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1st - Tony Crafter with:
A man-eating lion =
One giant animal!

2nd - Christopher Sturdy with:
Please do not disturb =
Don't be a loud pest, sir.

3rd - Paul Pan with:
Firework displays =
Risky if spread low.

Ellie Dent with:
Shield ~
is held.

View with:
Eating kosher =
Seeking Torah.

Neil Ramsay with:
(I'm nearest God - I resent dogma) ‡
I do not see merged antigrams.

Adie Pena with:
Delusions of grandeur ~
unfold serious danger.

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
Conformers ~
force norms.

Adie Pena with:
Stool samples =
So, stop a smell!

Andrew Brehaut with:
A thriving economy =
Vain rich got money.

Andrew Brehaut with:
The lion =
Hint: Leo.

Andrew Brehaut with:
The Anglican congregation =
Note anger in Catholic gang.

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
Student loan repayment ~
meant total penury ends.

View with:
Christian ideology =
Only God is hieratic!

Richard Grantham with:
Send to the gallows =
Long, slowest death.

Andrew Brehaut with:
The golfers aim =
Hits 'eagle' form.

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
Consumer sovereignty =
Money governs, curse it!

Rosie Perera with:
A lame-duck president =
Alack! Indeed, term's up!

Rick Rothstein with:
A long-term relationship =
O, I plan to, er, strangle him.

David Bourke with:
'Made in America' products =
Discard once...at a premium!

Rosie Perera with:
'Made in America' products =
Domestic car in area dump.

Andrew Brehaut with:
Henin beats Williams at Wimbledon =
I'm able woman with tennisballs. Die!

Neil Ramsay with:
Transubstantiation =
A Saint in burnt toast.

David Bourke with:
The consecration of the Eucharist =
The chosen eat of Christ, a true icon.

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
All things considered ~
shall rest on deciding.

Andrew Brehaut with:
Congratulations to the winners =
Others want a recount on listing.

Ellie Dent with:
Healthy diets ~
listed "The Hay".

David Bourke with:
Agnostic fundamentalism =
Man, I'm a nut! (Godless, in fact!)

Adie Pena with:
These two marry? =
Stormy weather!

Rosie Perera with:
Political video ‡
Clip to avoid lie

David Bourke with:
There isn't a God. =
Not agreed, this!

Hans-Peter Reich with:
Online Dating =
Done in a glint!

Zoran Radisavlevic with:
Pleasure =
Super ale!

Hans-Peter Reich with:
Online dating services =
Sign in, date nice lovers.

Andrew Brehaut with:
Misdemeanor =
Deem as minor.

Rick Rothstein with:
Puritan values =
Virtue? An A-plus.

Rosie Perera with:
The fugitive lifestyle =
Fit, guilty thieves flee.

Christopher Sturdy with:
Anticipatory thermogenesis ~
is potent, raising my core heat.

sundogg99 with:
A terrorist threat? =
Arrest the traitor!

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
Student loan repayment =
Eternal top Mensan duty.

Rosie Perera with:
Preaching a sermon ~
means reproaching.

Andrew Brehaut with:
Classified information =
An official storm inside.

Rosie Perera with:
Failing a routine drug test =
Regulating as unfit to ride.

Rosie Perera with:
Open heart surgery =
Prayer; enough rest.

David Bourke with:
Tesco supermarket chain =
The stores' pick: a cane rum.

Andrew Brehaut with:
Our Father, who art in heaven =
What?? Another favour in here!!

Rosie Perera with:
A computer crash =
Customer: "Ah, crap!"

Rick Rothstein with:
In a computer crash... ~
a machine's corrupt.

David Bourke with:
Deutsche Vermogensberatung =
Chose German budget ventures.

Dan Fortier with:
A distance swimmer ~
was immersed in act.

Tony Crafter with:
Rapture =
Pure art!

Andrew Brehaut with:
Motor insurances =
Run into some cars!

Christopher Sturdy with:
Resuscitation =
So, isn't it a cure?

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
The English aristocracy =
Right royal caste's niche.

David Bourke with:
The English aristocracy =
Charles in this category.

Adie Pena with:
Domesticated? =
I meet odd cats!

Andrew Brehaut with:
Elected governments =
Men neglected voters!

Rosie Perera with:
"Hola! Hablas espanol?" Supposed key is: ~
"Hello! Do you speak passable Spanish?"

Rosie Perera with:
Remedial reading ‡
I'm leader in grade.

Meyran Kraus with:
The federal prosecutors =
Those prefer court deals.

David Bourke with:
The funeral rite ~
until hereafter!


1st - Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
A Passage to India by E.M. Forster =
Saga of Britons' tea-empire days.

2nd - Andrew Brehaut with:
Heartless actor Clark Gable eyed ~
the adorable actress Grace Kelly.

3rd - Tony Crafter with:
Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray ~
showed a very old caricature reposing in loft!

Adie Pena with:
The "Yellow Submarine" Beatles ~
who battle slyer Blue Meanies.

David Bourke with:
Reg (Elton) is from Pinner =
No, not girls...I prefer men!

View with:
Suite 'Pictures at an exhibition' =
Hear it, it is nice tunes about pix.

Neil Ramsay with:
Bands planned the guitar solos ~
on the Gibson Les Paul Standard.

Tony Crafter with:
The Live Earth concerts =
Hot, Richter-scale event!

Richard Grantham with:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows =
No-depth tale. Hardly worth the salary.

Ellie Dent with:
The Men's Singles Champion Roger Federer =
Former sportsmen cheering: he is a legend.

Paul Pan with:
"Turn on, tune in, drop out" =
Neuron-trip to undo nut.

Adie Pena with:
The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" =
The hit witty LSD-abuse line shocked many.

Andrew Brehaut with:
"The Worst Jobs in History" =
Brits enjoy hit show's rot.

Ellie Dent with:
American actress Meryl Streep =
Simply, a screen career matters.

Tom Myers with:
Motion Picture Actress Lindsay Lohan =
Note: tiny superstar is damn alcoholic.

Adie Pena with:
Lindsay Lohan in "Dare to Love Me" =
I'm an ethanol-driven loose lady.

Adie Pena with:
Star Sting had a superb self ~
and a fretless upright bass.

Meyran Kraus with:
The actress Lindsay Lohan =
All that nose-candy is hers?!

Paul Pan with:
Pictures of naked women =
Desperation...fuck me now!

Rosie Perera with:
The German surrealist painter Max Ernst =
True, I'm an expert in strange, harmless art."

Meyran Kraus with:
'Deathly Hallows', authored by one J.K. Rowling =
Thoroughly enjoyable! What'll kids read now?

Meyran Kraus with:
'Deathly Hallows', a novel authored by J.K. Rowling =
A nearly-lovely job... What'll kids read now, though?


1st - Rosie Perera with:
Inebriated astronauts =
Nausea started in orbit.

2nd - Andrew Brehaut with:
Middle Eastern countries =
Elections? Murder instead!

3rd - Matthew O'Dempsey with:
Doctor Mohamed Haneef =
Man forced to head home.

Rick Rothstein with:
The Chinese imports =
Inspect this more, eh?

Neil Ramsay with:
Glasgow International Airport =
A national terror plot is waging.

Rosie Perera with:
Beverly Sills dead =
Bless elderly diva.

Adrian Hickford with:
The new Prime Minister Gordon Brown =
Modern British power-monger went in.

Rick Rothstein with:
Credit Venus Williams' hot body for ~
Wimbledon's Ladies' fourth victory.

Andrew Brehaut with:
Venus Williams defeated France's Marion Bartoli =
Afro-American sure saved Wimbledon final titles.

Adie Pena with:
Al Gore's "Alliance for Climate Protection" =
It's apt in an electoral... er, ecological form.

Adie Pena with:
Tony Blair, retired =
Ordinarily better.

Tony Crafter with:
Supermodel Kate Moss has dumped Pete Doherty =
Lush, up-market poser demotes empty-headed sod!

Adie Pena with:
'Made in China' products =
Nice?! Can do harm, stupid!

Rosie Perera with:
William and Kate reconcile =
We like romantic dalliance.

Sir T. Aucscua with:
Roswell UFO incident anniversary =
Funny weird controversial aliens.

Rosie Perera with:
Bank branch held up by a man disguised as a tree =
Yes, a maple trunk has grabbed cash bin, unaided.

Adie Pena with:
Airport hero John Smeaton =
Spot a major honor in there!

Rosie Perera with:
Lady Bird Johnson dead at ninety four =
Ah, fate! A body joins Lyndon under dirt.

Christopher Sturdy with:
Prime Minister Gordon Brown =
Borrowing in trim - spend more.

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
Lewis "Scooter" Libby =
I bow to cells: Bye, sir!

Rosie Perera with:
I sense war ~

Adie Pena with:
"A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton" =
Ah, my canon on how, if I'll handle America, left or right.

Rosie Perera with:
Library abandoning the Dewey Decimal System =
In my day, we'd try a Barnes & Noble digital scheme.

Rosie Perera with:
U.N. inspectors in North Korean facilities =
Fact or opinion? I think it's nuclear! (Sneers :-))

David Bourke with:
The actor and writer Christopher Langham =
"What child porn? No, a research matter, right!"

Adie Pena with:
Paris Hilton and Lewis "Scooter" Libby =
Tabloids howl: "A celebrity's in prison!"

Adie Pena with:
The Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil =
A notorious blazing airplane crash photo.

Adie Pena with:
Homer Simpson's donut and the Cerne Abbas Giant =
An epic ring toss on the stud's banana member. Doh!

Adie Pena with:
A huge steam pipe blast kills one in N.Y. City =
"I take it ya plumbing's hopelessly ancient?"

Adie Pena with:
Naked volunteers on a cold Alpine glacier =
One old Spencer Tunick deal all over again!

Adie Pena with:
The evangelist Tammy Faye Bakker dies at 65 =
Take me! I batted my freaky 5"-6" vintage lashes.

Adie Pena with:
"Airplane Ban on Lighters Lifted" =
Help in starting a fireball? Done! :-(

Rosie Perera with:
Airplane ban on lighters lifted =
He boards, planning a little fire...

Adie Pena with:
A planet of our solar system is demoted =
Years after, Pluto loses modest domain.

David Bourke with:
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire =
Glory be! Sure is wet, stuck here!

Paul Dubie Dvorak Pan with:
A turnup for the books =
Bourke turns pooftah!

Adie Pena with:
Film director Ingmar Bergman dies at eighty-nine =
Lighting? Editing? Reminder: Cinema as art form. (Bye!)

Meyran Kraus with:
The elections in Two Thousand and Eight =
Send a Clinton to the White House, dang it!

Meyran Kraus with:
New Israeli president =
Peres wins it, I learned!

Ellie Dent with:
British nation reflected on ~
the recent floods in Britain.


1st - Tony Crafter with:
Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor =
Lost, abnormal Prince with the huge protruding ears!

2nd - Adie Pena with:
U.S. Senator David Bruce Vitter from Louisiana =
Conservative? No, sir! But adulterous, I'm afraid.
3rd - sundogg99 with:
Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards =
Arthritic old skeleton: ring, sash, slide guitar.

Andrew Brehaut with:
The Playboy Mansion's Hugh Hefner =
Hero of naughty lesbian nymphs, eh!

View with:
Miss Hillary Rodham Clinton =
I still honor my man - lad's rich!

Adie Pena with:
The pop artist Andy Warhol ~
who had portraits aplenty.

David Bourke with:
The late Diana Frances Spencer (The Princess of Wales) =
Sad Charles often slept with canines as a preference!

Adie Pena with:
Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham =
Brilliant Man and (Oh, Lord!) Chilly.

David Bourke with:
Georgia Horsley =
Leggy. (Or so I hear!)
Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
Siegfried Lorraine Sassoon =
A soldier's reason is foreign.

Paul Pan with:
Sen. David Vitter, R-Louisiana =
A vivid adulterer, is no saint!

Paul Pan with:
Avoid UK-bred ~
David Bourke!

Ellie Dent with:
The two princes, William and Harry =
Inherit all Di's charm: now we party.

David Bourke with:
Nigel Richard Patton Dempster =
Mail's precept: Dirt on the "grand".

David Bourke with:
Donal Kinsella =
Loins all naked!

Tony Crafter with:
DangerMouse ~
goes unarmed!

Dan Fortier with:
Actress Lindsay Lohan =
Honestly a scandal, sir.

Paul Pan with:
Rude anagrammist Paul Pan =
A malignant arm up a prude's...

Neil Ramsay with:
Kevin Andrews ~
knew invaders.


1st - Andrew Brehaut with:
West Holland =
The lowlands.

2nd - View with:
Federal Republic of Germany =
Friendly place for a beer-mug.

3rd - Tony Crafter with:
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, at Florence =
Fine Italian cathedral. I so adore its marble face.

Rosie Perera with:
Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia =
Any kid can edit piece. One will, I hope.

Neil Ramsay with:
The Twelve Apostles in Victoria =
A wave rips into the little coves.

Andrew Brehaut with:
The Whitsunday Islands, Queensland ~
with quality sand and endless sun, eh.

Neil Ramsay with:
The Anagrammy's Leader Board =
The dear Mey grabs an armload.

Adie Pena with:
McDonald's hamburger and fries =
Damn absurd "Golden Arches" firm.

Christopher Sturdy with:
Microsoft Word =

Paul Pan with:
Boeing Dreamliner =
I'm airborne legend.

sundogg99 with:
The Declaration of Independence =
Epic defiance threatened London.

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
The domestic ruminant =
I induct methane storm.

Rosie Perera with:
Nude Recreation Week =
Creature woke in Eden.

Adie Pena with:
[July 9-15] Nude Recreation Week =
Unlike 5" and 9", reject your wee 1"!

Rosie Perera with:
Nude Recreation Week ‡
Need wear our necktie.

David Bourke with:
Silver Ring Thing =
Virgin girls, then!

David Bourke with:
Cerne Abbas Giant =
Erect banana's BIG!

Andrew Brehaut with:
Kenilworth Castle =
Thicker stone wall.

Rosie Perera with:
Scrotal hyperthermia ‡
I carry health to sperm.

Rosie Perera with:
Hardee's Monster Thickburger ~
makes us retch. Bring the order!

Andrew Brehaut with:
Le Tour de France =
Often cruel, dear!

Andrew Brehaut with:
The supermarket chain Tesco =
Customer shaken at the price!

Rosie Perera with:
The Virginia Dangerous Dog Registry =
Dig your terrier doing savage things.

Paul Pan with:
The Virginia Dangerous Dog Registry =
Great Dane gives youngish idiot "Grrr!"

Rosie Perera with:
National Weight Control Registry =
Lowering act: lost thirty, no regain.

Rosie Perera with:
The Virginia Dangerous Dog Registry =
Irritating, edgy, or aggressive hound.

Meyran Kraus with:
The palace of Windsor =
We had a lot of princes!


1st - Tony Crafter with:
'Chariots of the Gods?: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past' by Erich Von Daniken =
This buffoon thinks modern-style space voyagers once visited Earth? Doh!

2nd - Neil Ramsay with:
A quote from Mao Tse-Tung:
"Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed" =
Could someone show that pious, bigoted, pitiless twit called Bush how to withdraw from Iraqi soil.

3rd - Andrew Brehaut with:
"How many psychiatrists does it take to change one light bulb?" =
"One, but this sick light has to want to embody change!" is a reply.

Adie Pena with:
The pop star Prince could soon be called "The Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores" in the UK =
Their corporate rock 'n' roll vendors' bloc is upset about these FREE "Planet Earth" CDs in Daily Mail.

David Bourke with:
The terrorist who drove into the Glasgow Airport main terminal shouted "Allah!" =
Wild, sinister Islam horror? Or not? (He might, rather, have wanted to get up to Alloa!)

Andrew Brehaut with:
The National Anthem of the United States of America =
Ha! I hate music testament to a "land of the free" nation.

View with:
The musical duo formed by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart=
Duet 'Eurythmics', endeavor of dolt man and waxen lesbian

sundogg99 with:
Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday ~
I represent workday antipathy. I escape to trout fishing.

Adie Pena with:
Katie Couric, while interviewing on television a sniper, asked: "What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist?"
How asinine a network, viewers pointed out! The ferocious hero intuitively answered, "A slight recoil, okay?"

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
"I'm not changing anything. I've done enough dressing like this, thank you very much" =
Mighty high tone: United Kingdom's Royal Highness renouncing vain cheeky vaunt

Adie Pena with:
"Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton" =
Oh, blonde honey mainly had this maniacal thirst for power!

Rosie Perera with:
"How many deaths will it take 'til he knows that too many people have died?" =
That Dylan poem talks like it's "in the wind." Whoa! We have to deploy at home!

David Bourke with:
"...you're such a big star to me,
You're everything I wanna be,
But you're stuck in a hole,
And I want you to get out..."
True, how very true! Cue outrageous irony
by young Take That. ('Shine' at Wembley).
Sing out about icon Diana!

Rosie Perera with:
The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria =
Bold aim: halt frightful, brutal and contagious disease.

David Bourke with:
The benefits of cradling a cold bottle of beer between one's thighs =
Testicles effin' hot? Best beg ale, go to bed, father one new-born child!

Adie Pena with:
It is just a seven-volume "scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy with the lightning bolt scar" story. =
Many love "Harry Potter" by J. K. Rowling, a big U.S. success with his collectible bits and events attached.


1st - Andrew Brehaut with:
The New Seven Wonders of the World
1. Brazil's Statue of Christ Redeemer
2. Peru's Machu Picchu
3. Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid
4. The Great Wall of China
5. Jordan's Petra
6. The Colosseum in Rome
7. India's Taj Mahal


Meet Seven Famous Heads

1. Exotic Mahatma Ghandi
2. Sacred Jesus Christ
3. Compact Friedrich Nietzsche
4. War-wooer Adolf Hitler
5. Armoured Winston Churchill
6. Smart Albert Einstein
7. Wheezy Pope John Paul

2nd - View with:
The New Seven Wonders of the World
1. Brazil's Statue of Christ Redeemer
2. Peru's Machu Picchu
3. Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid
4. The Great Wall of China
5. Jordan's Petra
6. The Colosseum in Rome
7. India's Taj Mahal


1. Mammoth-sized sculpture of Savior
2. Town Inca citizens had
3. Mayan temple
4. Asia's huge curled cordon-border
5. Pantheon which's there in the Mid East
6. Cruel sports circle
7. Maharajah's 'jewel' for the ex-wife

3rd - Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
The New Seven Wonders of the World

1. Brazil' s Statue of Christ Redeemer
2. Peru' s Machu Picchu
3. Mexico' s Chichen Itza pyramid
4. The Great Wall of China
5. Jordan' s Petra
6. The Colosseum in Rome
7. India' s Taj Mahal


Seven Items of What Corrupts America

1. The president, G. W. Bush
2. That a Mr. Cheney is wealthier
3. Condoleezza Rice
4. Donald H. Rumsfeld
5. The O. J. Simpson escape act
6. Richard Milhous Nixon
7. A hateful Jim Crow era

Adie Pena with:
My Seven Old Sources of Other Nutrients
1. Trail Mix and then cashews
2. Sweet pineapple juice
3. Fresh warm doughnuts
4. Jam and/or marmalade
5. Chocolate ice cream (terrific with hashish!)
6. Hot pizza
7. Cold beer.

Neil Ramsay with:
A Septuplet of ironic Scottish Wonders

1. Heroic jihad-crusher: John Smeaton
2. Lamb-Madras-Calzone
3. McEwans Rich Export Ale
4. Ned (chav) Culture
5. Fifes Dry Weather
6. Amazing Health-Tourism
7. Timid Wee Sheep

Tony Crafter with:
The Wish-List of a Man on his Fortieth Birthday:

1. Paper, pens
2. Drum set
3. Top Merc.
4. Much harder stomach muscles
5. Juvenescence
6. Rude sex with a crazed Cameron Diaz or Angelina Jolie
7. Fellatio with ... who cares?!!

Rosie Perera with:
The seven last words of Jesus Christ from the Cross:
1. Father, excuse them.
2. Join me in paradise.
3. O Woman, greet thine own child.
4. How abandon me? A cruel chutzpa!
5. Rue! I am parched.
6. I realized all.
7. Catch my spirit.

Adie Pena with:
Favorite ANAGRAMMY Noms
1. PEOPLE: Worthless chefs ;-)
2. Hah! Jocular MEDIUM
3. TOPICAL wish: Juicier chats
5. OTHER NAMES: Faddish buzzwords
6. Another SPECIAL cliche
7. RUDE, when X-rated!

Dan Fortier with:
Some of actual chiefs / women / chumps (I'm just jealous)
who excel (sizzle) here ;
I'll cite seven most nominated /watched :
1. Tony Crafter
2. Rosie P.
3. Adie P.
4. Andrew Brehaut
5. Richard Grantham
6. Adrian H.
7. Christopher S.

Tony Crafter with:
Seven things which women accuse men of:
1. War
2. A preoccupation with sex
3. Major mammaries admirer
4. Is dazzled by J-Lo's rear
5. A silent fart in church
6. The suspect puddle on the toilet floor
7. Their headaches!

Adie Pena with:
Liz's Tempestuous Zoo of Seven Ex-Spouses
1. Heir C. N. Hilton Jr
2. That chap Michael Wilding
3. Michael Todd
4. Actor Eddie Fisher
5. Richard Burton (same name, cum twice!)
6. John Warner
7. Larry F. (he was a cheap teamster!)

Tony Crafter with:
A Few Dull Hit Artists

1. ZZ Top (Serious beards)
2. Motorhead (Heavy!)
3. Wham! (Weightless!)
4. Inxs (Supported Mr. Michael Hutchence)
5. Joan Jett (Witch's ruler)
6. Alice Cooper (Feminine name for a man??)
7. Eddie Cochran (Crash!)

Rosie Perera with:
Seven films rejected for Oscars:

1. Grizzly Man (he dies; wince!)
2. Tex (Matt Dillon)
3. Jaws 2 (awesome, huh? I wish!)
4. The Hurricane (is true)
5. The Champ (an athlete)
6. Plan 9 from Outer Space (bad, arid)
7. Another 48 Hrs. (comic cop duo)

Adie Pena with:
Hi, just recommend these majestic tints!
1. Crimson
2. Tangerine
3. Xanthic
4. Verdant
5. Azure
6. Lilac
7. Sapphire
Or how about these shades which I'd match/modify?
1. Rose
2. Ochre
3. Sallow
4. Meadow
5. Cerulean
6. Purple
7. Zaffer

Christopher Sturdy with:
Iconic cartoon extras
1 Buzz Lightyear (he's macho)
2 Minnie Mouse (she-rodent)
3 Penfold (DM's chum)
4 Elmer Fudd (speech-impaired hunter)
5 Jar-Jar (worst alien ever)
6 Lilo (I watch Stitch)
7 She-Ra (what a waste of space)

Adrian Hickford with:
Seven (I hope) of the most archaic, complex, inaccurate and unfair puzzles:
1. The Times Crossword
2. Last Theorem (Fermat)
3. Why did Americans re-elect Bush Jr? Huh?
4. Roswell Incident
5. Is there a God?
6. Japan
7. Who am I?

Adie Pena with:
Seven Items a Street Musician Needs
1. Electric guitar
2. Amplifier
3. Three standard (major!) chords people enjoy
4. Fuzz Box (Whew!)
5. Drum machine
6. Pharmaceuticals (Thrashed on hashish? Wow!)
7. Hat for collection

Rosie Perera with:
Seven genres of music:
1. Jazz (New Orleans)
2. Hip-hop (Hard-hit cities here)
3. Classical (Europe, etc.)
4. Cajun (O, Southern warmth there!)
5. Banda (Mexico)
6. Calypso (Trinidad)
7. That soft form with hammered dulcimer (Wales)

Paul Pan with:
Seven unchic sins

1. Short-cut trouser legs
2. Red lizard shoes
3. A creased jean
4. Mammoth phone affixed on belt
5. Match white lace hosiery with formal wear
6. Mohair jumper tainted with caca
7. Unclosed zipper

Richard Grantham with:
Which clinched the laurel wreath from now-vanished archaic objects:

1. Cheops' pyramid
2. Majestic Zeus
3. Rhodes titan
4. Excellent Mausoleum
5. Artemis' fine friezes
6. Pharos tower
7. .....and geraniums that droop?!

David Bourke with:
Seven choice classic old products:

1. MS Windows
2. The E-Type Jaguar (how truthful!)
3. Edam cheese
4. The Fender Jazz Bass (if American, not Mexican)
5. Trill
6. Listerine mouthwash
7. 'Preparation H' haemorrhoid cream

Adie Pena with:
Seven Indications One Has No Life
1. Computer manual
2. Weird schematic map
3. These hard crossword puzzles
4. Boxer shorts (which are pathetic!)
5. Jilted thrice
6. Held fewer ejaculations
7. The Anagrammy Forum! ;-)

Ellie Dent with:
I have a few if I'm to add to the mix. Enjoy!

1. Jordan's celebrated chest
2. Posh's pout
3. Cherie's mouth (awful wide)
4. Prince Charles' ears
5. Manilow's schnozz/hair
6. Potter 'scar'
7. Cerne Giant, crude hill-man's mature, hem ..... ??


1st - Tony Crafter with:
As the man left court in his invalid-chair with his million-pound compensation award, the two insurance detectives stalked him down the road.

"You won't get away with this fraud," they hissed. "We shall be watching you for the rest of your life."

"That's no problem," he replied. "Watch all you like. You can watch as I go on my world trip and you can watch me go to Lourdes and then you can watch as, before your eyes, one hell of a miracle happens."

Paddy O'Neal came through the customs area at Shannon Airport in a fancy Hawaiian shirt, clutching at two large bottles.

"Whoa now! What have we here?" said a suspicious officer.

"Why, 'tis Lourdes holy water I've brought on home with me," Paddy announced innocently.

The officer eyed him cynically, took one of the bottles and swallowed a mouthful. "Ow! It's neat Irish whisky!" he spluttered.

"Well, upon my soul!" cried Paddy. "Another miracle!"

2nd - Ellie Dent with:
O, what a tangled web we weave

3rd - Adie Pena with:
A Day In The Life

Adie Pena with:
Bush and Cheney are hungry so they stop at an old bistro.

The waitress very kindly says, "And what item in the menu would you want, Mr. President?"

He recklessly drawls, "How about a nice quickie this morning, princess?"
''Why, Mr. President! Never!" the blushing waitress says in dismay. "How rude! You're starting to act like Clinton. Hot meal, eh? Not me!" And she briskly walks away.

Cheney turns to Dubya and whispers, "It's pronounced quiche."

David Bourke with:

A burning four-wheel-drive Daimler-Chrysler Jeep Cherokee has been driven at speed into the front of Glasgow Airport's main terminal.


- "Fire!! Fire!! Darn terrorists!"
- "Och ay! I'd presume we'll get nae return airplane flight the noo! We're doomed!"
- "Ah ken. Jings! Crivvens! Help ma Boab!"

Andrew Brehaut with:
Funny 'investigative' journalism from the great US of A comedian Jay Leno as he says:
"On Friday, President Bush held a press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and then he met with the 'American Idol,' Taylor Hicks. Those are our two last remaining allies apparently."


As a way of confirming the final hike of the prime minister, jocular satirist, Jay Leno, has cheerily recorded:
"It was announced in England that Tony Blair will leave as British Prime Minister in May. So, President Bush has toppled yet another government."
Has a measure of truth, yes?

Neil Ramsay with:
Bertrand Russell - 'Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false.'
George Bush - "Ahem... I'm still convinced that the vast war offense we fought in Iraq (as punishment) is helpful to defeat global terrorism ,so that peace can then culminate"

Adie Pena with:
"Sock-puppeting: The act of creating a fake online identity to praise, defend or create the illusion of support for ones self, allies or company" =
Per files, an opportunistic digital-age pretense; an effectual fictional person/offender on Yahoo used to personally kick the competitors.

Rosie Perera with:
The National Football League has passed a new rule for the upcoming season that requires photographers at NFL games to wear red vests with Canon and Reebok logos on them. =
Some photographers now refuse to go along with all the others. A squabble arose. One affluent nut threw a telephoto lens. "God, chap! I am NOT advertising cameras and sneakers!"


1st - Andrew Brehaut with:
Inauguration Speech by George Bush

2nd - Tony Crafter with:
An Irish Airman Forsees His Death

3rd - Neil Ramsay with:
Scotland the Brave

Adie Pena with:
Long, Long, Long

View with:
Oh, what a beautiful mornin'
Oh, what a beautiful day
I got a beautiful feelin'
Ev'rything's goin' my way.
Hey, what a woeful evenin'
Hey , what a baleful night.
I got a fruity findin'
Ambiguous amorality about.

Adie Pena with:


1st - sundogg99 with:
Silicone breast implants =
In some aspects, brilliant

2nd - Rick Rothstein with:
A morning fart =
I'm fragrant, no?

3rd - Tony Crafter with:
Underwear-stain? =
Answer, "Urinated."

Andrew Brehaut with:
Vaginal sores =
Ass gone viral?

Adie Pena with:
A cunt so huge! =
Such a tongue!

Paul Pan with:
A "cunning linguist " ~
is lunging in a cunt

View with:
The neatly - trimmed pussy=
My nude hair-style tempts

David Bourke with:
Eva Jacqueline Longoria =
Rejoice! No vaginal equal!

David Bourke with:
A monthly strop =
Tampon shortly!

Mike Mesterton-Gibbons with:
The domestic ruminant =
Turd machine emits ton

Meyran Kraus with:
The circumcision =
I cut micro-inches.

Adie Pena with:
The morning farts ~
frighten matrons.

sundogg99 with:
Silicone breast implants =
Tits can inspire male slob

David Bourke with:
An Autistic Spectrum Disorder =>
Impaired cunts court disaster!

Adie Pena with:
These vibrators ~
stir hot beavers!

Paul Pan with:
Beating around the bush =
Has huge boner in da butt

David Bourke with:
The negro's penis =
Gosh! Serpentine!

Adie Pena with:
Tony Crafter's nether region =
The centre of organ entry, sir!

Christopher Sturdy with:
full-frontal nudity =
lurid fanny tuft, lol

Andrew Brehaut with:
Golfer Padraig Harrington =
Large Profit. Raging hard-on!

Adie Pena with:
Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton =
Run a black ass man or evil royal bitch?

Meyran Kraus with:
KY Personal Lubricants =
Canal probe turns silky.
Paul Pan with:
Tony Crafter's nether region =
Thorny, fan regrets erection!

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