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Unanimity =
Am in unity.
Author unknown

Unadorned =
And/or nude.
Noble Holderread, 1933

Uncertainties =
Insecure taint.
Musicus, NP, date unknown

Unconventionalities =
Unite in novel actions.
Mam, TE, 1923

Undiplomatic =
Mad, unpolitic.
Arty Ess, TE, 1922

Uniformity =
I form unity.
Bamar, AP, 1899

Louisa H. Sheridan, Notes & Queries, 1861

United =
In duet.
Author unknown

The United States Bureau of Fisheries =
I raise the bass to feed us in the future.
Minnie Mum, TE, 1925

United States history =
Dates unite this story.
Jason, Preplexities, 1900

The United States Marine Corps =
U.S. sent it to death in mere scrap.
Viking, TE, date unknown

The United States of America =
So much in a tea fee started it.
Hercules, TE, date unknown

The United States of America =
Attaineth its cause, freedom.
Frans Faolks, AP, 1902

The United States Supreme Court =
Respect us; true men that sue do it.
E.S. Crow, TE, 1925

The Unknown Soldier =
Unlisted knew honor.
Amaranth, TE, 1925

The unmarried woman =
Worried; hunt me a man.
P. Chin, In Mystic Mood, 1911

Unrighteousness =
Guess then our sin.
Author unknown, GD, 1885

Unshielded =
Is held nude.
M.C.S., Mysteries, 1893

Unsightly =
Hints ugly.
Margaretta, TE, 1922

Unsubstantiated testlmony =
Suits any statement in doubt.
Author unknown

Upholsterers =
Restore plush.
A. Chem, TE, 1930

U.S. Grant, R.E. Lee =
True generals.
Ulk, TE, 1997

The U.S. Coast Artillery Corps =
Actually protects shore, Sir.
Amaranth, TE, 1918

The U.S. Library of Congress =
It's only for research bugs.
Darryl H. Francis, WW, 1968

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