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Table of Contents

· Introduction

· Downloadable anagram software

· Anagram Artist website

· Online anagram generators

· Anagram books

· Anagram websites

· Word Lists


There is a wealth of anagram resources available on and off the Web. Here is a comprehensive list of links to the best anagram websites and software, and details of books about anagrams.

Each page contains our recommendations about what we consider to be the best anagram rescources

Our Resources section includes:

  1. Downloadable anagram software
    Details about a large range of anagram generators and checkers, from the most basic to the highly sophisticated.

  2. The Anagram Artist website
    This includes full details of the award-winning Anagram Artist software, registration and free download.

  3. Online anagram generators
    This is a good way to get into anagramming. We have links to more than a dozen online anagram generators and checkers.

  4. Anagram books
    We have information about six of the best books about anagrams.

  5. Anagram websites
    A range of links to websites created mainly by Anagrammy regulars.

  6. Word Lists
    Several large and small lists of words and names, available for anagram programs.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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