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Original text in yellow, anagram in pink.

As I fold away her day clothes
And retrieve her tiny shoes
I am storing precious memories
My heart will never lose

As I pick up all her toys
Some broken during play
I am gathering the treasures
of another lovely day

Out there in the garden
Lies her battered pail and spade
And funny broken castles
That her tiny hands have made

Oh, some may count their fortunes
In coins made of gold
But mine lies in the wonder
Two baby arms can hold

Her coats I do put away
And neaten her cosy room
My love for her I will cherish
Inherent be I will assume

I take all her playthings in
And tidy them away
The Lord has assigned me a blessing
To keep for another day

Outside, all scattered around
Her toys, some broke some fine
In this sandpit had been playing
For my baby so divine

Riches could never replace her
For in no matter the sum
Our neat God sent daughter
Heavenly star ran to mum

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Updated: May 10, 2016


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