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· Changes in 2003

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· Changes since 2008


An archive of the best non-award winning anagrams was created, called the Best of the Rest.

A survey was held to decide that the Spam Category be dropped, and that a new category, Medium Length Category (40-100 letters), be created.


It was decided by ballot that only the subject and anagram be displayed on the voting pages and the authors' names be omitted. The Leaders Board would continue to display the authors' names only.


On 25th March, the Anagrammy Forum moved from to an in-house forum designed specifically for the needs of the Anagrammy Awards. The new forum was designed to have many unique features including an automatic nomination process that also checks the accuracy of the anagram and stores it on the new Current Nominations Page.


It was decided that the nominations on the Voting Pages be in chronological order of being nominated, rather than alphabetical order by authors' surnames as previously done. Anagrams, which were moved to another category, were to be placed at the bottom of the category on the voting page.


Anagram Artist Registration Stats and Anagrammy Forum Post Stats were created. These two statistics pages each read a log file and report the results in both numeric and graph displays.

Richard Grantham created a java applet that checks your anagrams for accuracy.


Toby Gottfried (a.k.a. Wordminer) joined the Anagrammy Team as The Anagrammy Programmer.


Toby Gottfried extensively rewrote the script that runs the Forum, optimising the code and fixing the problem with threads.

The Voting Page and Leaders Board were both upgraded with new software by Toby Gottfried, making the setting up of the competition pages quicker and more accurate, and the voting process much easier to use.


The Anagrammy Awards FAQ was removed, and split up. Some was added to the Forum FAQ Page. The remainder was used to create a Rule Page.


The Forum software was revamped by Toby Gottfried. It was written to allow the option of reviewing of posts before they are sent. The Nomination form was redesigned. Failed nominations were no longer posted.

A new version (2.6) of Anagram Artist was released by Mike Keith.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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