Anagrammy Awards Results - March, 1999

Here are the winners of the March 1999 Anagrammy Awards.

Voting was a little quieter than usual with only 19 votes.

General Category
Janet was back in the winner's circle again this month and I am not
surprised given the prolific and clever anagrams:

1st: Janet Muggeridge with: 4 votes
So what is my Intelligence Quotient, please? =
You get 'nil' in select Mensa test: low IQ. Hi, ape!

Eq 2nd: Art Day with: 3 votes
African elephant=
flap a ten-inch ear

Eq 2nd: James Schraven with: 3
a general nomination =
anagram it on one line

Entertainment Category
This was a tie between myself and Jon Boehnker. I nearly disqualified
myself as this was really an old anagram of mine (pre-Anagrammy, I
think). So, it was not fair to allow it to win. Jon's anagram was very
apt and a deserved winner.

1st: Jon Boehnker with: 4 votes
Disney's "the Lion King" =
Enlighten noisy kids.

2nd: Larry Brash with: 4 votes
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.=
Tony's sham tribute - "Ciao, ciao, Emperor!"

3rd: Ernesto Guiraldes with: 3 votes
Director Stanley Kubrick is dead =
I created dark tricks by delusion

Topical Category
Tom Myers specialises in this category and this beautiful anagram was an
accurate prediction. A very easy winner.

1st: Tom Myers (Tom Myers) with: 11 votes
Warning to Milosevic =
Violent war is coming!

2nd: Jake Linwood with: 3 votes
Around the world in nineteen days=
Hey! Sudden international wonder!

Rude Category
Only 4 nominations and one dominated with most of the votes. Another
newbie picks up an Anagrammy.

1st: Paal Kristen Hansen wrote: 14 votes
Life sucks=
I fuck less

2nd: Jon Boehnker with: 3 votes
Kristi Lynn Cooper=
non-perky clitoris

ĘSpam Category
Mick has been a bit overdue for a win in the Anagrammies. It was his

1st: Mick Tully with: 7 votes
I prefer no cops

2nd: John Morahan with: 5 votes
Automated enemy annoys. Why? Fake!

Long Category
One day, Richard will finish anagramming the whole Bible. When he does
finally achieve this aim, he will have won another pile of Anagrammy

1st: Richard Brodie with: 10 votes

Then were the king's scribes called on the thirteenth day
of the first month, and there was written according to all
that Haman had commanded unto the king's lieutenants, and
to the governors that were over every province, and to the
rulers of every people of every province according to the
writing thereof, and to every people after their language;
in the name of king Ahasuerus was it written, and sealed
with the king's ring.
A day short of two weeks into Nisan, the husband of Vashti
gave silver unto a cruel Agagite who wanted to kill every
man, woman, and child of Mordecai's people on the thirteenth
of Adar. So then the charming, pretty Esther, a poor, free
teenage virgin who gained acceptance in the royal courts,
ventured to flirt with the king, who then, preferring to
trust her, reversed the sentence, arresting and even killing
the demented tyrant.

Eq 2nd:. Meyran Kraus with: 4 votes
"Brilliant gold taps, virginal white marble, a seat carved from
ebony, a cistern full of Chanel Number Five, and a flunky handing
me pieces of raw silk toilet roll. But under the circumstances,
i'll settle for anywhere..."
"From the Irvine Welsh novel, 'Trainspotting', a film by Danny Boyle,
is brutal, full of "fuck" and "shit", and effective.
Ewan McGregor's remarkable as a scottish, urban intellectual
heroin-addict. Cruel, real; Will repel men."

Eq 2nd: Janet Muggeridge with: 4 votes
Yes, it's due time for your dreaded dental appointment - you know the
Pain midst untidy root end. After wonky teeth pulled, you're

Name Category Dan has been posting here for a while, but this is his first award. He
won this category convincingly.

1st: Daniel Fredrick Etter with: 10 votes
John Maynard Keynes=
Hands any jerk money.

2nd: Johnnie Burning Elk with: 4 votes
Whoopi Goldberg as Elizabeth =
Deplorable bozo wig - a sight, eh?

Place Name Category
Second category win for Janet this month! This looks like being a
regular happening.

1st: Janet Muggeridge with: 5 votes
Highlands of Scotland=
Och, hills and daft song.

Eq 2nd: Kevin Hale with: 3 votes
The Magna Carta=
The anagram act.

Eq 2nd: Meyran Kraus with: 3 votes
Encyclopaedia Britannica=
Can be a dictionary in place.

Eq 2nd: Larry Brash with: 3 votes
Palomar Observatory=
A vapor? Lo, embryo star!

Set Category
Being topical helps win other categories, too, as Earle showed with
these gems. His 3rd Anagrammy.

1st: Earle Jones with: 7 votes
A virus named Melissa =
Invade mass mail user.
Assume mail invaders
Madness via user mail.

2nd Richard Brodie with: 3 votes
Kevorkian convicted: found guilty of second degree murder.=
Suicide guy fucked! Make life end, doctor? Grr! No! Never do on TV!
Suicide guy fucked! Dr. gone amok 'n' record life end on TV!
Dr. condemned! O, I deny cure. Fucker took life on TV. Grave is dug.

Special Category
Even in the Special Category, this winning anagram was very special. Not
only is it a very good anagram of a popular song, the use of synonyms
throughout was brilliant and the maintenance of rhyme and meter was

1st: Jon Gearhart with: 12 votes
by Billy Joel
by Jon Gearhart

2nd: Daniel Fredrick Etter with: 4 votes

What "Plausible deniability" means to various people:

To Bill Clinton:
"Indisputable: I lie ably."[snipped]

Updated: May 10, 2016


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