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Earnestness =
A stern sense.
M.C.S., Sunday Standard, 1894

The ears =
Polly Gram, Nonplustics, 1896

The earthquakes =
That queer shake.
Dauntless, NP, 1908

Sheena Easton =
She's a neat one.
Author unknown

Clint Eastwood =
Old West action.
George Landis, AG, 1980

The economist =
He tots income.
Author unknown

Edge tools =
Good steel.
Enavlicm, NP, 1907

Edict =
Arcanus, TE, 1914

Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor =
He lit homes, and over vast nation.
Ed Ward, TE, 1915

Edison incandescent lights =
Connected inside thin glass.
Amaranth, C, 1911

The educational television programs =
Video teaching primes us to learn a lot.
Merlin, TE, 1971

The Eiffel Tower =
Few flit o'er thee.
Author unknown

Eighteenth Amendment =
End the gin, tame the men!
John James and Judith West, Show 'em Up in Anagrams, 1929

Eighteenth Amendment =
Men meet gin, then death.
Astra Cielo, Anagrams & Word Puzzles, 1930

Eleemosynary =
Yes, ye almoner.
Kenneth, C, 1899

Elevators =
Serve a lot.
Enavlicm, TE, 1922

Eleven plus two =
Twelve plus one.
Melvin O. Wellman, 1948

T.S. Eliot =
Author unknown

Elvis =
David N. Axford, date unknown

The Emerald Island =
Ireland lads' theme.
Remardo, TE, 1915

Ralph Waldo Emerson =
Person whom all read.
Verdant Green, TEE, 1898

Emotional insanity =
A loony taint is in me.
Amaranth, TE, 1924

Emperor William Second =
Claims one world empire.
Author unknown, TE, 1917

The Encyclopaedia Britannica =
A dictionary can be elephantic.
Author unknown

The end of the world is nigh =
Down this hole, frightened!
Donald L. Holmes, AG, 1995

Endearment =
Tender name.
Jo Mullins, AP, 1899

The Episcopalian =
'Tis a chapel I open.
Balmar, C, 1900

Episcopalianism =
Claim a pope is sin.
J.C.M., TEE, 1898

Equestrian =
Equine arts.
Kenneth, Gentleman, 1899

Eskimos =
Some ski.
Howard W. Bergerson, date unknown

Eternal devotion =
I note ardent love.
L.M.N. Terry, TEE, 1898

Eternity =
Author unknown

Everlasting =
Vale! Resting.
George B. King, 1934

An everlasting life =
Safe, eternal living.
Erik Bodin, 1934

Evil =
Cincinnatus, Merion Maze, 1898

An evil mind =
Devil in man.
Ace, TE, 1912

Executions =
Exits on cue.
Stephan R. Marlow, F-SP, 1981

Extenuating circumstances =
Can excuse giant crime stunt.
Amaranth, TE, 1915

The eyes =
They see.
Anonyme, Puzzletown Oracle, 1896

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Abbreviations used in the Hall of Fame
  • AG = Anagram Genius.
  • AP = The Ardmore Puzzler.
  • B&O = Baltimore & Ohio Magazine.
  • C = Complications (aka Inter-Ocean).
  • F-SP = The Four-Star Puzzler.
  • GD = Golden Days.
  • NT = The National Tribune.
  • NP = The Newark Puzzler.
  • TE = The Enigma.
  • TEE = The Eastern Enigma.
  • WW = Word Ways

Symbols used:
= normal anagram
~ subject and anagram together form a phrase or sentence
"antigram" - subject and anagram have opposite meanings.

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