DANIEL F. ETTER = LIFE RATED: "TEN!" (1964 - 2000)

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Daniel Fredrick Etter was a skilled anagrammatist and long-time Anagrammy regular who died suddenly on the 16th of April 2000 at his home in Bloomington, Indiana at the tragically early age of thirty-five.

By trade a librarian with Indiana University, his great passions other than anagrams were the out-of-doors life, particularly camping, hiking, biking and exploring the network of caves pockmarking the area in which he lived, and music, as a founding member of and trumpeter with the Indiana ska band Black Market Pop.

His anagrams display a superb sense of humour, a frequently askew view of the world and often unusual sources of inspiration. Over a period of about 18 months, he earned six Anagrammies and many nominations besides, and contributed much to the group's high spirits.

The Daniel F. Etter Memorial Award for the Anagrammatist of the Year has been set up in his honour.

Contributed by:
Richard Grantham - Anagrammy Archivist
Larry Brash - Anagrammy Awardsmaster

His Anagrammy-winning anagrams

Doctor Kevorkian =
To invoke Dr. Croak.
[People's Names Category, November 1998]

John Maynard Keynes =
Hands any jerk money.
[People's Names Category, March 1999]

A Homer Simpson =
Mr. Homo Sapiens.
[People's Names Category, October 1999]

Smile, it's the second-best thing you can do with your lips. =
Which is better to do? Sip thy ol' tea? Do messy cunnilingus?
[Rude Category, October 1999]

Alien Abductions =
Tabloid nuisance.
[Topical Category, November 1999]

Fetal tissue research =
I curse heartless fate!
Rare fetus sale! Ethics?
Sees their fatal cures.
Safe, stealthier cures.
Her freest casualties.
[Set Category, April 2000, which he won posthumously]

Anagram eulogies from Anagrammy regulars

His death stirred up great emotion in the group, many members of which chose to express themselves in the manner they knew best:

Meyran Kraus:
Daniel F. Etter =
Life Rated 'Ten'.
Tender Life, Ta.
Treat. End Life.

Tom Myers:
Old anagrammers never die, their parts just become re-arranged =
Daniel Etter's grave? NO?!? Hard! Major bummer! Regards - Rest in peace.

Art Day:
Shalom, Dan = Old shaman.
(A shaman is able to divine the hidden, which is close enough to anagramming for me. "Old" is hyperbole, of course.)

Mick Tully:
His last anagram, posted to alt.anagrams on Friday April 14, was
Antitrust laws =
Wasn't altruist.
Saw trial stunt.
I stun stalwart.
The last, reworded, sums up his death in my view.
Stalwart: I stun...
And stunned we are.

David Bourke:
How many Daniel F. Etters does it take to change a light bulb? =
But why? In fact, he does not need to a bit. (eg: all a Maker's light)

Richard Grantham:
The sad, sad passing of Daniel Fredrick Etter =
Great shock is felt as D.F. dies. A tender RIP, Dan.

Bye, 'Eternal Fetid'. We'll miss you.

Dan Fortier:
Daniel F. Etter was really A LETTER FIEND. (he probably saw that one at age 4).
"'E find a letter!" Not to mention "Talented Fire"!

Larry Brash:
Daniel Fredrick Etter =
Letter fancier, kidder.
Daniel F. Etter =
I, lettered fan.

Jon Gearhart:
Daniel Frederick Etter =
Retired, a kin reflected...
RE: a tried kin reflected.
Dear kin, 'e tried reflect.

Don P. Fortier:
I feted real print =
RIP Daniel F. Etter.

Richard Grantham:
Daniel Fredrick Etter =
Refined tear trickled.

Eulogies from his family and friends

Sorry for the intrusion to your group. I do not know your protocols, and knowing Dan, there may not have been many!

I know Dan was in this group often, and just wanted everyone to know that Dan died last week. He enjoyed the challenge and friends he met on-line. I'm sure he would have wanted you to know. He will be missed by many friends and his family.

Rick Etter

The tribute to Dan Etter is also a tribute to your group. It is fitting and touching that you remember one of your own. I was Dan's friend for 15 years and saw the slips of paper on which he would jot down his anagrams as they came to him, and was able to tell his brothers about it, so they were able to find your site. We, his home town friends, are including information about his anagramming on your site in a memory scrapbook.

Thank you,

Aija Veldre Beldavs

My sincere thanks to all who wrote and expressed their thoughts and condolences, on the group and in email. I've enjoyed reading Dan's past anagrams, and the new ones in his memory! Dan lived his life free, the way he wanted. And although his body may now be tied to this earthly plane, I'm sure his spirit lives free and unbound in many of us. In that vane, I'll try my first anagram. I have not Dan's imagination or talent, but...

Daniel F Etter =
lain, fettered -- his body only, his spirit is now free to soar

We truly love you Dan, and will miss you more than you can imagine.


All the nominated anagrams of Daniel F. Etter

Dan was a very active and regular contributor to the Anagrammies, receiving up to ten nominations a month and picking up at least one every month from September 1998 until April 2000.

As you will see from the list of 88 nominations below, Dan's speciality was the short anagram, usually topical, frequently rude and often in sets.

Dan's style was quite individual with a great sense of the ridiculous.


Whitewater Prosecutor =
Treacherous power twit.
[Sept 1998]

Gus Van Zant's Psycho remake =
Zany trans shmuck goes ape - V!
[Nov 1998]

Starr's Ethics Adviser =
"Christ! I served rat-ass!"
[Dec 1998]

What would Jesus do? =
He'd adjust soul. Wow.
Duel! Judas shot! Wow!
Jew would dash to us.
[Oct 1998]

This really can make you easy money !! It works !! =
Eat my shit, wanker! You lyin' yokel! A sore scam!
[Nov 1998]

White Christmas =
With cash, mister.
[Dec 1998]

Look out, ya pommie bastard! =
"Pa! I'm a bloody UK arse, too!" - M.T.
[Nov 1998]

Doctor Kevorkian =
To invoke Dr. Croak.
[Nov 1998]


Michael Jordan retires from Basketball =
Nike sell Air? Fabled jammer aborts torch.
[Jan 1999]

Supreme Court =
Corrupt? Sue 'em!
[Jan 1999]

Gary Coleman =
My carnal ego.
[Feb 1999]

Political prisoner =
No trials - police rip.
Isolation, crippler.
Principle isolator.
[Jan 1999]

Televangelists =
Evillest agents.
[Feb 1999]

Hole in one =
O non, he lie!
[Feb 1999]

Putting green =
Urgent: get pin!
[Feb 1999]

Christian =
Rich saint.
Irish cant.
I chant, sir.
[Feb 1999]

Bourbon Street =
Rub, tote boners.
So butter boner.
Bert outs boner.
Tout boners, Reb!
[Feb 1999]

John Maynard Keynes =
Hands any jerk money.
[Mar 1999]

Work schedules =
Lord, such weeks!
Suckers howled.
How cruel...desks.
[Mar 1999]

Indiana University =
Dire annuity in Visa.
Snide Unitarian ivy.
Aid in varsity ennui.
[Feb 1999]

Easy listening =
Tensing easily.
[Mar 1999]

Elizabeth Dole =
I beheld zealot.
[Mar 1999]

Seven Deadly Sins =
Dandy evil senses.
Any devils sensed?
Danny sees devils.
Deny sad evilness.
Envy sad idleness.
[Mar 1999]

Tipper Gore =
Ego tripper.
I get proper.
I regret pop.
[Mar 1999]

A nomination in the Special Category

What "Plausible deniability" means to various people:

To Bill Clinton:
"Indisputable: I lie ably."

To Monica:
"I stupidly enable alibi."

To Ken Starr:
"Suitable? Libidinal? Yep."

To House and Senate Republicans:
Nuts yelped, "Alibi!? ALIBI!?"

To the other women Bill has come on to:
"Pitiably audible lines."

What Bill wanted:
Ply libidinal beauties.

And finally to X-Files fans:
"Bely stupid alien alibi."
[Mar 1999]

Another nomination in the Special Category

Various religious anagrams.

Amish =
Am His.

Baptists =
It's Pabst!

Pentacostal =
Placates not.

Charismatic =
Archaic mist.

Speaking in tongues =
Not genius speaking.

Gnostic =

Latter-Day Saints =
As sanity rattled.

Discordianism =
Is manic, sordid.

Wiccan religion =
Calorie wincing.
[Mar 1999]

Oedipal =
Die ol' pa!
[Apr 1999]

Alcoholism =
I smooch all!
[Apr 1999]

Spelunking =
Plunge, sink.
[Apr 1999]

Statutory rape =
"A tot?" "Yup." "Arrest."
[Apr 1999]

Prostate gland =
Get strap-on, lad!
[Apr 1999]

Alcoholics Anonymous =
My, in such a cool saloon.
[Apr 1999]

D'assault Mirage =
Maraud. Slag site.
[Apr 1999]

Dance Music Authority =
Scratchy Audio Minute.
Heard acoustic mutiny.
I chance auditory smut.
Hi! Amateur disc county!
[Apr 1999]

Conspiracy theories =
I spot sore chicanery.
Ho! Sinister, coy caper!
Has it in poor secrecy.
Ran psychotic soiree.
Cocaine story perish.
Secret Hanoi copy, sir.
Hey sir? Is Opec Contra?
Hey Castro, I conspire!
I spy on Castro. I cheer.
Yes, pin heroic Castro.
Hi, noisy Castro creep!
Hoy! Secret CIA prison!
CIA hypocrite sensor.
I spy Hearst coercion.
O, try prosaic Chinese.
Pare concise history.
Coerce historian spy.
[May 1999]

Reproduction =
Or do ripe cunt.
Unerotic prod.
Nice rut. Droop.
[Apr 1999]

Misanthropy =
Harmony? Spit!
I, smart phony.
My short pain.
My rash point.
Sap yon mirth.
Hit my parson.
[May 1999]

Public relations =
Social blueprint.
I cite urban polls.
Nebular politics.
All but precision.
Prosaic bulletin.
[May 1999]

Eating disorders =
In gross diet, dear.
A rigid, "No dessert!"
Dear sinister god...
[May 1999]

Apache helicopters =
Help to crash a piece.
Hi, escalate chopper.
I cease, halt chopper.
[May 1999]

Eating disorders =
In gross diet, dear.
[May 1999]

Inertia =
I retain.
[June 1999]

Burdensome =
Bend us more.
[June 1999]

Custodians =
Suds action.
[June 1999]

Shelly Beaudoin =
Heal by delusion.
[June 1999]

Christian Amanpour =
Humanitarian corps.
[June 1999]

Mediocracy =
I, democracy!
[June 1999]

Mediocrity =
Idiocy term.
Me cry, "Idiot!"
I do emit cry.
I come dirty.
[June 1999]

Genital Herpes =
The large penis.
Hate leper sign.
Help greet a sin.
Gather in sleep.
Sing! Heal peter!
His gentle rape.
[June 1999]

Peter Tosh =
He protest.
[June 1999]

Thirty-five years old =
Derive a filthy story:
Sorry, filthy deviate.
Destroy, vilify Earth!
Diversify earthy lot!
Everyday, I sort filth;
I defray thirsty love,
do very filthy satire!
A very dirty ol' fetish.
I've trod shy arty life.
Live thirty?! So frayed!
Forty? Hysteria! Devil!
Advisory? Feel thirty.
Thy virile fade story.
Life story had verity.
(So very filthy tirade!)
[June 1999]

Soap operas =
Appear so-so.
[July 1999]

Church of the Creator =
Catch fuehrer cohort.
[July 1999]

Blow Jobs =
Bob jowls.
[July 1999]

Matthew Hale =
Let hate Wham!
[July 1999]

Riot at Woodstock =
It took worst coda.
Took worst acid, to.
Tattoo crowd is ok!
Do toast trick! Woo!
I'd start to cook! Ow!
I took crowd toast.
Took coward to sit.
Took a crowd to sit.
[July 1999]

Creationism =
So I'm a cretin...
[Aug 1999]

Creation Science =
Increase conceit.
[Aug 1999]

State Fair =
A fart site.
[Aug 1999]

Revolution =
Love to ruin.
[Sep 1999]

Double Jeopardy =
Obey parole, Judd.
[Sep 1999]

Dr. Strangelove =
Dove strangler.
[Sep 1999]

Balance of power =

Peace, born a wolf.
Blow for peace? Na!
Pace of Nobel war?
Brawl of no peace.
Fear bloc weapon.
Place Bone of War.
Or, wolf ban peace.
Cope on war fable.
For a blown peace.
Weapon lob farce.
Placebo won fear.
War! Cop be a felon.
[Sep 1999]

Sidney Gottlieb =

I dig teensy blot.
Ye blind egotist!
Seeing body tilt.
LSD bite tiny ego.
Ignoble, testy id.
Tidy gentile SOB.
I let body ingest.
Yet, I design blot.
See dignity blot.
[Sep 1999]

Kitchen =
[Oct 1999]

Eurhythmics =
Heh! Try music.
[Oct 1999]

Nuclear accident =
I can't duel cancer.
[Oct 1999]

Smile, it's the second best thing you can do with your lips. =
Which is better to do? Sip thy ol' tea? Do messy cunnilingus?
[Oct 1999]

A Homer Simpson =
Mr. Homo Sapiens.
[Oct 1999]

Stephen Hawking =
When thing speak.
[Oct 1999]

Mayor Rudolph Guiliani =
Go ruin a Hillary podium.
[Oct 1999]

Leonid meteors =
I need storm, Leo!
[Nov 1999]

Ayatolla Wiener Dog =
Idea! Anal orgy towel!
[Dec 1999]

The Berlin Wall =
We'll ban Hitler.
[Oct 1999]

The Virgin Mary =
I've giant myrrh.
[Dec 1999]

I've got my period =
My pit! I've red goo!
Pity mood. Grieve.
Gory pee? I'd vomit!
[Dec 1999]

Alien Abductions =
Tabloid nuisance.
[Nov 1999]

Asleep in the hay =
Then I lay a sheep.
[Dec 1999]


Death row inmates =
What a monster! Die!!!
[Jan 2000]

Burt Reynolds =
Sure, try blond!
[Jan 2000]

Death row inmates =
Mothers await end.
Date with a sermon.
Dirt to ash. A new me!
What a monster! Die!!!
Waste had no merit.
[Jan 2000]

Satan worship =
Stow a harp! Sin!
Sin. Pathos. War.
Sin has trap. Ow!
Parson's wit? Ha!
Spiro wasn't? Ha!
[Jan 2000]

Have a nice day =
Any vice ahead?
Have a cyanide.
Each day a vein.
Yeah Dan, a vice!
[Jan 2000]

Brainstorming session =
I grin, or sit on ass. Men BS.
Boring stress. Insomnia.
Is mob in transgression.
Assist in boring sermon.
[Mar 2000]

Spike Jones and his City Slickers =
Spins Hitler's joke discs in a "C" key.
[Feb 2000]

Make a run for the border =
Hark! Entre made of burro!
Adore heartburn? Fork me!
Oh, run! More bad fart reek!
RE: heartburn food maker.
Make heartburn of order.
Bathroom rerun. Freaked!
Another bum order faker.
[Mar 2000]

President Elect =
Preselected nit.
[Mar 2000]

Fetal tissue research =
I curse heartless fate!
Rare fetus sale! Ethics?
Sees their fatal cures.
I steal the safer cures.
Safe, stealthier cures.
Her freest casualties.
[Apr 2000]

Updated: May 10, 2016


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