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1st - Larry Brash with:
Gastroenterologist =
I let go torrents o' gas.

2nd - Art Day with:
Acetaminophen =
Ache? Pain? Not me!

eq.3rd - Jon Gearhart with:
"He required a breathalyser test." =
Larry Brash, quiet as he teetered...

eq.3rd - Richard Grantham with:
Economic rationalism =
Is a commercial notion.

Larry Brash with:
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist =
Ding! Got lot by Caesarian Section.

Daniel with:
Unabridged =
Big and rude.

Jaybur with:
Poetic licence =
Oi! eclectic pen!

Jaybur with:
Nonagenarian =
O, Nan, a grannie.

Jaybur with:
Self denial =
Fills a need.

Meyran Kraus with:
Drifting snow =
Frosting wind.

Meyran Kraus with:
Fashion Model =
Famished loon.

Meyran Kraus with:
Falling star =
Astral fling.

ID Letterman with:
Biology's moonshot: the human genome =
Oh! Oh! Thou assembling ontogeny memo.

Janet Muggeridge with:
"Herbal tea?" =
"Halt! A beer!"

Mick Tully with:
Air traffic control =
Not critical for RAF?

Mick Tully with:
Duchesse potatoes =
Coo! Spuds, aesthete?

Mick Tully with:
The British Public House =
I, lush, to hit pub's beer... hic!


1st - Tom Myers with:
Who was that masked man, riding on the white horse, with all the silver bullets? =
Ah! An absurd kids show! It's The Lone Ranger TV show with the William Tell theme.

2nd - Meyran Kraus with:
Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles =
Lurid story of hero Sherlock and an evil beast he hunts.

3rd - Jaybur with:
Noddy and Big Ears in Toyland =
Enid Blyton and gay androids.

Larry Brash with:
"The Pig Got Up and Slowly Walked Away" =
Why did Tully get woken? AWOL gas, papa!

Don P. Fortier with:
Film actress Hilary Swank =
Ah, "Cry" star skill wins fame.

Don P. Fortier with:
"Space, the final frontier..." =
Enterprise off, can't hail.

Don P. Fortier with:
Kevin Spacey: "I am our Best Actor." =
So voters pick "American Beauty".

Jon Gearhart with:
Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight? =
O, I've proven it sure did get much stale when out for so long, by gosh.

Richard Grantham with:
The Crying Game's end =
It's my gender change!

Richard Grantham with:
Do re mi fa so la ti =
Fetid solo, Maria.

Ernesto Guiraldes with:
Al Pacino & Marlon Brando in The Godfather =
Born to plan farther on homicidal agenda.

Jaybur with:
Weatherman Ian McCaskill =
Rain chill means a wet mack.

Jaybur with:
Melinda is a mother =
Oh! I am streamlined.

Meyran Kraus with:
Sumo Wrestling =
Grew slim? Not us!

Graham Perkins with:
"Space, the final frontier..." =
Shatner face oft in peril.

Mick Tully with:
Family Fortunes =
Measly. I turn off.

Mick Tully with:
Literature lesson =
Sure learn T.S. Eliot!


1st - Jaybur with:
Saint George's Day =
Yes! as I get dragon!

2nd - Meyran Kraus with:
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said he has prostate cancer =
Oh, US Senate chair campaign's hard? Drop it! You are ill!

3rd - Tom Myers with:
Microsoft penalty =
Stifle company? Rot!

Darren Donlen with:
Hansie Cronje Sacked =
Need cash Jerk?? Casino!

Cathie Holtman with:
Roy Keane own goal =
A loony ego wanker.

Jaybur with:
So, now, at last, Spring is here in Britain =
Snow, sleet, rain; British groan; 'it's pain!'

Ralph Lenton with:
Last post =
Lost past.

Janet Muggeridge with:
Murderer Kenneth Noye stood trial and he got given a life sentence =
Eleven to one test: he knifed Cameron in road rage. Sly thug interned.

Tom Myers with:
The tobacco lawsuit =
It acute blow to cash.

Tom Myers with:
Denial of service attacks =
Sad, sick evil teen a factor.

Tom Myers with:
Breaking Microsoft in two =
Sort-of wrecking ambition.

Mick Tully with:
Istanbul =
LU in stab.

Mick Tully with:
National countryside crime =
Tony Martin - a cruel decision?

Mick Tully with:
Noye: "Psst! Coke?" =
Keystone Cops.


1st - Meyran Kraus with:
Genital Warts =
Rinse twat, gal!

2nd - Janet Muggeridge with:
Sweaty bollocks =
Boy lacks towels.

eq.3rd - Jon Gearhart with:
Dr. Alex Comfort, author of "The Joy Of Sex" =
X-rated theme: Oral joy -- crux of shoot-off.

eq.3rd - Richard Grantham with:
Tuna town =
Twat [noun].

Larry Brash with:
Donovan James Friesen =
Rave! Feed on Onan's jism.

Richard Grantham with:
Gonorrhoea =
A roger? Oh, no!

Jeff Martin with:
Adult bookstore =
Butts! Look, adore.


1st - Richard Grantham with:
These girls are barely legal. =
The "girls" are really beagles.

2nd - Larry Brash with:
For only $16.00 US dollars, we will send you the material you need to do this legally.
Well, girl, I sent you lolly ($A1600) and you sent me a turd. So, where's the folio, old lady?

3rd - Meyran Kraus with:
You're mocking me with 'Hot, New' spam, idiot. Sell that to some monkey.

Jon Gearhart with:
Did you know that there's a way to lose 2 to 14 inches of fat PERMANENTLY and SAFELY in only 1 HOUR?! . . . 100% Guaranteed!
Why, yes -- it's often referred to as coming, total arsehole! Aha - You play and wank on it a lot then, funny dude?


1st - Richard Grantham with:
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2nd - Meyran Kraus with:
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3rd - Jon Gearhart with:
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Jon Gearhart with:
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Jon Gearhart with:

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Jon J. Gearhart -- Iowa A.A. Advocate


Martin Rand with:
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1st - Richard Grantham with:
My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun


2nd - Jon Gearhart with:
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3rd - Larry Brash with:
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Congress =
Electrotherapy and drug fans now ignore Classical Analysis zealots.


Janet Muggeridge with:
Yesterday Sir Peter Middleton, the chairman of Barclays Bank apologised to a packed meeting of angry shareholders. =
Folk begged, "Talk or drop path!" as I closed their branches and so stranded 'em. Aye, hate me: I care only for my giant pay-rise.


Janet Muggeridge with:
Guess what is for dinner tonight? Yes, it is beefburger carry-out again. =
Beast's inner rib-cage with fries - dangerous gut-rot. Say, I frighten you?



1st - Richard Grantham with:
William Shakespeare =
I'll make a wise phrase.

2nd - Bo Bielefeldt with:
Philadelphia Sixers' guard Allen Iverson =
Holds in evil lies, sex, drug paraphernalia.

eq.3rd - Tom Myers with:
NASA Administrator Dan Goldin =
Idiot and a rat. No Mars landings!

eq.3rd - Mick Tully with:
Prime Minister Tony Blair =
I'm Britain's Tory peril, men!

David Bourke with:
The Manchester United Footballer Jaap Stam =
"See! I can't be just a prat from the Holland team!"

Larry Brash with:
Alexander Nikolaus Benner =
Drunken anal-sex alien bore.

Art Day with:
Tony Martin =
"I'm no tyrant."

Richard Grantham with:
Rodgers and Hammerstein =
Mastermind grand heroes.

Ernesto Guiraldes with:
Sagamore Stevenin =
Enters some vagina.

Kevin Hale with:
Wilma Flintstone =
Well, man if no tits!

Jaybur with:
Pedro Almodovar =
O! pro loved drama.

Jaybur with:
Thomas Stearns Eliot =
A short name's 'toilets'.

Tom Myers with:
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani =
I run. I am good. Hillary? PU!

Mick Tully with:
Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor =
HRH: "Paris perilous? Na! Go, wretched girl!"


1st - Richard Grantham with:
Quarter Pounders with Cheese =
It's queer how the crap endures.

2nd - Darren Donlen with:
National Geographic =
Hop on a giant glacier.

3rd - Meyran Kraus with:
City of Nazareth, Israel =
Christ-zone? A fairy tale!

Richard Grantham with:
Des Moines, Iowa =
I see sow domain.

Jaybur with:
The Little Book of Calm =
I'm a felt-cloth booklet.

Meyran Kraus with:
The Library of Alexandria =
I, a hall of rare art (by index).

mattt with:
Hammersmith Hospital =
Optimism harms health.

Tom Myers with:
Miami's The Cuban American National Foundation =
I am an anti-Castro fanatic loon. Die inhumane bum!

Tom Myers with:
The World Bank and IMF =
Find market down. Blah!

Tom Myers with:
The Real Yellow Pages =
Large! Oh, type's all wee!

Mick Tully with:
Clapham Common =
Homo MP Mac clan.


1st - Daniel F. Etter with:
Fetal tissue research =
I curse heartless fate!
Rare fetus sale! Ethics?
Sees their fatal cures.
I steal the safer cures.
Safe, stealthier cures.
Her freest casualties.

2nd - Tom Myers with:
Sodom and Gomorrah =
Hard-on mood. Orgasm!
Do rod! Oh man! Orgasm!
Manhood, rod, orgasm!
God roars. Damn homo.
Homos roar "damn god!"
Honor God or madams?
So go do random harm.
Gonads, ramrod, homo.
Or god do so harm man.

3rd - Kevin Hale with:
Popeye, The sailor man =
A sloppy heroine mate.
Happy elite sea moron.
Ahoy! Inept male poser.
The oily apeman poser.
A happy, one-time loser.
Oh my! No pirate, please!
He's a pain to employer.
"I loathes paper money."

Richard Grantham with:
The Australian Government =
A vehement, arrogant insult.
Ran to slaughter native men.

Jaybur with:
Caller Display =
Rep calls daily!
Clearly I'd pals.
Yell dial's crap!
Clear silly pad.

Meyran Kraus with:
Playing Strip-Poker =
A peppy girl - no skirt!
Porn-like party? Pigs!
Apt nipple? Orgy risk...

Janet Muggeridge with:
Four-poster bed =
Of restored pub.
Superb roof, Ted.

Tom Myers with:
Flag Protection Amendment fails =
Am left torn to pieces and flaming.
Fate is complete. Torn and flaming.
Torn and flaming? Meet police fast!

Tom Myers with:
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas =
Ancient TV fatso, he risks evolving.
Gosh! Ancient link, revive TV's fatso!
TV fatso in skins, the race evolving.
TV fatso in skins, grovel in the cave.

Ormasyna with:
"Would you like fries with that?" =
Hideous work, wealth futility.
What idle work-house futility!
Utility work, woeful shit-head!


1st - Richard Grantham with:
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens


2nd - Mike Keith with:
Foolish About Windows


3rd - Richard Brodie with:
Psalm 83


David Bourke with:


David Bourke with:
This Be The Verse by Philip Larkin


Jon Gearhart with:
One evening in October, when I was one-third sober


Richard Grantham with:


Richard Grantham with:


Richard Grantham with:
Death of God


Meyran Kraus with:
Morcheeba: The Sea


Meyran Kraus with:
The text of Pope John Paul II's speech at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial


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