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· Changes in 1998

· Changes in 1999

· Changes in 2000

· Changes in 2001

· Changes in 2002

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· Changes since 2008


Richard Brodie transferred the domain name to Larry Brash and Richard Grantham. This allowed the whole Anagrammy website to be under one easy to remember URL and to overcome the lack of space on our previous server. This also offered the opportunity to expand the scope and content of this website.

It was decided that anagrams of more than 1000 letters would automatically be placed in the Special Category.

Two new awards were created for the Grand Anagrammy Awards: the Awardsmaster's Choice for the Most Improved Anagrammatist during the year and the Most Consistent Anagrammatist of the Year.

Richard Grantham was given discretionary powers regarding category selection, acceptance of originality of anagrams etc. He was given higher profile on the website in terms of content and style, and more recognition of his efforts, especially for organising the Archive and Literary pages.

John Morahan left his position as Anagrammy Checker. Richard Grantham added this role to his job of Archivist.


Richard Grantham completed a major overhaul of the Archives. All anagrams were checked for accuracy and all errors corrected. Each category now starts with the winner and placegetters. All pages were edited and tidied up.

The Sitemap, containing a list of all the pages on this website, was added.


The following pages were added to this website:

  1. Anagrammy Links and Resources Page - details of anagram software, books and websites.
  2. The now-defunct Members' Page.
  3. Anagrammy Records.
  4. A search engine to allow searches of the Nominations Archive and the Literary Archive.


The Spam and Long Spam Categories were amalgamated and the Set Category was dropped.

Anagrammy Awards were awarded to the first three places in the General Category.


The Hall of Fame was added to include an archive of over 460 classic anagrams from sources other than the Anagrammy Awards.

The Voting Page's form utilised a PERL script, so that the voters choices could be displayed on a separate page, their votes emailed to the Awardsmaster and then the voter is emailed a confirmation that the votes had been received.

David Bourke took on the role of the Anagrammy Checker, collecting and collating the nominations. Richard Grantham continued his role as Archivist.

The Leaders' Board was password protected. The password is sent by email after the voter's selection has been received.

An Email Page and a now-defunct Guestbook were added.


David Bourke resigned as Anagrammy Checker and was replaced by SpursKevin.


The Voting Page was split into two pages, the six short categories and the three long categories. Voters' choices were displayed by both number and anagram (or abstract) prior to being submitted.

The upper limit for the six short categories was fixed at 40 letters. All anagrams over 40 letters will be moved to the three long categories.

It was decided that votes must be received in at least five of the standard nine categories before the votes will be accepted.


The title of the Anagrammy Checker was changed to the Anagrammy NOM Collector to more accurately describe his duties.


It was decided that nominated anagrams that contained obscene language must be placed in the Rude Category.

An article on the Art of Long Anagramming was added.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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