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Main Features

  • Letter frequencies and vowel percentage bar graphs with visual warnings for abundant and sparse letters.
  • Suggested word list, showing words that can be formed from the remaining letters, sorted by their "goodness" (degree to which they make the remaining letters easier to deal with).
  • Sophisticated filtering functions. Suggested words can be restricted to:
    • words having a particular prefix or suffix
    • words that contain a certain set of letters
    • words that rhyme with a given word (on either the last syllable or last two)
    • synonyms of a given word
    • words that are a certain part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)
    • words with a certain number of syllables and a specified stress pattern
    • words with low or high vowel percentage
    • words with a low or high vowel-per-syllable value
  • Continuous updates: just type your anagram, and all displays, including suggested words, are automatically updated.
  • Special "tweak mode" that lets you massage a partly-complete anagram to make the rest of it easier to complete.
  • When the "endgame" is reached (i.e. the number of unused letters is small), a built-in multi-word anagram finder is available for knocking off those last few letters.
  • File load and save, with "=" automatically added during save and removed during load.
  • Functions to copy unused letters, or completed anagram, to clipboard.
  • FIND function in both (original and anagram) windows.
  • Ability to use any installed system font for the three main text windows.
  • Want to do a million-letter anagram? No problem! Size of anagram text is basically unlimited.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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