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Installation Problems

Occasionally people report that they have had a problem with installing Anagram Artist.

The most commonly reported installation problem is:
"In attempting to install it stops mid way and asks for a file aa305inst.2 which isn't there so installation won't complete."
This is usually due to a corrupted download. Try downloading it again and re-installing it. Occasionally, this needs to be repeated a couple of times.

Another reported installation problem is:
"On attempting to execute the program it returned an 'overflow' error and opened with no dictionary present."
This can occur if you do not accept the default installation directory. Reinstall it to the default directory and it will work properly.

Use Problems

Occasionally people report that they have had a problem using Anagram Artist.

One reported use problem is:
"There is only one field visible on the left handside, not the two that are shown in the screenshots or in the tutorial."
You are in "Free" mode - a special rarely used feature for freehand writing.
You must have clicked the small button, in the centre section, that was marked "Ana" and now it is marked as "Free".
Just click it again and "Ana" will appear and the lower left field will appear. Now you can start anagramming.

Another problem that has been reported on one occasion only:
"In tweak mode, if the Anagram window has three words or less, selecting a word in the anagram window and double-clicking on a new word gives a Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument."
There is no real need to double click a Suggested Word in that situation.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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