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These are from the third Awardsmaster's Challenge in March 2001. The challenge was to anagram the first stanza of My Love is like a Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns into a new poem about a different flower, keeping to the original metre and rhyme as much as possible.

Original text in yellow, anagram in pink.

The original text -

O my love is like a red, red rose,
That's newly sprung in June:
O my love is like the melody,
That's sweetly played in tune.

The Winner: Richard Grantham -

You need my seed, my Lily raw,
So ever hot like nettles;
I'd love to surge within your jeans
And smell the pinky petals.

2nd place: Meyran Kraus -

The US president so likely yelps:
"O Mother! I'm in need!
Give only twenty dollars - 'kay, just one -
I really must have weed!"

3rd place: Larry Brash -

Sin, my heavenly violet jewel,
Your arse stinks like a Pole.
My nuts get twisted deep in
Your red-hot and smelly hole.

David Bourke -

My lovy is sad, like primrose,
Little, yellowy, Japanese.
I've a yen to get her undies,
Shunted down to her knees.
- M. Tully

David Bourke -

Wee tulips grow late in Holland?
So then, do many lovely dykes.
See, in Rotterdam they line up,
I see just my very likes.

David Bourke -

My gay love's rude, like a pansy,
Very limp, lads, end so wet.
I'd sure like to enter in his hole,
Only he just won't let me yet!

David Bourke -

My love's like Deadly Nightshade
Poisonous slimy little tart.
We never enjoy weekends,
Yet loins rule... up, my heart!

David Bourke -

O, my love's name? Er, it's Janet,
Me, I pledged to love her only.
She's unruly, lurid, sweaty,
Yet the stink's like a wild peony!

Richard Brodie -

You were there, and you, and you,
My topless violet thrill.
The view! Need sings "Rape! Semen-joy!"
I'll test my naked skill.

Bob Dog -

Ousting January violently
Prelude - key to eke sweet rhyme,
Love's lonely season hides
Midst pallid winter thyme.

Bob Dog -

O, seek soothing nektar I use duly
My sly, pretty admired Juno
Leaves, serenity - envelops me
The lily and the willow.

Bob Dog -

My lovely rhododendron, I wear
In woven lapel, stately
Jest, "sissy" - tumult, I endure
(Pesky, geeky, hellion - it hates me!)

Dan Fortier -

Anagrams with poetry,
I just never vote to wed:
my only yielded no like "sense"
unlike the smelly shite you'll spread!

Dan Fortier -

My love is like a red, red rose...
(let's end thy sweat, Petunia!)
Yo, my love's like the melody
I'll just sing now... then prune 'ya!

Don P. Fortier -

Well-skilled, yet then a mystery;
Weird values, Dennis Moore?
He may just take on silly lupins,
To give the needy poor.

Don P. Fortier -

On seeing Jesus die, myth says,
 The ill Easter lily wept;
He returned, alive, on Sunday morn:
 "Look, My lovely dew it kept."

Don P. Fortier -

One lovely-hued, stout Herman eyed:
Sweetly "Lily" we invoke.
Gran'pa, Marilyn, Eddie, Spot:
It's the Munsters! (silly joke).

Don P. Fortier -

My love is a stinky, smelly shit,
The very old wilted rose.
And I just keep turning the manure,
Do eye pale, lonely woes.

Don P. Fortier -

Mey Kraus, inventive Jewish lad,
Tersely tells to goyim:
"O' eye shell seder weird puns you kept."
(all tend to annoy him).

David A. Green -

There is no heartsease now you're gone:
My tell-tales lips, unkissed,
My jilted poetry - Kym, I
will envy death, unloved.

David A. Green -

Hell, I want'd to lay your garden,
Jet semen up your dress;
Take my weedy penis, Violet,
Then hole its lovely milkiness!

Adrian Hickford -

Delirious, the happy lovers look,
Wild Lily with lusty Jeanne,
Gentle, moistened symmetry,
So easy, adventure keen.

Jaybur -

Daisy, daisy, lush violet too,
Slowly, prettily, grew:
My lover Justin talked in pun; he,
No keener male, needs thyme, see.

Jaybur -

Well, yes, my love, a hot red nose
Sure it's sprung a jolly leak!
Don't deny I love him; need it yet
Near my tulips this week!

Mike Keith -

Lolita's just like yon olive plant,
Or very house-dry weed.
She makes me genuinely wet
And then I try to spill my seed.

Meyran Kraus -

O true lily! Pale like snowy mills
In January's eve;
O rhymed ditty! Ye, like Eden's lure,
The gods spent months to weave.

Tom Myers -

Sweet stamen pollen set on wind,
I eye your heavenly pistil.
Do ask, my true love, Daisy -
seek my red-hot jungle thrill!

Tom Myers -

Edelweiss, white petals I enjoy,
on the heavenly mount or peaks,
suddenly reminds me girl -
your lovely titty leaks!

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