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· Introduction

· Changes in 1998

· Changes in 1999

· Changes in 2000

· Changes in 2001

· Changes in 2002

· Changes in 2003

· Changes in 2004

· Changes in 2005

· Changes in 2006

· Changes in 2007

· Changes since 2008


Four new categories were added: Rude, Spam, Name and Long.


Because of Herman Hiddema's study and examination commitments, Larry Brash took over the Anagrammy Awardsmaster's role on a temporary basis. Later, due to lack of further contact by Herman, Larry Brash took on this role on an indefinite basis.


The number of nominations increased substantially, to the point where there were up to 20 or so nominations in some categories. As a result there was some reorganisation of categories with an increase to nine categories, with the addition of the Entertainment, Topical, Place Name and Anagram Set Categories.


The Special Category was created.

Even with the recent changes, the number of nominations remained very high (well over 100 every month). As a result it was decided to limit the number of anagrams that any person could have in one category to one nomination. If the author had more than one nomination in a category, he/she was asked to select the favourite anagram for the final listing. Similarly, nominees were asked to pick their favourite three anagrams from within a nominated set.

The voting period was reduced from two weeks to one week.


It was decided that all nominations had to be seconded. This was to try to limit a huge number of nominations (more than 200/month) and to ensure that the standard of nominations would remain high.

John Morahan was appointed as Anagrammy Checker.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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