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Cabaret =
A bar, etc.
Hoho, TE, 1941

The cafeteria =
Fact: I eat here.
Travv, TE, 1976

The California gold rush =
Fools hunt a real rich dig.
David Shulman, 1935

The cantakerous man =
Thus note a mean crank.
Jack o' Lantern, TE, 1926

The caricatures =
Caustic art here.
Awl Wrong, TE, 1940

The caricaturists =
Their art's caustic.
Fred Domino, TE, 1953

The Carnegie Library =
Be literary - charge in!
Author unknown

The Caroline Islands =
See coral in this land.
Altantis, date unkown

The carotid artery =
To carry heart tide.
J.W. Davis, 1932

Carrier pigeons =
Racing o'er spire.
Damaskus, Mystic Argosy, 1898

Caste. =
A sect.
E.J. Rodden, 1932

Cast of characters =
Chart actors faces.
Resolute, NP, 1906

The Cathedral of Notre Dame =
Heart o' France modeled that.
Amaranth, TE, 1924

Catherine de Medici =
Her edict came in - die!
N. Jineer, TE, 1924

Catherine de Medici =
I did menace heretic.
Jemand, TE, 1924

The Census Enumerators =
These surname counters.
D.C. Ver, C, 1900

The centenarians =
I can hear ten "tens".
Author unknown

Chapelmaster =
Psalm teacher.
Author unknown

Charisma ~
is a charm.
Author unknown

Charitableness =
I can bless earth.
Nelsonian, C, 1906

Charles, Prince of Wales =
Flaws license reproach.
Author unknown

The check is in the mail =
Claim "Heck, I sent it (heh)".
Wabbit, TE, 1994

The checkmating =
Theme: Catch King.
Alan Wayne, 1935

A Chinese restaurant =
Neat curt Asians here.
Amaranth, TE, 1910

The Chinese Restaurant =
Taste Hunan's rice there.
George Groth, TE, 1982

Choirman =
Author unknown

Christian =
Rich saint.
Dick Ens, The Mystic Art, 1885

Christianity =
Charity's in it.
A.L.S., AP, 1905

Christianity =
I cry that I sin.
Author unknown

Christmas time =
It charms mites.
Amaranth, B&O Magazine, 1924

Christmas tree =
Search, set, trim.
Author unknown

Circumstantial evidence =
Actual crime isn't evinced.
Amaranth, TE, 1910

Circumstantial evidence =
Can ruin a selected victim.
Author unknown

Clacton-on-sea =
On clean coast.
Author unknown

The clandestine marriage =
A man, a girl, hit secret Eden.
Jason, The Oracle, 1906

Eric Clapton =
William Tunstall-Pedoe, AG,

Cleanliness =
All niceness.
Stocles, AP, 1904

Cleopatra's Needle, London =
An old lone stone replaced.
Author unknown

Grover Cleveland =
Govern, clever lad.
Frankolin, TE, 1915

President Clinton of the USA =
He finds interns to copulate.
Martin Eiger, TE

Clothespins =
So let's pinch.
Remardo, TE, 1915

Clouds =
Lo, scud.
W.A. Moore, 1933

The cockroach =
Cook, catch her!
Eureka, TE, 1924

Combination =
Mob in action.
M.C.S., Complicatios, 1899

The coming Presidential Campaign =
Damn! Electing time is approaching.
Hecules, TE, 1924

Committees =
Cost me time.
Enavlicm, NP, 1907

Compassionateness =
Stamps one as so nice.
Author unknown

Compensations. =
Pass coin to men.
Nox, The Brighton Item, 1913

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare =
Pick Marlowe; ask if he wrote all these poems.
Mona Lisa, TE, 1978

Compound interest =
Sum to do in per cent.
Remardo, The Oracle, 1908

The Compulsory Education Law =
You must learn; police do watch.
Amaranth, TEE, 1916

Condemnation =
I connote "damn".
Alex Sander, TE, 1925

A confirmed bachelor =
I face no bold charmer.
Amaranth, Enigmatic Oddities, 1904

Conifer =
Fir cone.
Amaranth, TE, 1913

Considerate =
Care is noted.
D.C. Ver, TEE, 1919

Conservative =
Not vice versa.
Author unknown

The Conservative Party =
Teacher in vast poverty.
William Tunstall-Pedoe, AG, 1995

Consternation =
One cannot stir.
Anise Lang, The Mazy Masker, 1887

Constraint =
Can not stir.
Author unknown

Contaminate =
Taint came on.
Remardo, TE, 1919

Contemplation =
On mental topic.
Remardo, TE, 1917

Contemplation =
Time to plan con.
E.J. Rodden, 1933

Contradiction =
Accord not in it.
Tryon, TE, 1913

Conversation =
Voices rant on.
Sam Weller, TE, 1898

Conversationally =
Trains one vocally.
George B. King, 1936

Co-ordinance =
In one accord.
Emma Line, TE, 1916

The countryside =
No city dust here.
Su San, TE, 1948

Couples =
Up close.
Author unknown

Court af General Session =
Scenes of rogues on trial.
Phil O. Sopher, Eusama, 1894

The courtship of Captain Miles Standish =
This mad chap oft sent suitor in his place.
Mrs John Matthews, 1935

A coy debutante =
Beauty to dance.
Jemand, TE, 1914

The crater of a volcano =
Core for that lava cone.
Maranth, NP, 1908

Crime does not pay =
Damper on society?
Author unknown

Crinoline =
Inner coil.
Author unknown, Walsh's Handbook of Literary Curiosities, 1892

Crocodile tears =
Cries do act role.
Jason, The Oracle, 1905

Tom Cruise =
So, I'm cuter.
Author unknown

Madam Curie =
Radium came.
S. James Nesi, 1936

Curtailment =
Terminal cut.
Rayle Rhoder, TE, 1926


Custom and Excise =
Cussed "income" tax.
Author unknown


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