Anagrammy Awards Results - August, 1999

Here are the winners of the August 1999 Anagrammy Awards.

The envelope, please...........

General Category 14 contenders here and Tom Myers took an early lead, but Art Day caught
up briefly on Day 2. Tom came home stronger to win by a small margin.
This was his 14th Anagrammy.

1st. Tom Myers with: 5 votes
Jury selection=
Rely on justice.

2nd. Art Day with: 4 votes
Athletic supporter=
The testicular prop.

3rd place was shared by Dan Etter, Janet Muggeridge, Ernesto Guiraldes
and myself with 2 votes each.

Entertainment Category I had a feeling that my nomination in this category would do well. One
of my best anagrams of 1999.

1st. Larry Brash with: 7 votes
The Three Stooges: Larry, Curly and Moe.=
Actors? Lord, they're an ugly threesome!

eq 2nd. Jon Gearhart with: 3 votes
Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa"=
A sardonic smile on an ol' diva.

eq 2nd. Mey Kraus with: 3 votes
Sigmund Freud's "The Interpretation of Dreams"=
"Nightmares or omens? Frustrated? Fed up? I end it!"

Topical Category
Tom Myers began well and was never in any real danger of being beaten.
Anagrammy number 15 for Tom.

1st. Tom Myers with: 6 votes
Hurricane Warnings Posted=
A report: Wind, churning seas.

2nd. Daniel Fredrick Etter with: 4 votes
Creation Science=
Increase conceit.

3rd. Mike Hatton with: 3 votes
Desmond Lynam leaves BBC=
Calm blandness moved. Bye!

Rude Category.

Definitely one of Jon Gearhart's favourite categories. This was his
third win in this category and his 10th overall. Ernesto's effort was a
worthy competitor.

1st. Jon Gearhart with: 4 votes
Erection? Thrust it on in.=
O, insert it into her cunt!

2nd. Ernesto Guiraldes with: 3 votes
Anal fissure. =
A sinful arse.

3rd place shared by Tom Myers, Richard Brodie, William Cousert, Dan
Etter and myself on 2 votes.

Spam Category
Jon's mega-spamagram continues the trend of very long anagrams winning
this category. This was his second win this month and his 11th ever to
consolidate his 5th position in the overall winners' table.

1st. Jon Gearhart with: 12 votes
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and bombard countless men and women with juvenile,
spam-type stuff. They suffer. No fair! It's a
sin!! I'm fumin' mad!!!--Jon Gearhart

2nd. Larry Brash with: 5 votes
Go to the web site, and you can earn some commission.=
Stooge, I end with no money, because its a moron scam.
Long Category
Mey Kraus only gets the occasional day off Army duty now, but still
picks up wins every month. Beating Richard Brodie in this category is no
mean feat. Mey's 19th award, keeping him at 3rd in the All-Time list.

1st. Mey Kraus 7 votes
Ezekiel Twenty-five, Seventeen:

eq 2nd. Richard Brodie with: 4 votes
He that gathereth in summer is a wise son:

eq 2nd. Jon Gearhart with: 4 votes
How doth the little crocodile...
Name Category
Don, Dan Fortier's twin brother, joined us recently and picked up a win
in his first month.

1st. Don P Fortier with: 7 votes
George Bush=
He bugs Gore.

2nd. Mick Tully with: 4 votes
David Robert Joseph Beckham=
BBC TV joked: He married a Posh!

3rd. Tom Myers with: 3 votes
Geena Davis=
Seed vagina!
Place Category
This has certainly been Tom Myers' month with another win in this
category. A strong win to pick up his 16th Anagrammy.

7. Tom Myers with: 8 votes
United Parcel Service. =
Accept, insure, deliver.

2. Dan Fortier with: 5 votes
Miller Genuine Draft=
Mild Flat Green Urine

5. Mey Kraus with: 3 votes
The Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel=
Shrine? All jews treasure it well. Amen.
Set Category I think Mick Tully has been overdue for a win. The Set Category has
always been one of his strengths. It was very close after a late charge
from Tom Myers nearly overcame Mick's lead. The last vote broke the tie.
Mick's 7th Anagrammy, moving him up to 6th on the All-Time list.

1st. Mick Tully with: 5 votes
Election promises. =
Come-ons - lies - tripe.
Promotes nice lies.
Politicos? Me sneer.

2nd. Tom Myers with: 4 votes
lasting relationships=
A giant penis, so thrills!
This penis is tall organ.
His girl on penis at last.
All-nighter, it's passion!
All-night penis/ass riot.

Wayne Baisely and Johnnie Burning Elk in equal third on 2 votes
Special Category.
There was a mistake here, with the 2nd part of Richard Brodie's
Ecclesiastes missing. It will appear in the September Anagrammy. Mike
Keith exerted his dominance in a closely fought contest, winning with a
strong finish. This is Mike's 5th Anagrammy in just 4 months, all in
this category. Jon Gearhart took 2nd and 3rd for his 12th and 13th winnners.

6. Mike Keith with: 6 votes
It was a dark and stormy night;

3. Jon Gearhart with: 3 votes
A Dream
by: Edgar Allan Poe

4. Jon Gearhart with: 3 votes
Fire and Ice
by: Robert Lee Frost
Awardsmaster's Choice Award (for a non-winning anagram)

Art Day's gems was my pick of the ones that failed to win an award.

Art Day with:
Athletic supporter=
The testicular prop.

Congratulations to all the winners with special praise to Tom Myers and
Jon Gearhart for outstanding efforts.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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