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William Howard Taft =
A word with all - I'm fat.
Sphinx, C, 1908

Tambourined =
I beat on drum.
Viking, TE, date unknown

The Taming of the Shrew =
Her mate won the fights.
Evening Star, The Mystic Promoter, date unknown

The Tam O' Shanter caps =
Apt Scotsman hat here.
Arcanus, C, 1909

The tam O' Shanter =
That's no mere hat!.
Viking, TE, 1968

Tantrums =
Must rant.
D.C. Ver, GD, 1897

Tax collection =
Exact coin toll.
Abel Em, NP, date unknown

Telegraph operators =
Poles gather a report.
Atlas, B&O Magazine, 1926

A telephone girl =
Repeating "Hello".
Alec Sander, Telegraph Twisters, 1906

A telescope =
To see place.
Remardo, TE, 1917

Television news =
It's now seen live.
Tut, TE, 1975

Tempestuous =
Seems put out.
M.C.S., C, 1907

Temporised =
Or time sped.
Author unknown

Ten Commandments =
Can't mend most men.
Justa Parson, The Oracle, 1897

Tennis =
In nets.
Jemand, date unknown

Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate =
Neat sonnet or deep tearful lay.
Author unknown

Tergiversation =
Is a reverting to.
Rusticus, AP, 1906

Termagant =
Target - man!
T.H., Enigmatic Oddities, 1901

That settles it =
Let this attest.
Spica, C, 1905

Margaret Thatcher =
That great charmer.
William Tunstall-Pedoe, AG, 1992

Margaret Thatcher =
Great charm threat.
Author unknown

Margaret Thatcher =
Meg, the arch tartar.
Author unknown

A theater pass =
Spareth a seat.
Amaranth, TE, 1924

Theatrical costumes =
I am art's cute clothes.
Amaranth, C, 1911

Theological seminaries =
Sole aim: teach religions.
Atlantis, TEE, 1911

Therapeutics =
The cure is apt.
Author unknown

This ear =
It hears.
Horation, TE, 1919

Three score years and te =
So thy career nearest end.
Remardo, C, 1909

A thunder shower =
One hard wet rush.
Johank, AP, 1901

Thunderstorm =
Thor must rend.
Francolin, TE, 1915

Time card =
I'm traced.
Arcanus, TE, 1914

Tin cans =
Author unknown

To be or not to be: that is the question; whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune =
In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten.
Cory Calhoun, date unknown

Toboggan slide =
Got on a big sled.
Francolin, TE, 1916

To cast pearls before swine =
One's labor is perfect waste.
Livedevil, TE, c.1938-1941

Tortoise-shell butterfly =
O, it'll flutter by the roses.
Asian, Mystery, 1891

Total abstainer =
Is not late at bar.
Author unknown

Total abstainers =
Sit not at ale bars.
Hoodwink, TE, 1955

Touring =
Ruth, St. Nicholas, 1876

The towering inferno =
Not worth fire engine.
Author unknown

Tower of London =
One old fort now.
Darryl H. Francis, WW, 1968

Tradesmen =
Need marts.
D.C. Ver, NP, 1906

Traffic rules. =
Careful first.
Amaranth, TE, 1926

Tragedian =
Egad, I rant.
Nestor, Thedom, 1890

Train =
It ran.
Lew Ward, GD, 1887

The trained nurses =
Tender hearts in us.
Rusticus, AP, 1908

Transatlantic voyagers =
Crony tars navigate salt.
Rex Ford, GD, 1899

Transgressions =
As stronger sins.
Gee, TE, 1913

The Trans-Siberian Railroad =
Has trains ride on bare trail.
Evening Star, AP, 1906

The traveling salesman =
Ah, even smart at selling.
D.C. Ver, GD, 1897

Treacherous =
Ruse or cheat.
Nox, The Brighton Item, 1917

The treason of Benedict Arnold =
Lo! None defend the traitor scab.
Arcanus, AP, 1908

Treasure island =
A sail's returned.
Author unknown

Treasure island =
Set insular read.
Author unknown

Treasure island =
Sure is darn tale.
La Noitan, TE, 1913

Trial balance sheets =
Able test in real cash.
Myself, NP, 1908

Tribulations =
Is but on trial.
Avocania, Perplexities, 1900

A trip around the world =
Hard to plan wider tour.
Amaranth, TE, 1911

True love never runs smooth =
The storm over, rule on, Venus.
Moonshine, TE, 1920

Trustworthiness =
Truth's sworn ties.
C. Saw, Mystery, 1895

Trustworthiness =
I now stress truth.
Amaranth, TE, 1926

The turncoat =
Note that cur.
Mrs John Matthews, 1935

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea =
Huge water tale stuns - end had you tense.
E.L. Benifer, 1933


The typewriter =
Write pretty, eh?
Primrose, AP, 1899


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Abbreviations used in the Hall of Fame
  • AG = Anagram Genius.
  • AP = The Ardmore Puzzler.
  • B&O = Baltimore & Ohio Magazine.
  • C = Complications (aka Inter-Ocean).
  • F-SP = The Four-Star Puzzler.
  • GD = Golden Days.
  • NT = The National Tribune.
  • NP = The Newark Puzzler.
  • TE = The Enigma.
  • TEE = The Eastern Enigma.
  • WW = Word Ways

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