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A paraphrase of the 23rd Psalm in which each line is an anagram. Key points on each line are occupied by certain letters readable at 60 and 120 degrees (O and Y respectively), such that the lines may be assembled into a symbol associated with the author.

You are my shepherd, O beatific God; I shall not want. You lie me, Lord, in pastures of great verdancy.
You also readily give me nicer cool fresh water; and you lead me on this grand, best path of purity.
You protect and inspire me by good, thus will I fear no scourge; nor may I fear death's hated valley.
Your rod will placate the body. You've arranged, in case, a repast for me in sight of this loud enemy.
You did repair me if beset, or anoint this head gently: O, an act so my cup has overflowed regularly.
Your Spirit and His best angel, Lord, await me for ever; and I may occupy the house of God eternally.

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Updated: May 10, 2016


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