Anagrammy Awards Results - August, 1998

It is that time of the month again! [no, not THAT time, you fool]

Here are the winners of Anagrammy for August!

The new rules, I believe, made this month's Anagrammy Awards a much fairer and more interesting competition. Most nominees got at least one vote and it was very close in some categories. There were 2 ties (the Rude and Set Categories) and I selected the winner from each.

The Winners

General Category with 10 votes
Larry Brash with:
Religion is the opium of the masses. =
Sometimes, if theologian is pusher.
[IMHO, this was one of my better effort in August.]

Entretainment Category with 6 votes
Larry Brash with:
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare =
Hamlet, Othello, Caesar irk. We skip few poems.
[These was a close fought category and I was surprised that I won it. I didn't even vote for my entry; I thought Krakers' anagram about A Clockwork Orange was the best.]

Topical Category with 8 votes
William Tunstall-Pedoe with:
Whitehouse Intern Miss Monica Samille Lewinsky =
Hey! William Clinton arouses me. Hi! I'm Ken's witness!
[I don't think you could get more topical than this. A clear winner and a fabulous anagram: totally apt, correct grammar and included names of 2 of the main characters]

Rude Category with 6 votes
Ernesto Guiraldes with:
Bernardo Bertolucci’s “Last Tango in Paris” =
O! Born to place rancid butter in a girl’s ass.
[Another closely fought contest and a worthy winner. Not just rude, but totally disgusting. I loved it.]

Spam Category with 8 votes
Johnnie Burning Elk with:
Newsgroups Florida =
A group of swindlers.
[I was not surprised to see this one win; very tight and relevant, showing that short phrases can create great anagrams, too.]

Long Category with 11 votes
Mattias Inghe with:
One day, when I couldnęt decide what the hell I should make an anagram out of, I got this funky idea. "Aha! Why not make a great anagram out of the fact that I can not find any suitable text?" So I just typed this down, and made the little masterpiece below with it. Oh, am I a fantastic wonderful genius or what?
This is what became the anagrammed solution to the four sentences of non-important shit I typed. I had an idea of what I want, but no idea whether I would fix a decent lucky hack. Hate to say, I think it went well, at last, to get an affiliated, thoughtful, homemade, and juicy
anagram today. Use Long Award?
[What can I say? This is the longest anagram that I have ever seen and its length obviously attracted many voters. Richard's lengthy contribution was the early leader, but Mattias overhauled him as voting progressed]

Peoples' Name Category with 11 votes
William Tunstall-Pedoe with:
The Artist formerly known as 'Prince' =
No first-rate workmanship recently!
[William may not post many anagrams to the group, but the ones that he does are all highly relevant and witty. This one won easly]

Place Name Category with 14 votes
Larry Brash with:
Worldwide Church of God
Which drug fooled crowd?
[This in inspired me to do "Religion is the opium of the masses". This new category ended up with only 4 nominations, 2 being on the same name. I think that it should be recombined with the Peoples' Name Category, and go back to just plain Name Category]

Set category with 5 votes
Mick Tully with:
Michael Flatley =
Him? Feet all clay .
He fell? Calamity!
Each fall timely?
Calmly hail feet.
[This was a 3 way tie with Meyran's "Please add me to your mailing list" and my "Priapism is a sustained erection", but Mick got the nod.]

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