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Abandon hope all ye who enter here =
Hear Dante! Oh, beware yon open hell.
Patrick J. Flavin, 1935

Absence makes the heart grow fonder =
He wants back dearest gone from here.
Patrick J. Flavin, 1935

The accidental =
Chance dealt it.
Nypho, 1949

Acetaminophen =
The "no-pain" acme.
Nightowl, TE, 1988

Action. =
A tonic.
Howard W. Bergerson, WW, 1969

Actions speak louder than words. =
Talk or airs can not show up deeds.
Erik Bodin, 1932

The active volcanos. =
Cones evict hot lava.
Viking, date unknown

Actors ~
William Tunstall-Pedoe, AG, 1995

Actors =
Or cast.
Viking, date unknown

Admiral Richard E. Byrd Expedition. =
Hardy American Explorer bid; did it.
George B. King, 1935

Admirer. =
Author unknown

Advertisements =
Items at venders
Viking, date unknown

The Aesculapian. =
Heals acute pain.
Hercules B. McPherrin, 1933

Adulatory =
The Gink, 1970

Spiro Agnew =
Grow a penis.
Dick Cavett

Airfields =
Aid fliers.
Ab Struse, F-SP, 1982

An aisle =
Is a lane.
Awl Wrong, TE, 1939

Alexander the Great. =
General taxed earth.
Amaranth, TE, 1912

Allegories =
Lies galore.
Author unknown

Woody Allen =
A lewd loony.
Willaim Tunstall-Pedoe, AG, 1994

The almshouse. =
A homeless hut.
D.C. Ver, date unknown

Alphabetically =
I play all the ABC.
George B. King, 1932

Alphonse Bertillon's measurement. =
Ear lobes thus tell prison men names.
Viking, date unknown

Amanuensis. =
A man's in use.
Gen. E. Norre, Thedom, 1895

The amateur thespians. =
Inapt hams use theatre.
Erik Bodin, 1932

Amenity =
Any time.
Author unknown

American =
Main race.
Park, NP, 1905

American indian =
I red man, I an Inca.
Author unknown

The American Indian. =
I am in a thinned race.
Hercules, TE, 1924

The American Indian reservation. =
It is one area red man can thrive in.
Erik Bodin, 1932

America's cartoonists. =
No artists are as comic.
Author unknown

Roald Amundsen. =
Laud'd Norseman.
Miss Anna C. Bardnell, 1932

Anagrams =
Ars Magna. [Latin: "Great Art"]
DCVer, 1931

not against.
Arcanus, TEE, 1898

Anathema. =
A man hate.
Lateo, TE, 1914

Andersen's Fairy Tales. =
Read elfs' yarns in a set.
Amaranth, C, 1911

Angered =
William A. Moore Jr, 1899

Animosity =
Is no amity.
Lord Baltimore, NT, 1896

The answer ~
Wasn't here.
Si, 1937

The antique furniture store. =
Oft hunt queer treasure in it.
Amaranth, TE, 1925

Apple Macintosh =
Laptop machines.
William Tunstall-Pedoe, AG, 1995

Appropriateness =
Is apt, sane, proper.
R. 0. Chester, Evening Telegraph, 1905

Apt =
King Carnival, Telegraph Twisters, 1905

Arabian Desert =
A date is barren.
Author unknown

The Archeologist =
He's got a hot relic.
Al Gebra, TE, 1963

The Arctic Circle =
Chart ice circlet.
F.J. Kathman, 1932

The Aristocracy =
A rich Tory caste.
Ess Ell, NP, 1906

Armageddon =
Mad god near.
Fanacro, TE, 1973

The artesian wells =
Water's in all these.
Viking, TE, 1933

Chester Arthur =
Truth searcher,
Camillius, GD, 1883

Asinine =
Is inane.
Hoodwink, 1958

Asperity =
Yet I rasp.
Amaranth, TE, 1926

Aspersion =
No praises.
Molemi, The Oracle, 1907

The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln =
A pistol in an actor's rebel hands; a fine man is shot.
Jessie McPherrin, TE, 1951

The Associated Press ~
Has editor's set space.
Hercules B. McPherrin, 1932

Asthenic =
Thin case.
Author unknown

As the twig is bent, the tree is inclined. =
See treatise's intent: "Begin with child."
Mrs. Hector Rosenfield, 1933

The astrologer =
He got star lore.
Primrose, Somerset Messenger, 1898

Astronaut =
Unto a star.
Author unknown

Astronomer =
Lewis Carroll (also printed in plural form in "Farmer's Almanack", Boston, 1821)

Astronomers =
On! More stars!.
Author unknown

Asseveration =
As one avers it.
Balmar, Perplexities, 1900

Athletics =
Lithe acts.
Mabel P., Pittsburgh Post, 1900

Atom bombs. =
A mob's tomb.
Howard W. Bergerson, Word Ways, 1972

The automobile radiator. =
A tour made it heat or boil.
Wanderoo, TE, 1920

Aye. =
Amaranth, Enigmatic Oddities, date unknown

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Abbreviations used in the Hall of Fame
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  • AP = The Ardmore Puzzler.
  • B&O = Baltimore & Ohio Magazine.
  • C = Complications (aka Inter-Ocean).
  • F-SP = The Four-Star Puzzler.
  • GD = Golden Days.
  • NT = The National Tribune.
  • NP = The Newark Puzzler.
  • TE = The Enigma.
  • TEE = The Eastern Enigma.
  • WW = Word Ways

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