Anagrammy Awards Results - May, 1999

I just closed the voting after the 25th vote was received.

The General Category
As usual, Mey had several good anagrams in the General Category. His
final choice was a good one and led easily from start to finish. This
gave Mey his 10th Anagrammy.

Mey Kraus with: 8
Dangerous Narcotic. =
Snort a drug - Cocaine

Larry Brash with: 5
National Masturbation Day=
A damnation? Its natural, boy.

Janet Muggeridge with: 3
Late night Chinese food party=
Heating the crispy noodle fat.

Tom Myers with: 3
Places of worship=
Pews, foolish crap.

The Entertainment Category
Letterman took a strong on Day One and withstood a challange from Mey
towards the end. His 2nd Award.

I.D. Letterman with: 8
The impossible dream=
His idea met problems

Mey Kraus with: 5
Brian De Palma's Bonfire Of The Vanities. =
Ban this barren movie as a definite flop.

Jon Gearhart with: 3
"The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck=
"These Taste of Hen-crap" by H. Bowking Jr

Mike Keith with: 3
The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection=
Imbecile Creationists say: "Non-proof! Hateful genes!"

The Topical Category
Janet had no problems winning here with a great topical 'gram. Becoming
no stranger to the winners' circle, this was her 4th Anagrammy.

Janet Muggeridge with: 9
'The Sun' apologises to Sophie Rhys-Jones.=
I so enjoy a topless photo ruse, Highness!

Mey Kraus with: 4
Shel Silverstein Dies of Heart Attack=
Hear the fantastic 'kids-level' stories.

Tom Myers with: 3
Tone down the violence!=
We do love the innocent!

The Rude Category
Nice to see a woman win this category. This anagram was well received,
picking up half the votes and a 5th Anagrammy for Janet.

Janet Muggeridge with: 12
satin negligees=
seeing genitals

Mey Kraus with: 4
I love licking cunts=
Sucking on clit? Vile!

Ralph Lenton with: 4
fellatio sucks=
I fuck a lot less

Kevin Hale with: 3
in flagrante delicto=
End tragic fellation.

The Spam Category
Only three contested this category and Mey dominated all the way. His
2nd award for the month.

Mey Kraus with: 14
This "Hot", new, technology will also allow you to (realistically)
make $2-5,000 in less than 30 days part-time!
Hey, 'Netwit'! This totally cool anagram shall only cost you 500
dollars. Please mail it within 20-30 weeks.

2. Ernesto Guiraldes with: 9
"Hi lover, I am lonely waiting for you to call me. Let me be your "Dark
Secret" for life!"
Are you crying to offer unholy "vertical-smile" item - or fellatio work,
belle dame?

The Long Category
An Anagrammy competition without Richard Brodie winning one category?
Unthinkable! Well, it didn't happen this month. Number 25 for Richard.

Richard Brodie with: 12
"All truth passes through three stages:
first, it is ridiculed;
next it is violently attacked;
finally, it is held to be self-evident."
- Schopenhauer

Experts' initial thrust? Voices taunt:
"Stupid! Silly! Childish! Flakey!";
then state: "Forget it! Dangerous! Evil!";
then: "Deft thesis! Clear as hell!"
- Brodie

Mike Keith (Domnei) with: 8
The wren that rages when I sit
Too close to this mulberry tree
Cannot be told, for all her wit
I hung the gourd she guards from me.
The egret fussing in the gloom
Sneers curtly - heh! - to torture me;
That horrid budgie in the room
Now raw, castrated fowl shall be.

Larry Brash with: 5
"Ya know, I wouldn't mind having an insect flying in-
to my ear. Its tortured screeches and last-minutes-of-
its-life buzzing might - for a while - drown out these
goddamned voices in my head..."
This is a clever new way to get rid of auditory hallucinations. A
fizzing bug, in its death throes, stuck down in my own lug hole mends;
achieves its aim of ending my torment. Dr. F. N. Eden M.D

The Name Category
This looked like it would the only tied result, but the last vote split
it. I finally broke the drought! Mey looked unbeatable on Day One, but I
pegged back his lead, as did Letterman. My 20th Anagrammy.

Larry Brash with: 8
Florence Nightingale=
Angel of the reclining.

Mey Kraus with: 7
Madame Curie=
Me, Radium ace.

I.D. Letterman with: 6

The Place Names Category
Wow, three Anagrammies in a month! Richard, Ernesto and I have
previously had three wins in a month and Mey went close to making it
four. It was a close contest at the end with a strong finish from Tom.
Mey now has won 12 Anagrammy Awards putting him 3rd on the Overall
Winners' table.

Mey Kraus with: 8
The Palestine Liberation Organization:
Arabs' petition? Legalize their nation? No.

Tom Myers with: 7
South Lebanon=
Oh no! Unstable.

Mike Goldfischer with: 5
World Wrestling Federation. =
"Frown, it is not well-regarded."

The Anagram Set Category
It is good to see at least one new member win a category. These 'grams
are very apt and the last one is a true classic.

Marc Macauley with: 6
No Trespassing=
It nags persons.
Sign not sparse.
Stop near signs.

Ernesto Guiraldes with: 4
The "Carry-On" Movie series=
Even more racy histories
Hi! Reverence? My ass! O riot!
My satire receives honor

Martin Burley with: 4
Fortean Times: The Journal of Strange Phenomena=
"Jets hunt green man" - some proof of an alien threat?
"Team from Jupiter ran Stonehenge." Not false? No? Ha!
Ghost in photo? No, unreal. Jest earnt man free fame.

The Special Category
Well, there was controversy here! Mike Keith was going to win this not
matter which one of his anagrams made it to the final list. The dropping
of the Raven-Two led to such an outcry, that it will be included in the
June Anagrammy. Having a scientific background, the double-true anagram
of these elements really amazed me and obviously nearly 90% of vthe
voters, too.

Mike Keith (Domnei) with: 20
hydrogen + zirconium + tin + oxygen + rhenium + platinum +
tellurium + terbium + nobelium + chromium + iron + cobalt +
carbon + aluminum + ruthenium + silicon + ytterbium + hafnium +
sodium + selenium + cerium + manganese + osmium + uranium +
nickel + praseodymium + erbium + vanadium + thallium + plutonium


nitrogen + zinc + rhodium + helium + argon + neptunium +
beryllium + bromine + lutetium + boron + calcium + thorium +
niobium + lanthanum + mercury + fluorine + bismuth + actinium +
silver + cesium + neodymium + magnesium + xenon + samarium +
scandium + europium + berkelium + palladium + antimony + thulium

As before, this is a "doubly-true anagram" - if you replace each element
with its atomic number (=position in the periodic table), there is still

1 + 40 + 50 + 8 + 75 + 78 +
52 + 65 + 102 + 24 + 26 + 27 +
6 + 13 + 44 + 14 + 70 + 72 +
11 + 34 + 58 + 25 + 76 + 92 +
28 + 59 + 68 + 23 + 81 + 94


7 + 30 + 45 + 2 + 18 + 93 +
4 + 35 + 71 + 5 + 20 + 90 +
41 + 57 + 80 + 9 + 83 + 89 +
47 + 55 + 60 + 12 + 54 + 62 +
21 + 63 + 97 + 46 + 51 + 69

(= 1416)

Awardsmaster Choice for Best Anagram (not winning a category)

It was hard to pick a winner here, but Mike's stood out as a very apt
anagram that read well.

Mike Goldfischer with: 5
World Wrestling Federation. =
"Frown. It is not well-regarded."

Well done everyone, especially Mey.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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