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Original text in yellow, anagram in pink.

A simultaneous anagram and approximate translation of Une Sainte en son auréole by Paul Verlaine.

Une Sainte en son auréole,
Une Chatelaine en sa tour,
Tout ce que contient la parole humaine
De grâce et d'amour;
La note d'or que fait entendre
Un cor dans le lointain des bois,
Mariée à la fierte tendre
Des nobles dames d'autrefois.
Avec cela le charme insigne
D'un frais sourire triomphant
Eclos dans des candeurs de cygne
Et des rougeurs de femme enfant
Des aspects nacrés blancs et roses,
Un doux accord patricien
Je vois, j'entends toutes ces choses
Dans son nom Carlovingien.

A true saint in an aura,
A true queen seated at court,
All men's adages can intone
Of elegance or love;
An expressive, sensuous sound
Of a horn in some secluded forest,
Bonded to ever-delicate pride
Seen in cultured dames of old.
Often are one's senses treated
To a tender, jubilant smile
Amidst a cygnet's true innocence,
Some nascent maiden's blush
In the guise of pearls cream and red,
Else quiet aristocratic concord;
Such essences are conjured up,
Encoded in her Carolingian name.

The Verlaine original was set to music by Gabriel Fauré in 1891. Accordingly, the following setting of the anagrammed translation is itself a note-for-note anagram of the Fauré. Both the vocal line and piano accompaniment have been anagrammed individually. At the bottom of the page there is a link to a recording of the anagrammed song and music.

Click on each score to view a full-size version.

Click on the score to view a full-size version
Click on the score to view a full-size version

Click here to hear an MP3 of the anagrammed song, performed by Timothy Grantham (baritone) accompanied by Richard Grantham. (631KB)

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Updated: May 10, 2016


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