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Posted by Jamie Berry ( on February 22, 2001 at 20:02:19:

Jamie Berry
History 462
February 22, 2001

James H. Young. " Patent Medicines and the Self-Help Syndrome," in Guenter B. Risse, et al. (eds). Medicine Without Doctors: Home Health Care in American History. New York: Neale Watson Academic Publication Inc., 1977

James Young reason for writing this its inform its readers about patent medicines.

This article was about the public only getting one side of the story. Their bids decision on whether or not to use a product came through advertising and price. Quacks were even persuaded by overreacted patients to a drug, device or healing power. It is the easiest and at many times the cheapest way of getting some type of treatment for an aliment, no matter the consequences. Patent medicines are advertised through printing and commercial means. Newspapers and English journals surfaced with services or medicine, information and location to obtain the advertised product. Competition rose causing a promoter to use proof of authenticity by designs of proprietorship signatures. Some believed that the patent system gave a signified governmental endorsement of therapeutic efficacy for those who patented their formulas. When getting a patent on a formula the medicine's composition was revealed. Patent medicines were sold through different outlets such as, apothecaries, booksellers, goldsmiths, grocers, hairdressers, tailors, and printers. Americans were and became accustomed to getting these types of drugs, which were often times British brands. American patent medicines were sold more because the literacy rate was higher allowing for advertising in print to be successful. While quackery cannot be ended, laws to regulate drugs and advertising, as well as developments in science and ethical standards of business behavior, to create and establish the modern industry. To understand why nostrums were successful comes through studying advertising to see what motivates the purchase of patent medicines. Over the years patent medicines have provided a little help to some of their users. The creation of narcotic addicts and alcoholics was the darker side of self-help remedies. The main goal of advertises were that self- help belabored suffering citizens to believe that a commercial pill or portion can produce a cures. James Young's article was full of evidence of different self-help cures. He discussed the number of different ways to make on better through other means. The establishment of patent systems revealed many things, such piece was very informative.




Dear Mr. (or Mrs.) Berry,

This is troublesome. The other day I was browsing the internet and did searches on my own name just to see what's there (I'm bored, big deal!). I came across a gigantic web site address http://mccoy.lib.siu.edu/projects/hist462/wwwboard/messages/44.html and have copied its contents above (By the way, that's an actual web site not HTML gimmicks). Point is, I'm disturbed that you slandered the fantastic name of Mister James H. Young. It doesn't matter which of us decent persons it is, see? You can't call any of us "quacks"! I object to this. How would you feel if I relied on terse, succinct information given to me at (another actual web site) in order to find accurate references about you? Should I have believed that you've evolved into "the guy in the band who gives Murdoch its unique image". It isn't right. As you can see there's problems here. I think you should show greater respect and be more careful about things you write. You grasp that people have feelings? Fine people also have reputations, rest assured. I'm looking and BEGGING for some proper reason here.

Indeed, I was having a perfectly fine day until I came across this indecent crap. How will my family feel? I hope my scarred names won't need to get changed. It's terrible enough that there are vast, never-ending, rudely accented anagrams gracing http://www.anagrammy.com (they're also real farces) which inaccurately claim to be incurred there by me. I noticed all that careless mention of testicles, feces, arses, and genitalia there. I cried tears, complained and complained in vain but did it matter? Did I succeed? Nope! Please understand, dear sirs, I demand basic love and caring first. Who's concerned for my great reputations or for saner, decent, proper ethics on internet sites? After all these efforts, I'm done complaining. I started to face it. I'm afraid it's over (some definite, depressed, dead ends). But I digress...

I might want to run for president or prepare for other government offices at some point. What will terrorized peoples do then? "That's the vicious quack that had testicles/feces/arse fetishes! Don't elect him". Can this happen? Can it occur? Bet your asses it can as I know the same stuff happened to loser Pat Buchanan in the recesses of the distant past. There's distinct cases of causes and effects inferred here.

As opposed to SOME people, I'm not ashamed nor attempting to hide web announcements or reminders I've sent. I'll even leave toll free private telephone numbers. (231) 701-2220 or (231) 701-2020. Don't forget it!

Evil Regards,
One of the secret, surviving James H. Youngs.

PS. For future reference, ass, try fewer R's or more G's in your messages.

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