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Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra =
Gave us a damned clever satire.
Bolis, TEE, 1898

Saint Elmo's Fire =
Is lit for seamen.
Author unknown

Saint George and the Dragon =
Aha! Strong giant ended ogre.
Moonshine, TE, 1916

Saintliness =
Least in sins.
N. Jineer, TE, 1925

Entails sin.
Sphinx, TE, 1986

Salesladies =
Lassies deal.
Enavlicm, TE, 1921

Sandwich tern =
Author unknown

Sartre =
Howard W. Bergerson, date unknown

Satisfaction =
An act is so fit.
Sam Slick. TE, 1916

Satisfied =
Is if sated.
Fred Domino, TE, 1923

The Saturday Night Special =
A gun they list as dirt cheap.
Viking, TE, 1972

Sauciness =
Causes sin.
Delian, C, 1900

Say it with flowers =
We flirt so this way.
W.E. Stern, TE, 1921

The scabies =
Base itches.
Francolin, TE, 1915

The scandal monger =
Can go slander them.
M.O. Wellman, 1932

The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne =
Can tell thee Hester hath worn an "A" bitterly.
D.C. Ver, AP, 1907

Scarlet, rose, ochre =
Sacre! Three colors!.
Author unknown

Schoolmaster =
Smote scholar.
Jack O'Lantern, GD, 1889

Schoolmaster =
The classroom.
Author unknown

Schumann's "Traumerei" =
Rare music haunts men.
Author unknown

Martin Scorsese =
Screen is a storm.
Author unknown

Sir Walter Scott =
Last Scot writer.
Hercules, C, 1894

Scottish National Party =
Oh! Nasty tartan politics.
William Tunstall-Pedoe, AG, 1995

A scoundrel =
An old curse.
Gee, TE, 1916

Sea view =
i.e. waves.
Author unknown

Seance =
A scene.
Ralph, NP, 1903

A searchlight =
Ach! This glare!.
Enavlicm, B&O Magazine, 1931

Seclusion =
Close us in.
Balmar, Mystic Argosy, 1900

The Secret Service of the United States =
These stout detectives ferret each sin.
Percy Vere, Puzzler's Gazette, 1890

Sedimentary =
Many see dirt.
Margaretta, AP, 1901

Semaphore =
See arm hop.
Amaranth, The Oracle, 1906

Semolina =
Is no meal.
Author unknown

Sensationalism =
Is almost insane.
M.C.S., C, 1904

A sentence of death =
Faces one at the end.
Q., TE, 1927

Separation =
One is apart.
Ralph, AP, 1906

The septuagenarian =
Near that supine age.
Hercules, TE, 1924

Seraglios =
Girl oases.
Ab Struse, TE, 1979

A set of harness =
Fastens a horse.
Amaranth, C, 1913

The setting sun =
Sent huge tints.
Jemand, TE, 1919

Shadow =
How sad.
Delian Band, Compications, 1899

William Shakespeare =
I am a weakish speller.
Donald L. Holmes, AG, 1995

William Shakespeare =
We all make his praise.
Author unknown

Shakespeare, the immortal Bard of Avon =
Oh, this remarkable man's a favored poet.
Nestor, The Key, 1891

A shooting gallery =
I really shot a gong.
Amaranth, TE, 1910

A shoplifter =
Has to pilfer.
Ess Ell, C, 1908

The short-eared owls =
Shrewd late hooters.
Amaranth, TE, 1924

Shrubbery =
Berry bush.
Remardo, NP, 1907

The sidereal system =
See this star medley.
Will I. Am, NP, 1906

The siege and fall of Troy =
Late foes end royal fight.
Molemi, TE, 1915

The siege of Verdun =
Foe sent huge drive.
Amaranth, TE, 1918

A signal of distress =
It's S.O.S. read in flags.
Viking, TE, 1932

The Sign of the Cross =
He's right to confess.
A.L.S., AP, 1905

Beverly Sills =
Silvery bells.
Author unknown

Silver and gold =
Grand old evils.
Author unknown

A silver mine =
I've minerals.
Cincinnatus, AP, 1899

Sinbad the Sailor =
This bad liar's one.
Ernest, C, 1903

Sinecure =
Sure nice.
Balmar, AP, 1900

A sinecure =
Incur ease.
Amaranth, TE, 1914

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles =
A rather nosy Sherlock hunts bad evil hole, routs fiend.
Mrs John Matthews, 1935

A Sister of Charity =
Chastity, fair rose.
Eruditus, The Study, 1890

Six and three =
IX stand here.
Anonyme, The Oracle, 1896

Skin care =
Risk acne.
Author unknown

Skin care =
Irks acne.
Author unknown

Slanderous =
Done as slur.
Bolis, TEE, 1898

The sleigh ride =
Here is delight.
Rosiemont, Marion Maze, 1899

Slipperiness =
Perils spines.
Nox, The Brighton Item, 1914

Slithered =
Slid there.
Amaranth, TE, 1925

Slot machines =
Cash lost in 'em.
Molemi, AP, 1906

Slow reading =
A single word!.
Author unknown

The smith =
Hits them.
Jemand, date unknown

Snooze alarms =
Alas, no more Zs.
Atlantis, TE, 1982

Snoozed =
Dozes on.
Al T. Tude, TE, 1925

Softheartedness =
Often sheds tears.
Bolis, Key to Puzzledom, 1906

Soixante-neuf =
Sex union feat.
Keith Bryant, AG, 1995

Soldierly =
So ye drill.
Molemi, B&O Magazine, 1925

The soldier of fortune =
To hustle friend or foe.
Koscisuko McGinty, AP, 1904

Soldiers of the Salvation Army =
A military fold save other sons.
Viking, date unknown

The soprano singer =
Her top noises rang.
Beech Nut, Preplexities, 1889

Sorrowed =
Sore word.
Alec Sander, TE, 1918

Sovereignty =
Ye it governs.
V.I. King, C, 1903

Southend-on-Sea =
See thou on sand.
Author unknown

Southern California =
Hot sun or life in a car.
Josefa Heifetz Byrne, WW, 1970

Southern California =
I lose on a fruit ranch.
Amaranth, date unknown

Special delivery stamps =
Price speeds mail vastly.
D.C. Ver, C, 1900

Spectators =
Actors' pets.
King Carnival, GD, 1898

Spirit of the dead =
This is of departed.
Ed Ward, TE, 1915

Spiritualist seances =
A spectral issue's in it.
Amaranth, TE, 1912

Spiritual-mindedness =
A true mind dispels sin.
Will I. Am, NP, 1906

A spittoon =
Spat in, too.
Nypho, TE, 1925

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter =
"Time's running past" we murmur.
Author unknown

Staghound =
A dog hunts.
Atlantis, AP, 1925

Stalemate =
Lame state.
Vesta, TE, 1920

Star of Bethlehem =
Halts before them.
Jim C. Rack, Our Deep Preplexities, 1888

State criminals =
A miscreant list.
Ace, Mystic Argosy, 1898

State of California =
Catalina rose off it.
Amaranth, date unknown

Statement =
After All, NP, 1906

A state reform school =
Home to foster rascal.
Viking, TE, date unkown

Statue of Liberty =
A style of tribute.
W. Upp, TEE, 1898

Statue of liberty =
Built to stay free.
Author unknown

The Statue of Liberty =
Soft-lit beauty there.
Amaranth, TE, 1913

Stealthy =
At the sly.
The Gopher, NP, 1905

"Steamer" =
Sea term.
Author unknown

Steaminess =
Seen as mist.
Author unknown

Ms. Steinem =
Smites men.
Tut, TE, 1973

Stenographers' handiwork =
In shorthand workers' page.
Joaquin, Mystic Argosy, 1898

Stenographic notes =
Phonetic so strange.
Minnie Mum, TE, 1924

Robert Louis Stevenson =
Our best novelist, Senor!.
Author unknown

A steward =
Draws tea.
Panache, TE, 1994

A stick of chewing gum =
Thing of magic we suck.
Blackbird, AP, 1903

Stipend =
Spend it.
Barnyard, TE, 1917

A stitch in time saves nine =
This is meant as incentive.
Tony Augarde, Oxford Guide, 1984

Stockhausen =
A tune shocks.
Author unknown

Stone deaf =
Tones fade.
Amaranth, TE, 1925

Stormy weather =
Showery matter.
Baful, TE, 1964

Strait-laced =
A deal strict.
Enavlicm, Enigmatic Oddities, 1906

The street organ =
Song treat there.
Q., TE, 1911

Strenuousness =
Stuns our sense.
M.C.S., Mystery, 1893

A strip teaser =
Spares attire.
Awl Wrong, TE, 1940

James Stuart =
A just master.
Author unknown

The stutterer =
Utters t-there.
Ulk, TE, 1992

Submarine =
Buries man.
Gem, TE, 1915

Subordinateness =
Set in under a boss.
Moonshine, TE, 1916

Subtly =
But sly.
Kenneth, Preplexities, 1899

Suggestion =
It eggs us on.
Arty Ess, C, 1908

The Sultan's harem =
Ah, man's lust there.
Amaranth, The Oracle, 1906

Summation =
I'm amounts.
Osaple, TE, 1925

The summer season =
Sure, man seems hot.
Nypho, TE, 1900

The summer season =
See, hot sun mars me.
Nypho, TE, 1900

Sunbathe =
Heat buns.
Double-H, TE, 1984

A sun worshiper
I shun Ra's power.
Non Sequitur, TE, 1992

The Supreme Court =
Prosecute thru me.
Mystery, TE, 1922

Surgeon =
Go, nurse.
Author unknown, Walsh's Handbook of Literary Curiosities, 1892

Surgical instruments =
Smart curing utensils.
Francolin, TEE, 1915

A surgical operation =
Pain or gore, alas, I cut.
R. Are, AP, 1907

Suspended animation =
Supine man is not dead.
Remardo, TE, 1913

Swallowing =
All now swig.
Amaranth, date unknown

Sweat =
Remlap, Marion Maze, 1898

Swedish nightingale =
Sing high, sweet Linda.
Author unknown, Notes and Queries, 1853

Sweetheart =
There we sat.
Author unknown, Wheatley's Anagrams, 1862

Sweetheart =
She we treat.
Guidon, AP, 1901

Sweetheart days =
See, we had a tryst.
Q., TE, 1910


Sweltering heat
The winter gales.
A Chem, TE, 1967


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