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The daily classified advertisements =
Here vast lists cite if lady needs maid.
George Lamb, 1935

The daily newspapers =
We spy plain ads there.
George Lamb, 1935

The danger signal =
Let a red sign hang.
Emma Line, TE, 1910

Daniel Boone =
In lone abode.
Ivanhoe, TE, 1894

Jeanne D'Arc, Maid of Orleans =
As a man, rejoined old France.
Lord Baltimore, Mystery, 1891

The dawning =
Night waned.
Dreamer, TE, 1926

Days of the Lenten Season =
No flesh eaten on set days.
Delian, C, 1907

The "Dead March" in SauI =
Hear deathland music.
Arcanus, C, 1907

The deadly nightshade =
Thing had deathly seed.
Gi Gantic, GD, 1900

Debentures =
Ensure debt.
Author unknown

Debit card =
Bad credit.
Mike Morton (also Te-Zir-Man), TE, 1993

The Decameron =
Read them once.
Author unknown

Decimal point =
I'm dot in place.
A. Chem, TE, 1928

Declaration =
An oral edict.
Helva Goodman, TE, 1916

The Declaration of Independence =
Can pen a nice old deed of thirteen.
Laudy Daw, Mystery, 1892

The Declaration of Independence =
Oh, one clear defiant edict penned.
Amaranth, In Mystic Mood, 1911

The Declaration of Independence =
A co-penned edict held nation free.
Patrick J. Flavin, 1935

Degradedness =
Greed's sad end.
Author unknown

The Delaware River =
Hail, revered water!
Author unknown

Delicatessen =
Ensliced eats.
Anonyme, TE, 1921

A docile man.
Pygmalion, GD, 1886

Denominate =
It named one.
I.M. Wise, AP, 1901

Departed this life. =
He's left it - dead - R.I.P.
Sitt Downe, date unknown

Deputy coroners =
Tend your corpse.
Amaranth, TE, 1926

Desegregation =
Negroes get aid.
Pacifico, TE, 1956

Designation =
Is a denoting.
Alexander, TE, 1923

Desperation =
A rope ends it.
Air Raid, TE, 1920

Destination =
It is to an end.
Rizpah, Waverley, 1898

Destruction of Jerusalem. =
Judea mourns for its elect.
Alexander, Telegraphic Twisters, 1905

The Detectives =
Detect thieves.
Binks, TEE, 1903

Detour =
Ellsworth, date unknown

Devotional songs =
God loves not a sin.
Author unknown

The devotional songs =
A note hints God's love.
Voilet, NP, 1907

The diatonic scale =
Teach in la, si, do, etc.
George B. King, 1935

Dictionary =
Amaranth, TE, 1910

Diplomacy =
Mad policy.
Jemand, TE, 1916

The Diplomatic Corps =
Chaps do politic term.
Amaranth, date unknown

Disarmament =
Amend it, Mars.
E.S. Crow, TE, 1927

Disconsolate =
Is not solaced.
Balmar, C, 1900

Discounter =
Author unknown

The discovery of America. =
Eve for historic day came.
Roscoe, TE, 1918

Discretion =
Consider it.
Author unknown

Disembarkation =
Drake's ambition.
Author unknown

Disintegration =
Darn it! It is gone.
Author unknown

A disordered mind =
So I did render "mad."
Amaranth, TE, 1926

Disparagement =
Mean raps I'd get.
Amaranth, TE, 1925

Disraeli =
I lead, sir.
Lewis Carroll

Dissimulates =
It misleads us.
Chris, TE, 1915

Dissipations =
So I sit and sip.
Arty Ess, AP, 1907

Distillation =
Do it in a still.
Fred Domino, C, 1909

Divorce scandal ~
can discard love.
Sphinx, AP, 1907

A divorce suit =
I advise court.
Amaranth, TE, 1917

Dollar diplomacy =
A mad, droll policy.
Author unknown

Domesticated animal =
Docile, as man tamed it.
Roscoe, TE, 1926

Dormitory =
Dirty room.
T.H., C, 1899

Tidier rooms.
Sally, TE, 1989

The dramatic profession =
Actors' hopes framed in it.
Aspiricus, TEE, 1898

Dromedarian =
A nomad rider.
Hercules, TE, date unknown

The dromedaries =
Home - arid desert.
Enavlicm, TE, 1917

Dromomania =
Mad, I roam on.
Awl Wrong, TE, 1944

Dubitation =
A doubt in it.
M.C.S., C, 1901

Dynamite =
May end it.
Francolin, The Brighton Item, 1915

A tidy mend.
Caster, TE, 1952

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