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April 2008

A Ranking Table was introduced. The Anagrammy Awards Rankings use a formula that rewards those who have won awards in the last 48 months, giving greater value to most recent awards, and then reduces the value of awards by 20% per year. Thus, those showing consistent success in recent years and a high current level of involvement will be most highly ranked.

A small version of this table, showing the Top Ten was added to the top of Forum page

June 2009

Anagrammasia Database was added to the databases to be searched for rediscoveries.

October 2009

The Anagrammy Awards joins Facebook and Twitter to promote its popularity.

December 2009

Members with more than three entries in a category in the Grand Anagrammy Awards must reduce the number of their entries in such categories to maximum of three.

The Forum software was upgraded to block the ip addresses of spammers, trolls and other distruptive individuals.

February 2010

It was agreed that the voting period be reduced from 3 days to 2 days each month for a trial period, given that very few votes came in on the second day of voting.

January 2012

It was agreed that the Software Category would be dropped in the Grand Anagrammy Awards, as there were only two serious competitors and that Anagram Artist won it every year.

October 2015

The Rankings scale was adjusted so that the percentage value of each year dropped by 25% over 4 years, instead of 20% over 5 years, making the changes more pronounced each month.

Updated: May 10, 2016


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