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Table of Contents

· Introduction

· What is an anagram?

· What are some examples?

· Do anagrams always need to be apt?

· Are there any unusual varieties of anagram?

· What is the longest anagram ever created?

· What are the hallmarks of a good anagram?

· What is the longest one-word anagram?

· What set of letters has the most one-word anagrams?

· What is the history of anagrams?

· How do you create anagrams?

Welcome to the Anagrams FAQ.

Learn all about anagrams here:
what they are, some examples, the different types, what makes a good anagram, how to create them, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions =
Quit! End one's flaky requests.

Written by Larry Brash and Richard Grantham. Maintained by Larry Brash.
Version 7.9

Last updated: May 10, 2016

New this version:
A page was created for more than 100 non-apt, but interesting anagram. This was previously on the example page, but had expanded to such an extent that the list deserved its own dedicated page.
Do anagrams always need to be apt?


Many thanks to the regulars for their assistance in providing information for this FAQ. They provided many of the examples and the information about the anagram generators and books. Many thanks to everyone else who has sent suggestions, corrections and positive comments. Specific acknowledgements noted in each section of this FAQ.

So, what IS the most frequently asked question about anagrams?

Ira Levin's 'Son of Rosemary' contains an anagram, just as there was in 'Rosemary's Baby'. It is a ten letter word that 5 to 6 year old would do almost every day, with the letters ROAST MULES. What is it?

Click to reveal the answer: FBZREFNHYG.


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