Anagrammy Awards Results - October, 1998

I am a little late in getting these out because of a few computer problems.

Here are the winners for the October Anagrammy Awards. By request I have included the 1st 3 places in each category. There were 93 nominations and 71 received at least one vote. 3 novices won categories, 2 with the first posting.


9 out the 15 nominations received votes.

This was a close race between myself and Michael Jeans-Jakobsson who tied with me on the last day of voting. Whilst mine may have been the more humorous, I gave him the Award, as I felt his anagram was superior because of it's good grammar, cleverness and aptness. This was his first Anagrammy.There was a 4 way tie for 3rd,. but I thought that Richard Brodie's offering was the best of them.

Michael Jeans-Jakobsson with: 5 votes
If at first you don't succeed. =
Try deft, if cautious, second!

Larry Brash with: 5 votes
Hail Mary, full of grace; the Lord is with thee =
The Holy Ghost laid her? Artful miracle, wife!

Richard Brodie with: 2 votes
Can anyone vote, and where is a complete list of categories? =
Only active, elite, deft, ace anagram poets choose winners.


8 out of 9 nominations received votes.

This started out with several leaders, but mine gradually cleared out by a strong margin.

Larry Brash with: 7 votes
And they lived happily ever after. =
Help end the very vapid fairy tale.

Tom Myers with: 4 votes
George Orwell's Animal Farm. =
Law allegories from manger.

Meyran Kraus with: 3 votes
Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in C minor. =
Hint: Hymn V by deaf composer. Fun! Loving it! He wins!


6 out of 7 nominations received votes.

Tom Myers was an early leader, but a strong finish by JBE gave him a clear win and his 3rd Anagrammy. Again the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal kept alt.anagrams well fed with material in the Topical Category.

Johnnie Burning Elk with: 7 votes
Independent Counsel Report. =
Let porn denounce President?

Tom Myers with: 5 votes
Party line vote. =
Polarity event.

Mick Tully with: 4 votes
Rushdie decree lifted. =
The dude's cried: "Relief!"


8 out of 10 nominations received votes.

Richard Brodie lead easily from start to finish with his clever rephrasing of a female visitor's observation. This was his 6th Anagrammy. There was a 3 way tie for 2nd. I gave myself 2nd, as I thought this was the neatest rude anagram of someone's name that I have ever discovered. JBE's gem deserved a place, too.

Richard Brodie with: 7 votes
I have noticed guys staring at my ... Well, that's another story! =
Horny amoral eyes view that naughty coed's startling tits!

Larry Brash with: 3 votes
Frank Scott Leshoguine =
Rotten fucking asshole!

Johnnie Burning Elk with: 3 votes
Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield. =
He and I fervently like sodomy.


4 out of 6 nominations received votes.

I thought that I had this won until the end of the voting, when Keith Lehman just sneaked past me. The length of his anagram was an attractive feature, as was the great spammer abuse. This was Keith's first Anagrammy.

Keith Lehman with: 8 votes
I have a great way to make money on the Internet using emailing that I
will share for free. =
I am a thief. A liar for revenue. Why not mail green money, ok? It's a
genital thing, sweetheart.

Larry Brash with: 7 votes
You can do it! It's so easy! =
I say it's a con! Out, ye sod!

Wilhelm Noeker with: 4 votes
An unregistered version of Newsgroup AutoPoster PRO posted this article! =
A poor transgressor's deed. To grip people, shun counterintuitive software!


All 6 nominations received votes.

This was a big surprise. It looked like a 2 horse race between long anagram specialists, Richard Brodie and Jon Gearhart, but a novice, John Morahan, with his first posting picked up the 6 last consecutive votes and shot past both of the them. I was so impressed by the simplicity and aptness of his anagram that I voted for it myself.

John Morahan with: 10 votes
All men are created anagrammable, but some are more anagrammable than others. =
A man's name should be rearrangeable to become, ah, a real grammar maltreatment?

Richard Brodie with: 5 votes
Now what? The Office of the Secret Service had worried that Monica could maim the President's "you know what", and that she was planning on killing Hillary, also.
Keen lady? Lorena with fangs! Tryst "cut short", manhood undone. New meaning to the phrase "I swallow." Erotic castration? Off with his "head"! Halve dick, will impeach.

Jon Gearhart with: 4 votes
I've gotten myself in a bind votes
Doing those *gang* things from behind
I never will learn
In Hell I will burn
For giving that gal a rear-grind
--E. O. Washebridge
I fear I might end in Hell
For what I've done, I sadly tell
Laverne was grinning
Right from the beginning
Does bang the gong slow ring a bell?
--Bard Uri VII


9 out of 13 nominations received votes.

This was close from the start to finsh and ended predictably in a tie. I chose Michael Lepore's self-anagram because he was brave enough to post it in the first place, but also because it's good grammar. this was Michael's first posting and, of course, his first Anagrammy.

Michael Lepore with: 5 votes
Michael Lepore =
Hello! I'm a creep!

Mick Tully with: 5 votes
Slobodan Milosevic. =
Is manic - loves blood.

Richard Peers with: 3 votes
Binyamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM. =
Aaiiyy! Palestinian men burn him!


9 out of10 nominations received votes.

Tom Myers led easily from Day One and never had any real competition, picking up his 2nd ever Anagrammy in the process. 3rd place was a tie between Richard Peers and Keith Lehman, but I picked Richard's anagram as the better.

Tom Myers with: 9 votes
Fayetteville, North Carolina. =
Fat violent reactionary hell.

Larry Brash with: 3 votes
Coors Brewing Co., Golden, Colorado. =
God's own organic beer. Cool or cold?

Richard Peers with: 2 votes
University of East Anglia. =
Gaunt, I sit finals; over, yea!


7 out of 12 nominations received votes.

Richard Brodie's entry won easily, giving him his 2nd Anagrammy for this month and his 7th ever. I voted for it because it's brillance, presenting two opposing views of creation in an almost poetic way.

Richard Brodie with: 8 votes
In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. =
Nothing. Then divine heated breath generated change.
A high-tech bang detonating event ended in earth here.

Steve Krakowski with: 5 votes
Knights Of The Round Table. =
Lads hunt for the King to be.
Think Of rough battle's end.
Death Of Truth, Noble Kings.

Meyran Kraus with: 4 votes
The act of fellatio. =
Eat tool? Face-filth!
Fat tool? I felt ache.
All of it to the face.


All 5 nominations received votes.

This was the inaugural Special Category. It is designed for anagrams of exceptional length, complexity or innovation. It was not surprising that Jon Gearhart's massive anagram of a 3 verse poem would win this. This was his 1st Anagrammy. Graham Perkin's anagram was of a computer program into another computer program. Richard Brodie's was a translation of one famous poem into another famous poem of a similar theme with some editorial comment to make it into an anagram. I have snipped the anagrams to save space.

Jon Gearhart with: 11 votes
Cheating Death Itself

Graham Perkins with: 4 votes
program gentler_nuns;

Richard Brodie with: 3 votes
Requiescat For Isola.

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