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The Art of Long Anagramming
An article by Larry Brash. Learn the tricks of creating long anagrams.

The World's Longest Anagram
All 42,177 letters of Battle of the Books by Jonathan Swift, anagrammed by Richard Brodie.

Anagram Checker
Verify your anagrams using this checker by Larry Brash. Includes the ability to check numerals as well as letters, and allows you to post the anagram direct to the Anagrammy Forum.

Anagram Crossword
A crossword puzzle with a difference, by Richard Grantham. (There's also a miniature version by Walter Newboldt.)

Doubly-True Elements
Thirty chemical elements anagram perfectly into another 30 elements - but there's a twist. Created by Mike Keith.

Triply-True Elements
A more complex version of the infamous Doubly-True Elements, once again by Mike Keith.

A short poem, carefully written such that becomes an anagram of itself when turned upside-down. Created by Meyran Kraus.

Anagrammed Flags
A comprehensive collection of national flags containing the same amount of each colour by area. Compiled by Richard Grantham.

Groups of emoticons that anagram into one another. Created by Zoran Radisavlevic.

Doubly-True Sums
A series of expressions that are both anagrams and mathematically correct. Created by Richard Grantham.

Two Carols
Away in a Manger and Once in royal David's city made into anagrams, plus four-part choral arrangements of each which are also anagrams. Created by Richard Grantham.

Une Sainte en son auréole
A poem by Paul Verlaine set to music by Gabriel Fauré, with both words and music anagrammed into a new song by Richard Grantham.

The Holy Sonnets of John Donne
A series of anagrams by Mike Keith based upon various literary occurrences of the number nineteen.

Anagrams - Antigrams
A two-level anagram by Mike Keith.

Swan and Shadow
A shape poem anagrammed into another shape poem. By Richard Grantham and David Bourke.

Anagrammed Names
Over 3,800 anagrammed first names from around the world. Compiled by Paul Pan (with Nanaea).

Equation Art Anagrams
Three pictures generated by mathematical formulae that are anagrams of one another. Created by Richard Grantham.

Psalm 23
A carefully constructed paraphrase of the 23rd Psalm with a unique property. Created by Richard Grantham.

Psalm 119
Three treatments by Richard Brodie of the longest Psalm.
· Block anagram in 40 sections
· (summarising each book of the Old Testament)
· Section-by-section
· (preserving the acrostic effect of the original)
· Verse-by-verse

Various acrostic anagrams
· Lamentations, chapter 3 (Mike Keith)
· Song by Christina Rossetti (Meyran Kraus)
· Sheep in Fog by Sylvia Plath (Meyran Kraus)
· Madonna Mia by Oscar Wilde (Meyran Kraus)
· An Enigma by Edgar Allan Poe (Meyran Kraus)
· Sonnet XIV by Shakespeare (Meyran Kraus)
· Acrostic by Lewis Carroll and Valentine to
· Edgar Allan Poe by Virginia Clemm Poe
· (Meyran Kraus and Richard Brodie)

For more examples of anagrammatic constrained writing, go to the Literary Archives.

Memorial to late members Page

A tribute to late Anagrammy members. Click here to visit their pages.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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