Long Anagram by Harshal M.

One day, Andy was playing with his toys. The evil One-Eyed Bart was robbing a bank! What could happen?

Sheriff Woody comes to the rescue! "Reach for the sky!" One-Eyed Bart goes to jail and gets attacked by Andy's baby sister, Molly. Andy goes on to play with Woody downstairs.

But something's wrong. Andy is moving to a new house. His birthday party also happens to be about now. He puts his cowboy friend in his bedroom.

He starts to blink. He's alive! Woody calls up a staff meeting, because Andy will get many presents; TOYS. And the moving journey will be difficult. So he orders Sarge and the other Bucket o' Soldiers to carry a walkie-talkie over to Andy's birthday party.

At first, the presents are boring, a lunchbox, bedsheets, etc. However, Andy's mom has a surprise present in a closet. Sarge tries to make out what it is, but Rex the dinosaur gets impatient and knocks the batteries from the walkie-talkie. Everyone fumbles to put them back, but children come into the room, so the toys go back to their dead, normal-toy forms.

Once the children leave, Woody finds himself on the floor, and that the surprise present is on the bed. He goes and climbs up and finds a space toy. The space toy wakes up and looks around, believing he is on an alien planet. Woody quickly finds out that Buzz Lightyear is deluded. He really thinks he is a Space Ranger. But the others believe his tall tales about Star Command, Zurg, and the Galactic Alliance. Woody makes a deal with Buzz to see him fly with his plastic wings. But Buzz does it with his eyes closed and luckily doesn't hit the ground, making him still think he can fly. Woody still wants to be Andy's favorite toy.

Over the days, Woody's wish goes oppositely. He gets severely agitated by this. So one day, he orders Buzz to "stop with this Spaceman thing". Buzz threatens to call up Star Command, but Woody knows Buzz is deluded.

"HAHAHA!" Next door is a psycho kid named Sid Phillips. He ruins toys for fun! Everyone crowds around, worried at what will happen to the poor Combat Carl. Sid lights the fuse on Carl's back, and BOOM! He's history!

The next day, Andy gets to go to Pizza Planet. He can only bring one toy. He, of course, would choose Buzz. Woody, however, gets out the Eight-Ball and asks it: "Will Andy pick me?" The Eight-Ball replies "Don't count on it." Woody then throws the Eight-Ball into a hole between Andy's desk and the wall.

Suddenly, Woody thinks, well what if that racecar toy pushes him into the hole? So he pretends he's so worried about the Eight-Ball. Woody then drives RC to knock Buzz down, but he jumps out of the way, and through a series of unfortunate events, falls out of the window. Everyone notices.

RC rats out to Mr. Potato Head that Woody pushed Buzz out the window on purpose. This is, of course, false, but no one knows. They completely hate Woody for this, and the only ones who believe Woody are Slinky Dog, the most loyal (of course) and Rex, who is not on either side.

Andy then takes Woody to Pizza Planet, who is remorseful about Buzz's disaster, but Buzz escapes in the back of the car.

At a gas station, Buzz gets into the car. Woody is relieved. However, Buzz is not. Buzz and Woody start to fight very violently in the gas station.

Andy and his mom get into the car, leaving the two toys behind. Buzz does some more deluded talk to "Star Command", causing Woody to shout "YOU ARE A TOY!!!" and even want to commit suicide.

Suddenly, another vehicle arrives at the gas station. A Pizza Planet truck! Woody gets Buzz into the truck having called it a "spaceship".

Woody and Buzz get into Pizza Planet and find Andy. Before Woody can get there, though, Buzz goes into a skill crane machine, thinking it's a spaceship that will get him home.

The skill crane machine is filled with Squeeze Toy Aliens. They are also deluded, believing that "The Claw" is a god that decides who shall go and who shall stay. Woody gets into the skill crane machine, but before he can get Buzz out, a familiar figure comes by. Sid Phillips!

Sid grabs an Alien right on top of Buzz, revealing his head. Sid dives for it, but Woody pulls him to the back to escape. He fails, as the Squeeze Toy Aliens believe that "The Claw has chosen him!" Now, Woody and Buzz are in Sid's clutches.

Sid's room is very scary. All the toys are made of parts from different toys, and he has a lot of explosives and an "I Heart Explosives" sign on his wall.

Meanwhile, Andy comes back from Pizza Planet without Woody. The toys back at Andy's house are flabbergasted.

Sid starts to torture Woody and Buzz, but not very far yet. Woody's forehead is burned, and Buzz has been shot with suction-cup darts. Woody sees the door is open! With the help of Buzz's karate-chop gadget in the back, he dodges the mutant toys and makes it outside the room. However, Sid's dog, Scud, who is just as bad, is sleeping guard downstairs. Woody's pull string accidentally wakes him up, so the two toys hide.

Buzz sees a commercial of himself on television, and learns that the "World's greatest superhero's now the world's greatest toy!" and that he's "NOT A FLYING TOY."

Depressed, but not deluded anymore, Buzz walks to the stairs and tries to fly out the window. He fails and loses an arm.

Sid's sister, Hanna comes by, finds Buzz, and starts to play with him.

Woody, tangled in a closet, pushes himself out. He overhears Hanna playing with Buzz, and calling him "Mrs. Nesbitt".

Woody gets Hanna to leave, but finds Buzz more depressed than ever. He really thinks he is Mrs. Nesbitt. But he mentions "out the window" and Woody rushes there with Christmas lights.

He tosses the lights to Andy's other toys with success, however, they ask him to show Buzz. However, being a depressed Buzz, he refuses, and tosses his broken arm up. He tries to fool the toys at home, but Mr. Potato Head makes him show Buzz's severed arm. Now, not even Slinky believes him.

The mutant toys surround Buzz. Woody is certain they want to eat him. However, all they are doing is fixing his arm. He is relieved.

Sid goes into the room, jolly and merry. He has a rocket called "The Big One". He puts it on Buzz to launch the next day, and leaves a toolbox on top of a crate that Woody is hiding in, leaving him trapped. Sid goes to bed.

Woody calls Buzz to help him, but Buzz thinks that because he's a toy, he can't help anyone. Woody tries to tell him that being a toy is better than a Space Ranger. However, Woody feels defeated to Buzz. Eventually, Buzz believes Woody. He gets Woody out of the crate... right as Sid wakes up. He grabs Buzz to blow up.

The mutant toys come out, and Woody commences an elaborate plan to save Buzz.

Eventually, Scud is locked out of the house, and Woody makes it into the backyard. Sid sees him and puts a match in his pocket to light later. A second before Buzz is lighted, Sid's experiment is erred; he hears something. "Reach for the sky!"

It's coming from Woody. He might as well be broken. "It's busted," says Sid.

"Who are you calling busted, Buster?"

The toy is actually talking to Sid! It's impossible! Suddenly, more live toys come from the backyard and surround Sid.

"We toys can see everything, SO PLAY NICE!" says Woody, live.


Sid has been defeated!

But a familiar sound comes, of Andy's car! They're moving right now!

Woody scrambles; the car is in easy reach. But not for Buzz. He still has the rocket on, and can't get through the fence. Woody helps him, but misses the car. However, there's another ride for them, the moving truck! Woody and Buzz scramble for it, unfortunately waking up Scud. Buzz runs fast, but Woody gets caught in the horror of Scud's teeth! He can't hold on! But Buzz does something unimaginable; he jumps off the truck and attacks Scud. Woody climbs up the truck, getting an idea. He opens a box... containing the toys that didn't trust him. He pushes them aside and opens the next toy box, holding RC. He grabs hold of his remote control and kicks him off, intending to rescue Buzz. The other toys, however, believe he is trying to get rid of another toy. They start to attack him!

Buzz, however, is perfectly safe from Scud. RC is too fast for him.

All the toys get into a big pile, getting ready to toss their ex-friend onto the street. They do just that. "Hooray! So long, Woody!" they cheer.

Woody is defeated. He can't catch up to the truck now... until Buzz catches him on RC! Woody puts RC on Turbo Mode to catch up to the truck.

From a distance, a binoculars toy sees them. Now the toys know that Woody never was evil. Now one problem remained: Just how to get him into the truck?

One toy decides to try the truck ramp. It fails horribly. Slinky tosses himself to Woody, who almost dies in the process. However, this just looks like playtime in a rear-window view from Molly. Eventually RC runs out of battery, and they are stranded. But Woody still has the match to light Buzz's rocket!

He lights it, but a passing truck ruins it. Now there is NO hope left, beyond the sun's energy.

The sun's energy! It's burning him through Buzz's helmet, this time in a good way. Woody gets the idea and lights the fuse. Only when he discovers the rocket will explode and kill them, it goes off, sending them at an overwhelming speed. They catch up to the truck and almost crash, but Buzz flies using the rocket. RC is safely returned, but death is at hand.

"Not today!" says Buzz. He opens his wings, freeing himself from the rocket. The rocket goes up and explodes, while Woody and Buzz go down.

But they do not fall to their death. The air seems to catch them and they start flying!

"To infinity and beyond!" says a joyful Woody.

But they go so fast they pass the truck. Then Buzz makes a stop through Andy's car's sunroof. Andy is so happy to find them.

Andy goes to his new house just in time for Christmas. Now everyone is happy, and the soldiers are going to the party to check out the new presents. Mr. Potato Head has the present he's been dreaming of... a Mrs. Potato Head! Woody and Buzz are happy together. But they hear Andy opening a present. It contains a puppy! =
Buzz Lightyear is on an adventure! He zooms along the landscape of an alien planet. An assembly of creatures imprison him, but Buzz has dexterity: he reflects his laser at all of them!

The ground starts to break. Buzz disappears inside. It looks like a dark hallway. He goes by.

At the end, he is in a bigger room; at the end is the Source of Zurg's Power. With much trouble (he almost falls to his death) he intercepts it.

Zurg appears... it was a fake! "So, we meet again, Buzz Lightyear! For the last time!"

"Not today, Zurg!"

Buzz leaps over Zurg, who kills him.


Rex was playing a video game all along.

Woody gets out of his drawer with no hat. In an hour, Andy, a four-year-older kid now, will leave for Cowboy Camp. Everyone is looking hard.

However, Rex is arguing over the video game controller, turning on a TV to an Al's Toy Barn ad.

After this blizzard, Slinky passes by; he has Woody's hat! But Andy's dog, Buster, all grown up, charges in. Don't worry, he's a kind dog. Andy comes in to put him away. He'll go to Cowboy Camp soon.

Shortly after, the kid gives his static toys another adventure. In the end, Woody triumphs, but he's abused in an arm! Woody is left behind, then, while Andy goes by himself to camp.

Later, Andy comes back and plucks Woody up. But with Woody's scratch, he can't play with him anymore. So he puts him in the trash.

Woody gets up from his bizarre doze, frightened. He hears screeching. It's Wheezy, an old, broken toy. He tells him that he's one step from "over here, to over there," pointing at... a yard sale! Woody is shocked.

Woody accumulates his compatriots in an emergency assembly, when Andy's mom enters. She grabs some old toys... and Wheezy!

Woody whistles for Buster to rescue him. The two make their way outside. Woody then recognizes Wheezy amidst the worthless items!

Wheezy is saved, but Woody does not make it back. Oof! He falls, and a hunchbacked, lazy, lackadaisical, uncivilized, unhealthy, unwealthy, unwise collector named Al McWhiggin finds him and seizes him.

Everyone studies this, and Buzz goes down to get him back. He fails, but he notices two things, the license plate (LZTYBRN) and some feathers.

Back in Andy's room Buzz investigates the license plate with Mr. Spell, and everyone else is investigating the crime, without luck, but someone shouts "toys" making Buzz find the distinct solution:

"Al's Toy Barn."

Al's Toy Barn! From the advertisement! The chicken is the one!

In the meantime, Woody makes it into big-belly Al's apartment. He can't break out. What will he do?

BAM! Some noise distracts him. A crazy horse has picked Woody up! He's puzzled and dizzy. What in the world is going on? "YEEEEEHAAA!" A cowgirl toy named Jessie is so fascinated to discover him.

She gets out a box. It has a potent Prospector in mint condition. He is also ecstatic.

Bulls-Eye, the horse, shows Woody the Roundup Gang's dazzling awards and prizes, and then inserts an old video into a VCR. Woody even has his own television show!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the toys seek distasteful Al's commercial. Upon catching it, Etch-a-Sketch draws the given map. It's unbelievable he said it, but Woody had once saved Buzz once, and he must thoroughly do something in return. Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky, Rex, and Hamm scramble to save Woody.

He is watching Woody's Roundup. At the end of a healthy episode right before the conclusion, the TV is turned off. That conclusive episode was canceled because of Sputnik, and the space toys' popularity.

Woody plays with his merchandise, and has so much fun.

"Now it's on to the museum!" says Prospector, blissfully.

Oh, no! And it's far away... in Japan! Woody can't go there, with Andy at home, but the Gang needs him for the museum, or they'll go back into storage, which Jessie fears more than anything else.

Al comes in to take group pictures of the toys. But getting Woody from his case, his whole arm is removed badly. Al leaves, and Woody is saddened, but terrified, at having a single arm.

Buzz comes out of a bush, going block-to-block to Al's Toy Barn. The toys start to slack off, weakened, but Buzz, persistent, motivates them with a short, passionate speech honoring Woody's notable achievement.

Al turns off Buzz's boring TV broadcast and goes to sleep. His Cheetos bowl topples.

Woody wakes up to retrieve his arm and leave, but a somewhat bad landmine field of cheese puffs is stopping him. Bulls-Eye is also awake, and he starts to bother Woody. With much distress, he gets his severed arm and turns around.

But then, the TV turns on without caution. Woody is puzzled, but Al-of-fatness wakes up, grabs the remote near Jessie's locality, and leaves with the arm. Jessie and Woody fight over this, until Prospector breaks it up.

At that time, Buzz and friends reached Al's Toy Barn. But one block remains. The street! Buzz gets an idea to masquerade as traffic cones.

This is very tough. Many cars get abused, and even a bad, heavy tube almost kills them. But they ultimately get to the store.

DING-DONG... Geri the Toy Cleaner sees fastidious Al to organize Woody. He gets started on a lengthy occupation. "You can't rush art," he says.

Buzz and his allies make it into the market to find Woody. Unbeknownst to them, Woody is across the street. While they are scanning, Rex finds a guidebook for the Zurg game, and Buzz finds an updated construction of himself.

Geri seals Woody's arm, and the job, soon. He is tidy, healthy, safe, and sound.

Buzz, looking at the other handsome Buzz's belt, seizes it, causing this bad, deluded Buzz to try to break him. Buzz is shocked at his previous deluded conduct, but loses to his double, and gets packed inside a box.

The others, in a toy car, fancy a bunch of showy, snazzy Barbie dolls at a night party. Hamm tries to ask for directions, but a crazy Tour Guide Barbie takes them on a tour. Rex ruins it badly and loses the mighty Zurg book.

They meet up at Hoax Buzz and whisk him away.

"HELP! You have the wrong Buzz!!" babbles Real Buzz, inefficiently.

Now, Nasty Al takes the group photography. Woody sees his stitching intact and identifies Andy in his thoughts. Certain of packaging now, a skittish Jessie goes to the window to look at the sun one whole last time.

Woody goes up to her and she tells him the soft, pathetic story of her forgotten owner, Emily, who was exactly like Andy. But Emily grew up, ignored toys, and several years later, packed her cowgirl adherent away.

She says, "You never forget kids like Andy or Emily, but - but they forget you!"

Woody is ready to leave, but the Prospector shows Woody didactic, philosophical hints, "Would Andy take you to college? Or on his honeymoon?" Which optant hemisphere should Woody be in?

Woody, hesitant, shifts back to his kinsfolk. "Who am I to break up the Roundup Gang?"

Buzz unbolts himself from the container. Considerably fast, he dashes and makes it at the automatic door - but doesn't get through. Lucky to Buzz, it's across the street. He knocks some boxes down, letting him step out. But then, a certain packet opens.

"Destroy Buzz Lightyear!" says a bad Zurg, trying to catch him.

Now, at the time to travel to Tokyo, the triumphant Roundup toys dance, party, and shout.

CLANG! Deluded Buzz rises up the tall elevator shaft with his magnets, while the rest of the toys hold onto a rope. This doesn't apply well. So "Buzz" badly lets go of the wall: fortunately, he gets on the moving elevator.

The toys appear at fatty Al's, and thrust the door down with Rex's head. REAL Buzz appears now to rid the crazy hoax. They start to attack the stranger toys, but Woody stops them and specifies the truth of his recent enthusiastic attitude to the exhibit. Buzz uses Woody's words, "You are a toy!" but Woody opposes, and the rest of Andy's toys (plus Deluded Buzz) travel back to Andy's home.

"You've got a friend in me..." the old video shows Woody his destiny; the true, honest, substantial, sweet instinct of childhood. He's soothed; he changes his mind about the museum.

Then he gets a striking apprehension. Why doesn't the Gang come with them?

But a bad Prospector totally wrecks it, and locks up the vent door. He was evil at the start! The TV "incident", too! A tool of Beelzebub!

Heavy-weight Al gets in there to pack his cash (toys) to the airport. The other toys try and hatch a tactic plan.

While traveling down, Zurg appears! The batty "Buzz" tries to battle him, but misses, to have Zurg capture him. Rex turns around, scared, and knocks the bad, harsh toy to the bottom of the shaft. He really did defeat Zurg! Ha-ha-ha!

At the end of the duel, they waltz out of there; they left "Buzz" behind. Bad-daddy Al's in a car, so they have theft of a Pizza Planet truck, to find... Squeeze Toy Aliens! "Strangers! From the outside! EOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" they say. Potato Head saves them from going out the window; they are intensely thankful. From this, they are now uniformed; Andy's toys!

At the airport, the toys board a suitcase platform. It's incredibly large.

They dash to find Woody. It's hard. Someone discovered camera things in a duplicate.

Buzz sees the actual one, but the bad, harsh Prospector knocks the "space toy" down.

Woody, then, is beaten down, weakened, and injured anew, but Prospector is dazzled by very flashy cameras. He is defeated!

Jessie is the last business. She is trapped. Woody and Bulls-Eye try to catch her on a truck; she's distant and far ahead.

Being loaded on to the plane, time's nearly up. Woody takes her out of the box.

"On three: One, two -"

Too late. It's moving! They'll be in Japan soon! How bad! Woody's hat has fallen, but a dependable, wholehearted friend collected it. Buzz!

Woody slips! But an idea hits.
The two toys swing on Woody's string amazingly to security... successfully! All's well. Al's ABSOLUTELY not well.

"Let's... go home."

At dawn, Andy dashes fast cheerfully back. He discovers...

"Oh, wow, New toys!"

All day, he's content. He fixed Woody, too, neat, tidy, and okay.

Now everyone is happy. Wheezy has a new squeaker, and Buzz starts to be attached to Jessie.

Woody isn't worried about Andy out of childhood, and abandon. It's a beatific delight while it lasts, "for infinity and beyond!"

[7,865 letters]

Nominated in January 2011.

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