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A pack of cigarettes =
Tear case to pick "fag".
Erik Bodin, 1932

The pair of boots =
A foot pries both.
Palea, Mystic Tree,1899

A pair of patent leather shoes =
Thereat a foot-apparel shines.
Amaranth, TE, 1910

Panties =
A step-in.
Author unknown

Pantomimes =
Mimes on tap.
R.E. Reizenstein, 1935

Parables =
Able raps.
E.S. Crow, TE, 1914

Parental =
Jason, AP, 1902

Parental =
Author unknown

Parenthesis =
Phrase set in.
Byrnhec, TEE, 1898

Paradise Regained =
Dead respire again.
Author unknown, Notes & Queries, 1853

Parishioner =
I hire parson.
Author unknown, Walsh's Handbook of Literary Curiosities, 1892

Parish priest =
Spirit shaper.
Author unknown

Parliament =
Partial men.
Author unknown, Walsh's Handbook of Literary Curiosities, 1892

Parliaments =
Are an M.P. list.
George B. King, 1934

The Parsonage
So pagan there.
Hoho, TE, 1960

Partisan =
Raps anti.
Jason, AP, 1906

Past due =
Date's up.
Quiz, TE, 1993

Pastorship =
Parish post.
Kea, TE, 1994

The pastries =
Pies, tarts, eh?
Violet, NP, 1907

A patent medicine =
I'd menace patient.
Molemi, TE, 1922

Patisserie =
i.e., pastries.
Resolute, TE, 1920

Payment received =
Every cent paid me.
D. C. Ver, GD, 1897

The penitential season =
Note it is a Lenten phase.
D.C. Ver, The Diamondalian, 1897

Pentium Processor =
Computerises porn.
William Tunstall-Pedoe, AG, 1995

Penuriousness =
No use in purses.
Author unknown

Penuriousness =
No purses in use.
M.C.S., C, 1901

Penuriousness =
Pennies sour us.
M.C.S., C, 1901

Perpetual motion =
I pump eternal too.
Stocles, C, 1898

The pharmacist =
Ah, part chemist.
Alyco, Thedom, 1889

The Pharos of Alexandria =
A fit halo adorns her apex.
Author unknown

General Pinochet =
Chile parent gone.
Author unknown

General Pinochet =
The replacing one.
Author unknown

Pirates =
Sea trip.
Gerald Lee Bergerson (age 11), 1968

Pittance =
A cent tip.
The Duke, TEE, 1913

Playmates =
Ay, pals met.
Loris B. Curtis, 1935

Plowshare =
Helps a row.
Enavlicm, TE, 1912

Poachers =
Cop hares.
Nox, The Brighton Item, 1927

Pocket handkerchief =
Oft reach'd pink cheek.
Author unknown

Poetry =
Try Poe.
Hoosier, TE, 1934

Point =
On tip.
D.C. Ver, TE, 1919

Policeman =
Menial cop.
O.W.L., Mystic Laurels, 1885

A policeman's whistle =
I am seen with all cops.
Viking, TE, 133

Police protection =
Let cop cope in riot.
P.O. Stage, GD, 1905

Political opponents =
Opposite in poll cant.
Atlantis, TE, 1920

Poorhouse =
O, our hopes!
Author unknown

Postman =
No stamp?
Author unknown

The Postmaster-General =
He's top letters manager.
Tunste, TE, 1924

Postponed =
Stopped: No.
Towhead, TE, 1922

The poultry dealers =
They do rear pullets.
Viking, TE, 1937

Precaution =
I put on care.
Molemi, date unknown

Predestination =
I pertain to ends.
Lord Elwood, NP, 1907

Predomination =
I'd remain on top.
Chris, TE, 1913

Premeditation =
I ponder it, mate.
Author unknown

Premeditations =
At times I ponder.
Rusticus, AP, 1906

Presbyterian =
Best in prayer.
Author unknown, Farmer's Almanac, 1838

Presidential elections =
I see politics enter land.
Amaranth, date unknown

Prestidigitation =
Presto! A digit in it.
Spud, TE, 1923

The Prince of Darkness =
Arch-fiend sent pokers.
Sphinx, The Study, 1890

Produce =
Due crop.
Rosiemont, AP, 1902

The professional gambler =
He'll bear profits on games.
Ab Struse, TE, 1984

The professional gambler =
Reaps the blame for losing.
Gi Gantic, AP, 1908

The professional wrestler =
No sport left where I rassle.
Viking, TE, 1964

Prognosis =
Signs: poor.
Hap, TE, 1975

A promissory note =
Payor remits soon.
Author unknown

The proof readers =
Defeat shop error.
D.C. Ver, TE, 1920

The prosecuting attorney =
Note he gets party in court.
Atlantis, TE, 1911

Prosecutor =
Court poser.
Author unknown

Prosperity =
Is property.
Arty Fishel, Study, 1886

Protectionism =
Nice to imports.
Hercules, TE, 1928

Protection to American industries =
O, certain duties on certain imports.
Anonyme, Mystic Retreat, 1889

The public art galleries =
Large picture halls, I bet.
Amaranth, TE, 1913

The pugilist =
"Pug" his title.
Awl Wrong, TE, 1926

The Pullman sleeping cars =
"An upper's hell," gents claim.
Viking, Geagua Leader, date unknown

Punishment =
Nine thumps.
Farmer's Almanack, 1812

Purchasing =
Ring up cash.
George B. King, 1936

The pyramids of Egypt =
Thy prim tops defy age.
Author unknown, Enigmatic Oddities, 1903


Psychiatrist =
Sit, chat, pay, sir.
O.V. Michaelsen, 1994

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