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Sergei Rachmaninoff =
Finger a march so fine.
Molemi, TE, 1925

The radiator =
A torrid heat.
Frankolin, TE, 1915

Raiders of the Lost Ark =
Ford, the real star, is OK.
Author unknown

The railroad engineers =
Real heroes - danger in it.
R.O. Chester, NP, 1905

The railroad train =
Hi! I rattle and roar.
Author unknown

Raise =
Anonyme, TE, 1913

Ramshackle =
Charm? Leaks.
Hap, TE, 1975

The rapscallion =
An ill cheap sort.
Chris, TE, 1915

"The Raven" =
Hat? Never!
Author unknown

Ready-made clothes =
Create shoddy male.
Amaranth, TE, 1911

Requiescat =
Quiet acres.
Mabel P., C, 1899

Ronald Reagan =
A darn long era.
Dr Crypton, United Features Syndicate, 1989

Ronald Reagan =
An oral danger.
Gyles Brandreth, More Joys of Lex, 1982

Ronald Wilson Reagan =
Insane Anglo Warlord.
Mike Morton, WW, 1984

Ronald Wilson Reagan =
A long-insane warlord.
Author unknown

The relief pitcher =
Fierce hitter? Help!.
Larry, TE, 1974

Real estate transaction =
It's a neat sale or rent act.
Martella, Preplexities, 1900

Realistic =
It is clear.
Chris, TE, 1914

The Rear-Admiral Richard E. Byrd Expedition =
Did reach a hidden polar extremity barrier.
George B. King, 1934

Received payment =
Every cent paid me.
D.C. Ver, GD, 1897

Recipes =
Author unknown

Red Tag Sale =
Great Deals!
Atlantic, TE, 1988

No fair to trees.
Te-Zir-Man, TE, 1990

Regulation =
To gain rule.
The Gopher, NP, 1905

A Remington rifle =
I'm long neat firer.
Amaranth, TE, 1925

Remuneration =
Our men earn it.
Author unknown

Renunciation =
Union I recant.
Dorothy Doolittle, AP, 1908

A reprisal =
Is real rap.
Vesta, TE, 1919

Rescue =
Miss T. Ree, Arcana, 1887

Resort =
Or rest.
Osceola, GD, 1899

Restraint =
Start rein.
Author unknown

Retractions =
To recant, sir.
Author unknown

Revised edition =
Edited revision.
Jemand, TE, 1926

Revolution =
I love to run.
Enavlicm, TE, 1918

Revolution =
Love to ruin.
Author unknown

Rhapsody in Blue =
Rush led by piano.
Author unknown

Rhinestones =
Note shiners.
Ellsworth, date unknown

Richard the First, Coeur de Lion =
Fierce Christian! Thou red Lord.
Lord Baltimore, Mystery, 1896

Ridiculous =
Ludicrous, I.
Nelsonian, Mystic Tree, 1887

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge =
Eerie tar chimeth metre on flying ocean bird.
H.B. McPherrin, 1935

Ringed Plover =
Proven glider.
Author unknown

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe =
Friday - one boon on becursed isle.
Erik Bodin, 1932

Rocky Mountains =
O, man, ski country.
Ruthless, TE, 1985

Roentgen's cathode rays =
A stronger eye doth scan.
A.F. Holt, C, 1897

Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases =
Here's fun, posers! This word-garage hands us lots.
Chester A. Griffin, 1934

The Rogues' Gallery =
Leery toughs glare.
Violet, NP, 1906

A rolling stone gathers no moss =
Stroller, go on, amasses nothing.
E.S. Crow, TE, 1917

Rome was not built in a day =
Any labour I do wants time.
Arthur Pearson, 1915

Romeo and Juliet =
Ole! Junior mated.
Author unknown

Theodore Roosevelt =
Hero told to oversee.
Primose, TEE, 1903

Franklin Delano Roosevelt =
Tons o' drink, even ale, for all!
Timothy Sly, London News Chronicle, 1933

Axl Rose =
Oral sex.
Author unknown

Der Rosenkavalier =
A kinder love's rare.
Author unknown

Dante Gabriel Rossetti =
Greatest idealist born.
Bolis, GD, 1884

Salman Rushdie =
Dare shun Islam!.
Alf, TE, 1989

Salman Rushdie =
Read, shun Islam.
Alf, TE, 1989

Salman Rushdie =
Rue Islam's hand.
Author unknown

Russians =
As in USSR.
Author unknown


The Russian Government =
Men hunt sovereign Tsar.
Molemi, AP, 1906

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