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· Introduction

· Changes in 1998

· Changes in 1999

· Changes in 2000

· Changes in 2001

· Changes in 2002

· Changes in 2003

· Changes in 2004

· Changes in 2005

· Changes in 2006

· Changes in 2007

· Changes since 2008


The first Grand Anagrammy Awards were held. The winners from each month were entered in this Anagram of the Year Contest and 5 new yearly categories were created: Best Anagram Software, Best Anagram Website, Best Overall Individual Anagram, Most Decorated Anagrammatist and The Awardsmaster's Choice Award for Anagrammatist of the Year. It was agreed that the Grand Anagrammy Awards would be held in January each year.

Jon Gearhart was appointed Anagrammy Archivist to collect and collate the nominations.


It was accepted that the Awardsmaster be given the power to select anagrams in categories where a nominee had more than one nomination. However, if the nominee had a strong wish to select their own favourite, the nominee would email the Awardsmaster with the selected anagrams.


It was agreed to allow tied winners. Previously, the Awardsmaster chose between tied winners (except in June 1998).

It was suggested and accepted that there be an Awardsmaster's Choice Award, for an exceptional anagram that failed to win a category.


It was decided to increase the the maximum number of anagrams in a set from three to five in the Set Category.

In the Special Category, it was decided to relax the one nomination per person rule and to award the first three placegetters with Anagrammy Awards.


It was decided to drop the need for a seconder.


It was decided to allow voting for one's three favourite nominations in the Special Category. First choice gives 3 points, second choice gives two points and third gives one point.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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