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This is, without doubt, the best anagram software available in the world today.

It combines the features of an anagram generator and an anagram checker, allowing great flexibility in creating short, medium or long anagrams. Its many features are helpful for the creation of anagrammed poems in particular, but also for anagrammed prose as well.

Its only shortcoming is that no Macintosh version is available.

Best of all, it is FREE!

Larry Brash

Anagram Artist is an incredibly useful and versatile tool, eliminating the mindbending calculations and estimations that were once the boring part of long anagramming. The author's depth of experience with long anagrams has led to his inclusion of a wide variety of helpful features, including support for a variety of non-English characters, making the construction of longies much less of an ordeal.

What's more, this software has also become my primary short-anagramming tool - the Suggested Words and Synonym finder are ideal for finding keywords and the inbuilt anagram generator is great for finishing the job off.

For making this indispensable software freely available, Mike Keith ought to be either commended or certified.

Richard Grantham

I just thought you might like to know that I had a 'play' with Anagram Artist last night and found it pretty impressive. The anagrams that I create are normally fairly short ones (films, famous people, television shows and the like), but I can now broaden my horizons. It has so many useful features and isn't it quick!

Jeff Whittington

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Updated: May 10, 2016


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