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Faint-hearted =
Hinted at fear.
Sub Rosa, The Study, 1888

Faithlessness =
This falseness.
Author unknown

Falsehood =
Has fooled.
Ab Struse, TE, 1993

Falsities =
Fit as lies.
George C. Lamb, 1934

Families =
Life's aim.
Enavlicm, TEE, 1917A

Farewell to Arms =
Tale of war's realm.
Author unknown

Fashion's decrees =
Chose a fine dress.
Maranath, TE, 1910

Father Time =
A term thief.
Damonomad, TE, 1934

The featherweight =
That wee fighter, he.
Roscoe, TE, 1923

The female impersonations =
Here men fail not to ape Miss.
Erik Bodin, 1935

Fiances =
Ellsworth, TE, 1925

"The First Apostle" =
St. Peter's fit halo.
Author unknown

In flagrante delicto =
Ted, Ella fornicating.
Shrdlu, TE, 1989

Flatteries =
False - trite.
Delaware, Telegraph Twisters, 1905

Flirting =
Hyperion, C, 1905

Float =
Author unknown

Flying boat =
Floating by.
Author unknown

Fool's paradise =
So ideal for sap.
Author unknown

The fool's paradise =
Oaf's last dire hope.
Patrick J. Flavin, 1935

For many are called but few are chosen =
Half of a crowd? Nay, e'er a select number.
Author unknown

Forester =
For trees.
Saxon, C, 1902

A forged signature =
Great fraud goes in.
Amaranth, Enigmatic Oddities, 1902

Fort Peck Indian Reservation =
A center of redskin privation.
Tunste, TE, 1911

Fortunate =
Turn o' Fate.
Eureka, TE, 1924

Fragile =
e.g., frail.
Hi Kerr, TE, 1926

French Revolution =
Violence run forth.
Author unknown, Walsh's Handbook of Literary Curiosities, 1853

Friends and neighbours =
Abhor finding rudeness.
Author unknown


Funeral =
Real fun.
Author unknown, Masquerade Magazine, 1797


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