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Table of Contents

· Introduction

· Changes in 1998

· Changes in 1999

· Changes in 2000

· Changes in 2001

· Changes in 2002

· Changes in 2003

· Changes in 2004

· Changes in 2005

· Changes in 2006

· Changes in 2007

· Changes since 2008


Self nominated anagrams were limited to one per person per month.

Any last minute changes to nominations with the sole aim of moving them to another category were banned.


A major design and reorganization of the website was undertaken. A new side frame with fewer and faster graphics was added. New graphics were designed and the amount of graphics on each pages was kept to a minimum. Pages were placed in new subdirectories for better organisation. A new footer was designed and contains links to every section of the website.


The Anagrammy Awards moved from the alt.anagrams newsgroup to a web-based Anagrammy Awards Forum at


Anagram Artist was made available to download, exclusively on the Anagrammy Awards website.


Richard Grantham created the Anagrammed Flags Page.


The Leaders Board was automated, so that points scores are incremented with each vote received.


The voting period was reduced from five to four days.

A new improved Search Engine Page was created to allow searches of various archives, including external archives.

An Anagram Checker created, that also (optionally) checks numeral, and allows posting directly to the Forum.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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