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These are from the fourth Awardsmaster's Challenge in April 2001. The challenge was to anagram the first stanza of Jabberwocky into a "translation" of Carroll's nonsense original, keeping to the original metre and rhyme as much as possible.

Original text in yellow, anagram in pink.

The original text -

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

The Winner: Mike Keith -

He, Lewis, grabbed the vibrant role,
Assembled dreams and rhymes with glee,
But vowed that one most mighty goal:

2nd place: David A. Green -

I'm the Revd. Lutwidge Dodgson,
I wrote this inane rhyme:
Love rabbits, algebra, the hymen, small gals
Who beg a story at bedtime.

3rd place: Richard Grantham -

'Twas hell: the bawdy virile boys
Rimmed virgin lemmings in a boat:
And lethal were the red-hot toys,
As the mob buggered goats.

David Bourke -

One day, Larry the Bushbrash,
Went A.W.O.L. to rim/view/smell,
A vermin Granthambeast - My god, it bit!
He begged: "Desist! Die! Go to hell!"

David Bourke -

Would Lewis/Morse investigate,
Meaning, to diverting baby-rhyme?
Tosh! We may be, Dr. D.L. Brash,
Both at loggerheads all the time!

Larry Brash -

Behold, two noble boys we omitted,
Aussies, Mr. Grantham, Dr. Brash.
Llama with the egg I vomited.
Evil lying by degenerate trash.

Richard Brodie -

The stud drives home this gender toy
When ma'am them boobies twirls,
Well damn it, it got real large, boy,
And he gave baby girls!

Richard Brodie -

'Twas gribly, and the mervil simes
Did thore and hembol in the blay:
All tegsim were the gorobimes,
And the waggot rebs outvay.

Bob Dog -

'Twas Bob Dog and his silly troves
He lithely writ, to light the 'net
Many big, we read in droves
O muse, mad grammar, he able beget.

Dan Fortier -

I never enter words when sloshed,
or, all high, translate mumbled shit:
We may dig a groggy babble,
yet it'd be a shame to vomit it!

Don P. Fortier -

'Twas brilliant when the slimy toads
Did gyrate and gambol in the waves;
Mel grimly to the borough goes,
"Meter I bred behaves."

Don P. Fortier -

Lewis does here absurdly vent,
Total gibberish - what rot, lame!
Rhyming words violated, bent,
Made a highly misbegotten game!

Jon Gearhart -

Lewis (embalmed blind by gin)
Votes: "My smashing little words!"
Gearhart read them: "High again?
Boy Eve -- Bet HE wrote a lot o' turds!"

Maurice Goddard -

H'mm, boggle over God's live earth:
Are we madder than the Hatter?
Lewis' unintelligible byways myth
Is "sob!", so GODDAMN battier!

Adrian Hickford -

"Oh, Anagrams," reverent Lewis notes,
Bemusing baby girl A. Liddell,
"A hobby to them witty wags.
Hm? The motive? God, there's a riddle."

Adrian Hickford -

My mind's agog with nonsense, see?
I'd love to wreave my gribble,
Draw tharglets by that maethma tree,
Though all I do is dribble.

Jaybur -

The 'gerbils', 'rabbits', in the gram
See here, above, will drive me mad.
Goodbye to rhyme, that won't at all:
This ends now, guys - I'm glad!

Meyran Kraus -

'Twas twilight, and the Lovelet boys
Did shag and bugger in the rear;
All slimy were their bimbo-toys,
And so mom gave them beer.

Meyran Kraus -

A mid-morning, my sweet brother
Dribbles at the Teletubbies;
As all my view - the dog and mother
Shag - I learn what doggy-love is.

Meyran Kraus -

Last White House Senior Orgy meal,
George B. did his mom on the mat;
And by them, ever-starved, Big Bill
Banged Hillary's wet twat.

Tom Myers -

Delighted by amanita mushroom's high,
he wrote odd, even verse.
I best get dabbling -- a little try.
Who'll bet my anagram is worse?

Tom Myers -

Lewis wants a girl, thirteen-years-old,
to bugger in the bed.
I've got balmy breasts to hold,
and blew him (gave him head!)
--Tom Myers

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Updated: May 10, 2016


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