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· Introduction

· Changes in 1998

· Changes in 1999

· Changes in 2000

· Changes in 2001

· Changes in 2002

· Changes in 2003

· Changes in 2004

· Changes in 2005

· Changes in 2006

· Changes in 2007

· Changes since 2008


A page was created to hold polls to decide changes to Anagrammy rules or policy. Click here to view this page.

The first poll was to decide which symbol would be used to signify an antigram. ‡ won the vote.


The Hall of Fame was greatly expanded to a total 1000 anagrams.


A poll decided that, because of lower numbers of entries in the Special Category, a variable number of placegetters will receive an Anagrammy Award, depending on the number of entries, using this formula:

1 to 3 entries: 1 award
4 entries: 2 awards
5 or more entries: 3 awards.


The Forum was divided into two subforums (MAIN and RUDE) on both the Threaded Posts page and the Dateorder page. Nominations, archives, and voting remained unchanged.

The Forum archiving became data-based, saving storage space. Archived posts were generated using a perl script.


A poll decided that the voting period would be reduced from four to three days.

The Forum's housekeeping became fully automated. The oldest threads on the Forum pages were automatically removed when a new thread started. New Archive Index pages were created when the previous one reached 60K.


Voting pages began to use clickable voting buttons (using javascript) in addition to the traditional text boxes.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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