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The wages of sin is death =
It's owed Satan high fees.
Author unknown

Waitress =
A stew, sir?.
Osaple, TE, 1948

The wandering albatrosses =
On, largest birds when at sea!
Viking, date unknown

War correspondents =
Can send row reports.
E.S. Crow, TE, 1913

Washington crossing the Delaware =
He saw his ragged Continentals row.
Skeeziks, Thedom, 1890

Washington crossing the Delaware =
A wet crew gain Hessian stronghold.
Hercules, date unknown

The Washington Monument =
Oh, what stunning memento.
Amaranth, B&O Magazine, 1925

Dennis Waterman =
Warm and intense.
Author unknown

Webster's Unabridged Dictionary =
Grand edition used by ABC writers.
Meteor, TEE, 1898

Daniel Webster =
Best law denier.
Jim Jam, TEE, 1898

Timothy West =
Most witty, he.
Author unknown

Western Union =
No wire unsent.
Virginia Dare, TE, 1922

White feather =
Fear with thee.
Arcanus, The Oracle, 1907

Mary Whitehouse =
I may rue the show.
Author unknown

Mary Whitehouse =
Is mouthy, we hear.
Author unknown

Mary Whitehouse =
The wise harm you.
Author unknown

The widow's mite =
Two white dimes.
Remardo, TE, 1926

Wild oats =
Sow it, lad.
Remardo, TE, 1917

Wildcat =
It claw'd.
Author unknown

Wild goose chase =
Chose wide goals.
Remardo, TE, 1918

Oscar Wilde =
I lace words.
O.V. Michaelsen, 1990

Harold Wilson =
All show or din.
Author unknown

Lord Peter Wimsey =
Mostly weird peer.
Author unknown

Within earshot
I won't hear this.
Hoodwink, TE, 1948

Women =
Won me.
Author unknown


Women's Liberation =
Men rib as we toil on.
Nightowl, TE, 1973

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Abbreviations used in the Hall of Fame
  • AG = Anagram Genius.
  • AP = The Ardmore Puzzler.
  • B&O = Baltimore & Ohio Magazine.
  • C = Complications (aka Inter-Ocean).
  • F-SP = The Four-Star Puzzler.
  • GD = Golden Days.
  • NT = The National Tribune.
  • NP = The Newark Puzzler.
  • TE = The Enigma.
  • TEE = The Eastern Enigma.
  • WW = Word Ways

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