Spain =
Fine & cheap cannabis ensured.

Spersitraut with:
I love you for sentimental reasons =
You love me for intestinal reasons.

Spersitraut with:
The Cancun Swingers =
Chasing newer cunts.


1st - Allan Morley with:
Sliding Blade PowerTooth™ Pruning Saw with Belt Clip

The Sliding Blade PowerTooth™ Saw by FISKARS® has a 6" Stainless Steel blade featuring a patented triple angle tooth design to plane away wood faster than ordinary designs. The Quick Release push button lock ensures safety from accidental closure during operation of the saw.

Made in Finland, assembled in the USA, this saw comes with a handy belt clip and a lifetime guarantee.

CLICK HERE to order your Sliding Blade PowerTooth™ Pruning Saw by FISKARS® Today!


At last, a spam with real worth and appeal! I could do with one of those things, thanks. Partially because my dern garden grows wild and free in the time I take deleting all the needless, crass and nonsensical spam I get forwarded so incessantly, but largely because right now I feel like snipping important (if meager) soft and fleshy appendages off your body. I don't need to draw you a diagram.

So CLICK HERE if you wanna be Bobbitted quick smart with this sleek, robust, serrated saw. Or perhaps blunt scissors.

It won't hurt a bit. It'll hurt a LOT.


2nd - Meyran Kraus with:
Fellow Investors, What has defined winning investments you've had in the past? Many will agree it was good or perfect timing. There are people who bought IBM back in January at $120 and they are losing money right now as IBM currently trades in the low $70's!! There are also people who bought small and microcaps in the same time period and are making money!! Why? Because they had good timing, that's why. Today's featured company, Indiginet just recently started trading on NASDAQ's Bulletin Board under the symbol, "IGTT". You may feel after doing your due diligence that it represents good timing for you, right here, right now!! ( Source for Price Info:Yahoo Finance Historical). This reference to past performance is specially selected to be referenced based on its favorable/unfavorable performance.


Greetings, unemployed nerds! My name is Martha Stewart and I'm proud to bring before you my big, financial pudding of a project - "Martha's Very Own Stock Tips!" Indeed, for the small price of fifty-eight dollars you too can enjoy the thorough, unparalleled internet-guide to deceitful accounting and bonsai trees, by the authentic Housewife Hitler!

Read why it's the perfect time to buy WorldCom and Enron shares! Discover how to efficiently bet your life's savings on K-Mart capital! Order bonds in the latest colors, as Cranberry Wine, Green Fig and Honeydew!

More downright unbeatable investments mentioned in the page:
* L.A. Airport Stores
* N.Y.C. Real Estate
* Hawaiian Highways
* Iraqi Flags
* Pauly Shore Movies

Sign as a member now to get my free Golden Peach Pie recipe!

Bye and good health,



1st - Larry Brash with: [The Constellations]
Andromeda, Antlia, Apus, Aquarius, Aquila, Ara, Aries, Auriga, Bootes, Caelum, Camelopardalis, Cancer, Canes Venatici, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Capricornus, Carina, Cassiopeia, Centaurus, Cepheus, Cetus, Chamaeleon, Circinus, Columba, Coma Berenices, Corona Australis, Corona Borealis, Corvus, Crater, Crux, Cygnus, Delphinus, Dorado, Draco, Equuleus, Eridanus, Fornax, Gemini, Grus, Hercules, Horologium, Hydra, Hydrus, Indus, Lacerta, Leo, Leo Minor, Lepus, Libra, Lupus, Lynx, Lyra, Mensa, Microscopium, Monoceros, Musca, Norma, Octans, Ophiuchus, Orion, Pavo, Pegasus, Perseus, Phoenix, Pictor, Pisces, Picis Austrinus, Puppis, Pyxis, Reticulum, Sagitta, Sagittarius, Scorpius, Sculptor, Scutum, Serpens, Sextans, Taurus, Telescopium, Triangulum, Trangulum Australe, Tucana, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Vela, Virgo, Volans, Vulpecula.


This is a list of eighty-eight constellations, all-up, visible on Earth, up in space's vacuum.

Astronomers in ancient Greece, Arabia, Mexico and Asia, and exploring Caucasian mariners observed, mapped and gave each star group arcane names - mercurial superhuman heroes, mythological creatures and various curious animals.

Polaris to Arcturus to Spica to Southern Cross; a complex panoramic circle. Our opus excludes pure spiral nebulae, quasi-circular galaxies, ubiquitous pulsars, unusual quasars, major planets or uncommon moons.

Spurious astrologers, vacuous gurus, paranoiac psychics, and manic mediums loudly murmur, as usual, auspicious star signs or particular unusual conjunctions, can exactly predict, ruin, or cure our capricious lives or mess 'em up. Many peculiar accuracies occur.


2nd - Paul Pan with:
Bob Marley: War


3rd - Adrian Hickford with:
O Rose, thou art sick!
The invisible worm
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.


William Blake's "The Sick Rose" offers the hint that even in the young, most joyously attractive, blooms hidden horridness, hidden sorcery within.

It's food for thought.


Larry Brash with:
Do not drive or operate machinery while taking this medication. =
The chemist indicated a pithy idea: "No motoring or workin' a lever."


Joe Fathallah with:
Labour's lead over the Conservatives is down to three per cent =
Both are ancient, worn-out, perverted, voteless cash-lovers! DIE!!!


Richard Grantham with:
The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.
The typically bold, perspicacious Mencken pities the total foolishness the five billion of us may all too often attain.


David A. Green with:
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage musical 'The Phantom of the Opera' =
He sang banal tripe, but it's the composer who was really deformed!


David A. Green with:
Simon Wiesenthal's autobiography 'Justice not Vengeance' =
O, a responsible voice. You hunt the men acting against Jews.


David A. Green with:
Stephen Sondheim's Broadway musical 'Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street' =
He cuts newsmen's throats wide from ear to ear, blended body, then sold beefy meat pies!


Mike Torr with:
Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry;
When the boys came out to play,
Georgie Porgie ran away.
Huge, improper pie-boy engages chic maidens, weak manhood engorged.
His weedy troupe go playing giddily... start a retreat!



1st - Zoran Radisavlevic with:
The Maid of Orleans =
Damsel on a hot fire!

2nd - Adrian Hickford with:
Doctor Harold Frederick Shipman =
Horror plan of sick medic - Dr. Death.

3rd - Meyran Kraus with:
Ariel Sharon, Yasser Arafat and George Bush =
Sheer Fat-Arse, Aging Arab and Sorry U.S. A-Hole.

David A. Green with:
The Maid of Orleans =
Oh, roasted in flame.....

Jaybur with:
Monsieur Camille Saint-Saens =
So, listen: real musician's name!

Paul Pan with:
James Brown =
Mr Jawbones.

Zoran Radisavlevic with:
Stephanie Seymour =
It's a supreme honey!

Zoran Radisavlevic with:
Mister Simon Wiesenthal =
Hitler in a witness' memos.

Hans-Peter Reich with:
Patrick Stewart =
Act as "Trek" twirp.

Mike Torr with:
Santa Claus =
Casual Stan.

Santi Spadaro with:
George Romero =
Gore, more gore!

Santi Spadaro with:
The director Ed Wood =
Odd, weird to the core.


1st - Zoran Radisavlevic with:
United States of America =
I see fun, so I am attracted!

2nd - Mattias Inghe with:
google.com =
Come, log, go.

3rd - David A. Green with:
P. Loftus & Son, Funeral Directors ~
is full of rotted corpses & an urn!

Wayne Baisley with:
The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers =
A greater bunch of unemployed highborn fools.

David A. Green with:
Neutrogena's Visibly Young anti-age night cream =
I guess you mightn't be a (inactive) gran any longer!

Adrian Hickford with:
Le Tour de France =
'Fleet' race round.

Mattias Inghe with:
The Olympic Games =
Epitome gym clash.

Jaybur with:
The Office for National Statistics =
So, the art of fantastic fiction, lies!

Meyran Kraus with:
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms =
Out a mafia of Hootch, Cancer & Double Barrels.

Hans-Peter Reich with:
The Video Game 'Space Invaders' =
'Pong' derivative: see cash made.

Hans-Peter Reich with:
Sheraton Hotels =
Rat holes. Honest.

Mike Torr with:
Microsoft Internet Explorer =
Time for pixel content errors!

Mike Torr with:
alt.possessive.its.has.no.apostrophe =
Sophists avert one's too-apish lapses.

Santi Spadaro with:
The Playstation =
Pleasant hit toy.


1st - Meyran Kraus with:
An Enigma, by Edgar Allan Poe


2nd - Richard Grantham with:
Fifteen sets of anagrammed national flags. The flags in each set have been subtly modified in order to form mutual anagrams, containing the same number of pixels of each colour.


3rd - Wayne Baisley with:
Solitary confinement =
Ancient. Flinty. Morose.
Can't see in flinty room.
Cement floor, insanity.
Container, often slimy.
Controls meanie. Nifty.
Fair lost in yon cement.
Fancy nil-sin roomette.
Felony merit sanction?
Fits loner con, anytime.
For men, in a tiny closet.
"Infernal" comes to "tiny".
Innately sine comfort.
Innocent flies to Mary.
Interaction? On my self.
It's my felon container.
Leitmotif: "one's cranny".
Manifestly nonerotic.
Matt Cori's Felony Inne.
Meanin' strictly one-of.
Mine, sanctity of loner.
My life in can -- Too stern.
No, I'm not scantily free.
No it isn't fancy, Elmore.
Notice my arse on flint?
Not so many in, I reflect.
One life. Most tyrannic.
Oneself, intimacy-torn.
Rant, "My life not so nice!"
Rot in fancy limestone.
'S informal, yet not nice.
Smitten in cry of "Alone!"
Some flinty container!
Ain't leniency for most.
Any reticent in Folsom?
Felony's Intern-O-Matic.
No, let iron sanctify me.
City in fenestral moon.
Come into infernal sty.
Connotes my life in art.
Inclement. A soft irony.
Monastery inflection.
My son, a tin reflection.
Men's fancy iron toilet.
Are not flimsy, not nice.
It's only for manic teen.
Fits "intern-al" economy.
Lost in cannery of time.
Stony. Maleficent iron.
Lonesome, tyrannic fit.
My nonfiction relates.
My life not certain, son.
Comfy? Sentential iron!
Somnolence. I try faint.
An f-in' termites' colony!
...or cotenants in my life.
Not any? In terms of lice?
Loon in sync after time.
Comes into final entry.
Comfort seen in litany.
Eminently, act of irons.
Ton o' Feen-A-Mint lyrics.
Infection, Roman style.
Frantic? Moo intensely!
Crafty mole in tension.
Cry of metal in tension.
Cry of lame intentions.
Iron, stone fit clay men.
Cement-only is not fair.
Mofo in a snit recently.
Stayin' in cool ferment.
"Only Cretin" Manifesto.
City of lone mannerist.
One of stern militancy.
Miscreant into felony?
Mortify in lone ascent.
Rein nasty mofo "client".
Nice loser. Not many fit.
I ran my "no contest" life.
Nonaction. Tire myself.
Rest -- my nonaction life.
No, I may not lift screen.
Licit, nasty -- None for me!
Al fresco, I'm nonentity.
Manic loony in fetters.
'Tis nice, yet nonformal.
Notoriety, if clansmen.
Claim entry, "not so fine".
Eminent olfactory sin.
Nonlife's yet romantic.
Sectional for tiny men.
Time flies, canny or not.
Felt moony in canister.
Tiny men's cartoon life.
Nanny cloister of time.
Interns come in to flay.
Once more stay in flint.
Set in flint y con amore.
Only confetti remains.
Confirms entity alone.
Constant irony, me life.
Contains not my relief.
Or a life in my contents.
Controls a fine enmity.
Enormity: Contain self.
No can stifle enormity.
Entrance is only motif.
Insolent man. Ferocity.
It's not Florence in May.
Foments irony in eclat.
Mystic inlet for an eon.
Tiny, solo. Frenetic man.
Friction, one-man style.
Innocent's fairy motel.
Ninety tons of miracle.
Monocrat's feelin' tiny.
A monster city of Lenin.
Motion in flat scenery.
Nicotine felt masonry.
Meyran's nicotine loft.
Let me sanctify no iron.
"Sanction felonry" time.
More life non-sanctity.
Fitment-only scenario.
Since one may not flirt...
Tenacity in lone forms.
My life's traction: None.
Ailment: Cry of tension.
Ain't solemn for nicety.
Inflict any more stone?
Fools certain tiny men.
Tyrannic Motel, so fine.


Richard Brodie with:
[The most familiar lines from Alexander Pope's "Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady"]

How lov'd, how honour'd once, avails thee not,
To whom related, or by whom begot;
A heap of dust alone remains of thee;
'Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be!
Whether awash in plaudits, pull, and loot,
Or so abhorred that no one gives a hoot;
Lo, ye then have a drab and awful doom;
Oh, hello! Welcome to the restful tomb!


Paul Pan with:
A simultaneous anagram and approximation of one of Jean de LaFontaine's fables (based on Aesop).


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