The Anagrammy Awards Results for October 2002

48 people voted this month, but only 46 votes were valid, with two voters selecting just a handful of nominations in 2 to 4 categories. You must vote in at least 5 categories.

Still, this is a great turn out of voters! It is the second highest ever (50 being the records earlier this year just before the move to the Forum) and the highest by 8 since moving. Reducing the voting period to four days certainly had no negative effects.

Thank you all!

The trial of the first auto-updating Leaders Board was a great success. There were only 3 times that it required some manual intervention. On Day One, 2 people accidentally voted twice. They appeared to have hit the submit button twice. Manual checking on Day One also found a few minor coding errors. On the final day, the invalid votes were removed.

I will develop ways to avoid these problems in the future.

General Category - 1st three win an award.

This was a closely contested category, both for the outright prize, but also for third place award.

Adrian's ultra-short anagram led well on the first day, but Zoran caught and passed him, winning by a small margin. Mattias and Mey were always in contention for third, but Mattias' final two primary votes gave it to him by just one point.

Zoran's win was his 5th this year and his 7th all up.

1st Zoran Radisavlevic with:
Too many broken hearts =
Thanks to nearby Romeo.
2nd Adrian Hickford with:
Alive =
La vie.
3rd Mattias Inghe with:
Liposuction surgery =
Losing your piecrust.
4th Meyran Kraus with:
"Stop the Deforestation" =
Points to death of trees.
5th Richard Grantham with:
The welfare state =
Taste free wealth!

Entertainment Category

It took a little for a leader to emerge here, by the end of Day One, when the first 20 votes had been received, Dean Mayer had a good lead. Jaybur and Paul Pan fought out the minor placings.

This was Dean's inaugural win in the awards.

BTW, someone asked how Paul's "Communist Manifesto" got into Entertainment. This category includes works of literature.

1st Dean Mayer with:
Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day? =
You're the same - hot, calm, airless, damp.
2nd Paul Pan with:
Communist Manifesto =
Not immune to fascism!
3rd Jaybur with:
The British children's author Beatrix Potter =
In truth, her hit traced rabbit hero's exploits.

Topical Category

Certainly one of the closer categories this month with Mattias the early leader and by mid-competition looked likely to win.

However, Richard polled strongly in the second half to draw level then past Mattias on the final day.

1st Richard Grantham with:
Osama bin Laden =
As named on Bali.
2nd Mattias Inghe with:
Israel's raid on Khan Younis =
I say 'So unkind, Ariel Sharon!'
Eq 3rd

Meyran Kraus with:
The Washington Sniper =
Strength in his weapon.

Dean Mayer with:
Islamic fundamentalist =
Satanic, inflated Muslim.


Rude Category

What a one-sided contest this was! Richard's anagram had been discovered a while back, and amazingly was never nominated.

The voting was fairly even between Richard and Zoran for the first votes received, but then they favoured Richard very strongly after that for one of the biggest win that I can recall for a long time.

1st Richard Grantham with:
The ménage à trois =
A giant threesome!
2nd Joe Fathallah with:
How to achieve straight A's =
Shit, I vow to shag a teacher!
3rd Zoran Radisavlevic with:
More than a feeling =
Organ in the female!

Peoples' Names Category

A surprisingly small field of just seven starters this month, but there were four very good anagrams that had a chance.

It was again quite close on Day One, but a massive swing to Adrian on Days Two and Three gave me an unbeatable lead.

1st Adrian Hickford with:
The Archbishop of Canterbury =
Another church's type of Rabbi.
2nd Richard Grantham with:
President George 'Dubya' Bush =
Daughters binge or buy speed.
3rd Jaybur with:
The inventor Charles Goodyear =
Honor a gent's road vehicle tyre.

Other Names Category

Other Names has been very strong for many months and there are usually a dozen or more nominations. This month was no exception.

Early voting was spread across the field, but Richard was more consistent and kept a bigger enough lead to win clearly.

Three wins for Richard this month, gave him 22 for the year and 120 all-up. He still leads the All-Time Winners List.

Eq 1st Richard Grantham with:
Dianetics/Scientology =
Sect citing loony ideas.
2nd David A. Green with:
The Cyberscrub Professional Edition =
Buy it, for it erases obscene child porn.
3rd Jaybur with:
The Teasmade =
Steam heated.

Spam Category

A smaller field than last month. Mey and I are old rivals here, and I am never too disappointed to be beaten by him.

Basically, he led all the way. A 10 point win here is actually much larger than it sounds.

1st Meyran Kraus with:
2nd Larry Brash with:
Ok this is really new to me. I'm just looking for a good time out on the town with someone that is enjoyable;
3rd Adrian Hickford with:

Long Category

Initially, this look like a new-style medium length category, until Mey chimed in with a big one.

Good big one will always beat a good little one. So, it was here.

1st Meyran Kraus with: An excerpt from a speech made by Bush on October the 7th: 66
2nd David A. Green with:
Geri Halliwell's autobiography 'Geri: Just for the Record'
3rd Zoran Radisavlevic with:
In ancient England a person could not have sex unless you had consent of the King

Special Category - 1st three win an award.

Only four serious contenders here.

Mey led from early on and always look like the easy winner. A great challenge by Richard Brodie (Anagrammatist of the Year, 1998) closed the gap to just five points and provided some stiff competition. There was a close battle for third, with Adrian pushing Richard Grantham out of an award on the last vote.

Adrian had a solid month with three wins (14 for the year and 22 all-up). Mey took out all three long categories, taking him to 33 this year and 113 since he joined. Richard Brodie's win was his second this year, 47th ever. He is in a select group of four of us who have won an award every year since the Awards' inception in 1998. The others include Mey, Tom Myers and myself.

1st Meyran Kraus with:
A poem by children's author Shel Silverstein, anagrammed into a line-by-line ambigram.
2nd Richard Brodie with:
A poem by Edgar Allan Poe, anagrammed into a paraphrase of a diametrically opposed poem by Hilda Doolittle
3rd Adrian Hickford with:
The Long Category has been problematic for some time now,
4th Richard Grantham with:
Matthew 25:31-46 (Good News version)
5th Tony Follari with:
A poem in which all lines are anagrams of one another.

Awardsmaster's Choice for best non-winning anagram

There were several strong possibilities here. We try to use the criteria that this is awarded to a runner up who has not won an award this month,. The shorter anagrams are also more favoured.

The ones that were considered strongly this month included, Ghud Sariffian in General, Jaybur and Paul Pan in Entertainment, Joe Fathallah in Rude, and David A, Green in Other Names. Tough choice, but Paul got the nod.

The Winner:

Paul Pan with:
Communist Manifesto =
Not immune to fascism!

DFE Awards Points - This month

1st Richard Grantham 69.29
2nd Mey Kraus 63.25
3rd Zoran Radisavlevic 48.62
4th Adrian Hickford 44.73
5th Dean Mayer 34.39
6th Jaybur 34.28
7th Mattias Inghe 31.72
8th Larry Brash 25.54
9th David A. Green 25.52
10th Paul Pan 21.05

DFE Awards Points - This year

1st Mey Kraus 639.71
2nd Richard Grantham 425.68
3rd Adrian Hickford 412.85
4th Jaybur 346.82
5th Larry Brash 239.22
6th David A. Green 225.37
7th Allan Morley 223.61
8th Zoran Radisavlevic 188.84
9th Joe Fathallah 179.33
10th Paul Pan 151.26

Congratulations to all the winners for this month and thank you all for voting.
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Updated: May 10, 2016


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