Anagrammy Awards Results - September, 1999

Here are the winners of the September 1999 Anagrammy Awards.

25 voters lodged their selections this month. Thank you all for voting.

General Category:
Newcomers, Niggle and Navigator, dominated this category in early
voting with Niggle maintain a small lead throughout. Janet Muggeridge
finished strongly.

1st. Niggle with: 6 votes
Desert Island. =
Lies stranded.

Eq 2nd. Navigator with: 4 votes
Repulsive. =

Eq 2nd.Janet Muggeridge with: 4 votes
One smart hat.
Entertainment Category:
Tom Myers opened a good lead on Day One and was never in doubt. Tom's
17th Anagrammy.

1st. Tom Myers wrote: 11 votes

Miss America Pageant. =
I'm a greasepaint scam!

2nd. Larry Brash with: 6 votes
"If Mama Cass had shared her fateful ham sandwich with Karen Carpenter?
Perhaps they'd both still be alive today" =
A performer with bulimia nervosa killed by a hard fast and a fat
artiste's death: chewed meat. Shhh... can psych help?

3rd. Mey Kraus with: 4 votes
Michael Jordan's first motion picture. =
Director ruins hit toon-film, "Space Jam".
Topical Category:
My anagram started very well, went quiet in the middle, but finish
strongly. My 5th Anagrammy this and 23rd overall.

1st. Larry Brash with: 9 votes
Medicinal marijuana. =
A cure? I'm in a damn jail.

Eq 2nd. Janet Muggeridge with: 3 votes
Labour Party Conference. =
Only been a corrupt farce.

Eq 2nd. Tom Myers with: 3 votes
East Timor and the United Nations Command Soldiers. =
Indonesia's aim: cold torment. Thousands terminated.

Eq 2nd. Ben Zimmer with: 3 votes
Serena upsets Martina. =
A tennis supreme! A star!
Rude Category:
Tom Myers was the early leader here, but was pegged back by another new
chum, Noam Elkies. There was a late challenge for the lead my Mick

1st. Noam D. Elkies with: 7 votes
Deloitte & Touche. =
Toilette & Douche.

2nd. Mick Tully wrote: 6 votes

Stable relationship. =
I ball patient horses.

3rd. Tom Myers with: 4 votes
Girls who take it up the ass. =
Greek sluts' hot hips await!
Spam Category:
As soon as I saw Mey Kraus post his contribution to this category, I
had no doubt that he would win. His 14th win this year and 20th
overall, maintaining his 3rd place in the All-Time Winners List.

1st. Mey Kraus with: 14 votes
  No Working!!!!!
  No Selling!
  No Meetings!
  No Dressing Up!
  No Time Required!
  No Telephone Calls!
  No Running Around!
  No Presentations!
  No Face-To-Face Contact!
  No Uncaring Internet Felons!!!!!
  No "Quick-Cash, So Log On" Conning!
  No "test ignore" Genre!
  No Fraudulent Deception!
  No Misrepresentation!
  No Spam Allowed!

Eq 2nd. Daniel Austin with: 4 votes
This email is not spam... =
It is! It's *lemon* spam! Ha!

Eq 2nd. Jon Gearhart with: 4 votes
Unfortunately some of the email addresses in our list are hi jacked and
not posted by the owner. Please help us to clean up our in house email
list to avoid molesting people in the future. =
Molest, eh? Rape, pillage, or plunder are one mean style. Aha, he has
thee unfortunate impression I am stupid. Note: I don't repond well to
vacuous, unsolicited e-stuff, ok ye jis-soiled butthole?
Long Category:
This category was a bit quieter than usual. Tom Myers kept a slim lead
through the contest. His win is his 12th this year, giving him a total
of 18 and 4th place in the All-Time List.

1st.Tom Myers with: 9 votes
New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.=
So enjoy a cool beer while Driving. Not clever? Fiasco!

2nd. Larry Brash with: 7 votes
What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair auburn? - Artificial
intelligence. =
If I change her yellow curls to a red, I would double her ability? Ah,
I can't, Anna!

3rd.Ernesto Guiraldes with: 3 votes
Firearms storage practices and children in the home. =
Charlton Heston ethics are misfired. Campaign erred.
Name Category:
Another new contributor, Ramon, had a good early lead, was caught by
Jon Gearhart midway, but finished strongly.

1st. Ramon with: 7 votes
Leonardo Di Caprio. =
Periodic anal odor.

Eq 2nd.Jon Gearhart with: 4 votes
Fidel Castro. =
It's cold fear.

Eq 2nd. "Trout" with: 4 votes
George Junior, the President's son. =
Just ignore pedigree--he snorts, no?
Place Category:
Dan Fortier and the ever-present Tom Myers shared the lead on Day One,
but 5 consequetive votes gave him an unassailable lead. His 2nd

1st. Dan Fortier with: 11 votes
Honolulu, Hawaii. =
I hula low in Oahu.

2nd. Tom Myers with: 6 votes
Lost and Found Department. =
Do fondle attendant's rump!

3rd.Wayne Baisley with: 3 votes
Gossard 'Superboost' bra. =
Bags superbroad's torso.
Set Category:
The other Fortier, Don, was not to be upstaged by his brother. Also his
2nd Anagrammy.

1st. Don P Fortier with: 7 votes
Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. =
Sacred martyrs bought land a blessing.
Oh, stand gently amid rags, scars, rubble.
Battles bred such grand moral sayings.

2nd. Tom Myers with: 5 votes
Arrested for assault in England. =
Tearful legend Diana Ross rants.
Great land. Diana Ross resentful!
Ardent gal Diana Ross resentful!
Diana Ross flaunted large stern.

Eq 3rd. Janet Muggeridge with: 3 votes
Gossard 'Superboost' bra. =
grabs O so proud breasts.
boobs art - dress up or sag.
stars or upgrades boobs.
God, breasts up - orbs soar.
so group broad's breasts.

Eq 3rd.Larry Brash with: 3 votes
Drug Enforcement Administration. =
Torture and Demonism interfacing.
O, significant rotten man murdered.
Farm addiction rogues: Internment!
Special Category:
4 contenders here and it was close the whole way through. It ended in a
well deserved tie with Mike Keith and Jon Gearhart sharing the first
place and Richard Brodie third. All 3 winner an Anagrammy. Jon's 11th
this year (13 all-up), Mike's 6th in the last 5 months. Richard's 14th
for the year and 30th ever, keeping him at the top of the All-Time

Eq 1st. Jon Gearhart with: 9 votes
Songby: Edgar Allan Poe [snipped]

Eq 1st. Mike Keith with: 9 votes
 SHAKE'S PAIR [snipped]

3rd. Richard Brodie with: 4 votes
 Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary:
 praise him in the firmament of his power. = [snipped]
Awardsmaster Choice Award for the best non-winning anagram.

There were several very good placegetters this month, but I liked
Janet's effort best. Yes, it has been found before, but it is not too

Janet Muggeridge with:
One smart hat.

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