Anagrammy Awards Results - July, 1998

I know that you have all being waiting with baited breath for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Here are the results of the July Anagrammy Awards.

But first, before I reveal the winners, I have several announcements to make.

First of all I would like to thank everyone for voting. We had a record number of voters this month: 17. There were also an record number of nominated anagrams: 57. August is looking even busier with dozens of nominations made and it is not even half way through the month yet. As usual the standard is very high.

Next, I will post a proposal for voting changes in the Anagrammy Awards over the next few days, suggesting a small increase in the number of categories, a reduction in the length requirement for the Long Category and the selection of one's favourite 3 anagrams in each category (or at least the larger categories).

There were no ties this month, but the General Category was very close and I have given a special mention to the runner-up.

So, without further ado, lets get on with the ceremony..........

The envelope, please........

Ooooohhhh, this is exciting, isn't it?

Where's that bloody envelope, then?

What do you mean you can't find it? What the f.........

Oh, Okay, where was it? Oh, I see. Well, be more careful next time.

And the winners are..........

This is the wrong envelope! Its a Telephone Bill! Bloody Hell!!

The one on my desk, no, not that one! Yes, that one; thats it.

Who spilled coffee on it?

Shit, what will everyone think? A bloody amateur outfit that Academy of Anagramming Arts, thats what they'll think!

Oh, yes, OK, I'll get on with!

Sorry, everyone; here we go........

And the winners are...........

IKIOKO with 7 votes
Posted a file to the alt.anagrams newsgroup. =
Not a smart shot. Please grow up and get a life.

Special Mention
Jeff Simpson with 6 votes
Leonardo di Caprio in "The Man in the Iron Mask" =
Hi! I am innocent prisoner in a dark, metal hood!

Kevin Hale with 10 votes
George Michael. =
I come - he gargle.

Sean with 10 votes
Live free sex is just a click away. =
Jerk casually if excessive wait.

Larry Brash with 11 votes
Fellow Of The Royal Australian And New Zealand College Of Psychiatrists. =
Why call? We all feel satisfied Prozac is not all that dangerous for

Jean Fontaine with 6 votes
Adolf Hitler. =
Heil, old fart!

Updated: May 10, 2016


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